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Now we are in October it feels like Autumn and this makes me very happy! It means I can break out my big scarves and cosy jumpers. I thought I would share with you what things I have on this years autumnal bucket list. I am going to aim to complete all of these, so wish me luck!

Take photographs in cute autumnal scenes

Buy Autumnal scented candles

Watch Autumnal themed movies

Do more scrapbooking

Drink lots of hot chocolates

Carve a pumpkin

Bake more

Buy chocolate and toffee covered apples

I am excited to start ticking these of my list. What are you looking forward to do this Autumn? I’d love to hear in the comments.


10 Unusual facts about me |Blogtober

I was nominated by the lovely Nicola to do this tag. Nicola is a health and fitness blogger, she shares her top tips as well as sharing healthy recipes and reviewing healthy treats. Her blog is very informing and inspiring to read, so make sure you head over and give it a read. This post is perfect timing as I have quite a few new followers and thought it would be a great way for you all to learn a bit more about me.

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Favourite bloggers in September

Another month has come to an end and it’s time for a favourite bloggers post. I am really excited to share these bloggers with you, so make sure you check out all their social medias, I have linked them all.


Sam is so talented she not only was blogging this year but also she was studying, which I think to manage her time well and still produce great content for her blog was a great achievement. Sam’s blog has great varying content, outfit looks as well as useful tips on how to grow your social media as some examples. She is incredibly honest in her posts, which make it such a pleasure to read and connect with her writing. Sam leaves thoughtful comments on my posts and is so supportive of other bloggers. If you like outfit posts, I would recommend checking out her Instagram feed. 

Sam’s Instagram / Twitter / Blog 


Lisa is a wonderful addition to the blogging community. She is so kind and that shines through in her comments that she leaves on my blog and on my Instagram photographs. Her blog content is interesting to read, she writes about product reviews, adventures she has, collaborates with other bloggers and much more. Lisa is very engaging on Twitter and will often give positive feedback on other bloggers’ posts. Lisa takes beautiful photographs for her blog but also on her Instagram. I especially like her nature photographs. 

Lisa’s Instagram / Twitter / Blog


Aimee is a mental health and psychology blogger and is such a positive advocate for mental health awareness. In society today it is important that mental health is spoken about and Aimee does a great job at keeping people discussing it. But she also offers a platform for others to share their stories/experiences. She has always left thoughtful comments on my blog posts. She also runs quizzes, competitions and discussions on her Twitter to interact with other people and bloggers. She is definitely a blogger you should be following.

Aimee’s Instagram / Twitter / Blog


Jay posts regularly on his blog and writes about music, honest posts about himself and his life as well as monthly reviews. He not only posts about these topics, he responds to tag posts and has bloggers feature on his blog. He writes so openly and honestly and is refreshing to see and read. Jay is so supportive of other bloggers, retweeting their blog posts and engaging in their tweets. He brings such a positive presence to the blogging community and you can tell that he is really valued by other bloggers.

Jay’s Twitter / Blog 


This blogger is very special to me and has recently joined the blogging community and I wanted to share her with you, as her content should be read by everyone. To give a bit of background, I have known Kirsten since I was little as she used to cut my mum’s hair and would always come to our house. Kirsten was diagnosed with MS and had to overcome and still has to overcome obstacles, but my god is she an inspiring human being! She has such a positive outlook on life and if I even had an ounce of courage she shows everyday I would be content. Her writing is inspiring and thought provoking! I have linked her blog and Instagram account below, so head over, have a read and see for yourself!

Kirsten’s Instagram / Blog

What bloggers have you been loving this September? I’d love to hear in the comments, I am always looking for more bloggers to follow.


Blogbox Edition 2

It has come around so quickly and Blogbox edition 2 is now available. So I thought I would share with you what is inside. For anyone who is reading this and hasn’t heard about Blogbox before, it is a subscription box put out every other month by the lovely bloggers mother daughter duo Steff and Sam. The subscription box is to tailored for bloggers and can include helpful tips, props and even cheeky discount codes. You can read my Blogbox edition 1 review here.

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