Blessing in disguise…. I think so!

I did have another blog post that I wanted to post however I just wanted to write about this because of the realisation I’ve had this week and I wanted to share it with you. 

A few days ago, I managed to be the clumsiest person and drop my iPhone on the pavement and shattered my screen……. yes, there was nearly a tear! To top it off it wouldn’t charge properly either. I went to go and get my phone fixed and I thought it would be an in shop job, but nope! They took my phone away and were going to give me a new phone, However, I would have no phone!!!! Let that sink in…..haha! Even though it was only going to be 24 hours possibly 48 hours max to wait, until I could go and collect my new phone.

I am not too sure why it was such a big thing for me, even made me slightly anxious. It was then that I had the sad realisation that I had over time become reliant on my iPhone, whether thats to text or call people, scrolling through various social media platforms or just have it with me always. I found myself reaching for my iPhone to check things, then I remembered I had no phone. 

Now, I know this is completely a first world problem…. but I wondered has anyone else been like this? How crazy is it that I am reliant on a phone? It doesn’t keep me alive e.g. feed me, so how can that be? It scared me. It made me really evaluate how much time I actually spend scrolling through social media. I got my new phone back on Thursday afternoon and have made a conscious effort to be less glued to my phone. 

” Disconnecting from our technology to reconnect with ourselves is absolutely essential”

-Arianna Huffington

This is why I think that this was a blessing in disguise, I am definitely going to pay less attention to whats on my phone screen and more on everything else that is going on. As I am sure I probably would get maybe a little bit more done, instead of sometimes procrastinating to the point, I am watching videos of cats on Youtube. Do not get me wrong I know mobiles, technology and social media all has so many advantages, but for me its about a healthy balance and I feel mine may have been less equal. 

I know this post was random, but it was a realisation this week, definitely food for thought. If you can relate please leave a comment below, would love to know its not just me haha!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you next Sunday!

Lots of Love

Lauren x x

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