What to do when you feel lost?

I’ve read and heard people say “I feel lost and I don’t know what to do?” I never really understood how you could feel lost until recently.

Having been off of work for 3 months due to an accident, I found myself with no routine, not much to do. In the past few weeks I have been back at work and found myself feeling lost and overthinking (which we all know how well that helps) and needed to find myself again.

So I thought I would share a few tips that I have been using to help me gain perspective and feel better. As I am sure I am not the only one who has felt or feeling like this.

Do something you love to do– So, I decided that I would spend time with family and friends; this made me smile and kept me busy and my mind from wondering about other things. I also went to the gym, which releases endorphins which make you feel great as well. Also, catching up on my youtube subscriptions is also another love of mine (if you are anything like me you end up procrastinating and will end up watching some weird videos).

Walking through the New Forest, I took this photograph – Look how beautiful.

Go outside – Take a walk, even if its just to the end of the road and back, get some fresh air and some exercise. It helps me to clear my head and feel less trapped by staying indoors.

Do something productive– If you are anything like me, when you feel a bit lost and unmotivated you would much rather hide under your duvet. However, I know that I have lots to do, which can be overwhelming also. So, what I have been doing is writing a list of the important jobs that need doing and then each day, just get 2 things of that list done. Whether thats one in the morning, one in the afternoon, or both together. So, at the end of the day I have been looking back and realised okay I may not have felt great but I have got those 2 things done today.

Ask for helpIf how you are feeling gets you so down, then you should always talk to family, friends or your doctor about how you are feeling, they can provide you with support and also just by talking you can work things out or they may have solutions you haven’t even thought of. Try and stay connected to family and friends, text or call its important to feel connected to others.

I hope some of these ideas I have used help you if you are feeling a similar way or know someone that is.

Take care and I will see you next week

Lots of Love

Lauren x x

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