10 ways to improve your creativity

Just because you are a blogger, or an artist or a writer in any aspect doesn’t mean you are going to feel creative a 100% of the time, all the time. You can feel the pressure and suffer from writers block or be unhappy with current ideas and that is completely okay.

I thought I would share with you some tips to help boost your creativity and ways you can overcome writers block. I often refer to several of these when I am struggling with content.

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Favourite bloggers in August

I cannot believe its already time for another monthly blogger favourites, this month has flown by. You should definitely check out these talented bloggers, especially if you are new to the blogging community and looking for bloggers encouragement and support.


I have only discovered Jordanne’s blog this month and I love it! Her blog covers topics like mental health, fashion, parenting and much more. Her blog is beautiful and her blog logo is such a lovely design. I have only been following her since this month but the support I have received from her in the past month has been huge. She has sent me kind messages when I was doubting myself. She even included me in her follow friday shoutout on twitter. Her Instagram feed is photography goals, I enjoy the photographs of products she takes. The photographs are bright and colourful. Jordanne has left some thoughtful and detailed comments on my blog posts, they are very much appreciated. Not only does she do follow Friday shoutouts on twitter. But she also offers advertisement packages on her blog. She is such a lovely person and a positive light in the blogging community.

Jordanne’s: Twitter / Instagram / Blog


Ruth is such a positive person in the blogging community. She regularly tweets and is so engaging with other bloggers who interact with her. Ruth’s blog covers mental health, really useful blogging tips and tags. I really enjoyed her collaboration post with Hellobexa The Wellbeing Journal. Her writing flows really well and I always find it interesting to read and have learned a lot from her useful tips. Ruth recently carried out a 24 hour chat on twitter to raise money for the mental health charity Mind – which was awesome and just goes to show how caring of others she is. Her Instagram is full of great and colourful photographs. Ruth often posts a follow Friday tweets to help support other bloggers. If you are looking for useful tips to help with your blogging journey I definitely suggest following Ruth on her social medias.

Ruth’s: Twitter / Instagram / Blog


I do not have very many male bloggers on my socials which is a shame. But Damo more than makes up for that. He is such a sweet person and always tweets such uplifting and thought provoking comments which I enjoy. He is very engaging on twitter and its always great to see his positive energy on my feed. He often shares moments of parenthood which is so sweet. Damon’s Instagram is definitely an account you need to be following. Damo is a jewellery maker and the pieces are beautiful. You definitely should follow him to see those photos as well as pictures of his daughter and quote posts – which are always great. His blog is an interesting read. He leaves thoughtful comments on bloggers content. You should definitely have Damo on all your socials.

Damo’s: Twitter / Instagram / Blog


Kerry’s blog content ranges from parenting and lifestyle to mental health. She is very engaging and supportive of other bloggers in the community. She posts about mental health – with inspiring and positive tweets. I think its great that Kerry speaks so openly about mental health to increase awareness and I am sure it is helping others and her blog is a pleasure to read. If you like inspiring, positive or helpful quotes I suggest heading over to Kerry’s Instagram. My favourite quote on there is “She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans” She is so lovely and I think you should be following all her social medias.

Kerry’s: Twitter / Instagram / Blog


I have been following Steph for a long time and her blog photographs are absolutely beautiful. Her blog is always a pleasure to read and she has posted really helpful blogging tips. The most useful post of hers I found was ” How to create a killer media kit that will wow brands” it was so well written. She is very supportive of other blogs and often RT’ing other bloggers content. Steph’s Instagram is stunning, with very artistic photographs uploaded. She leaves thoughtful comments on my blog and other bloggers content, so check out her social medias.

Steph’s: Twitter / Instagram / Blog

I hope you are enjoying my monthly blogger favourite segments on my blog. I am enjoying sharing with you bloggers I have been enjoying. Do you follow any of these mentioned bloggers? Who have you been enjoying this August?




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