Ways to cope with anxiety

I have suffered with anxiety on and off since I was 16, after I finally got diagnosed in 2010; it got quite bad. However, now seven years later and I have spoke to my doctor and decided to come off of medication.

I thought I would write a blog post about what I do when I feel anxious and what coping techniques I use to help me when I have bad anxiety attacks. I know a few people who read my blog suffer with anxiety, so I hope this may help even one person. As when I first started suffering with anxiety, I didn’t really have anywhere to turn to as it was still a slight taboo subject. I couldn’t understand my feelings at first let alone try and explain it to others.


** Just a disclaimer ** I am not a doctor and these techniques/advice I am still using work for me, but may not work for everyone. If you are really struggling you should ask for help from your doctor or family.

Text a friend – When I am struggling with my anxiety, I sometimes isolate myself, which actually makes it worse for me. So, I usually text my close friends who are brilliant and understand thats sometimes I suffer. They allow me to vent, they comfort me and keep me talking which can take my mind off of worrying. 

Write it down – When I am feeling anxious, I write down all the worries that are going through my head. This helps to get what I am thinking on paper. When I am in my rational mind and have overcome the situation, I can look back and more often or not, I realise actually that isn’t too bad and I can overcome the feelings.21078559_10155667110859458_8455891687841678071_n

Colouring/Doodling – Now I know this sounds silly, but I find doodling and colouring keeps my hands busy and its something to focus on. As when I am anxious, I feel stressed and uneasy, but colouring is very calming for me. So if you are creative, then maybe try doing something like this next time you feel anxious.

No caffeine – When I am suffering badly, I stay away from caffeine. As that is a stimulant it can increase your heart rate and when I am anxious, my heart rate is already faster than normal. Caffeine is also known to increase anxiety. So if you can try and avoid volumes of caffeine when feeling anxious. 


TV – I like to watch boxsets/tv programmes to keep my mind busy and I am focused on what I watching rather than thinking about what I am anxious about. 

Do something with family or friends – When I am feeling anxious about something, I try (not always successfully I may add) to do something with family or friends, whether that’s a day out somewhere, or just watching movies, playing games etc. Keeps my mind busy and helps to be around family and friends. 

Visit your doctor – When my anxiety got worse, I visited my doctors who were great and provided support. So, if it does get too bad and you are struggling seek help from your doctor or family.

I hope some of these techniques can help you, if you do give them a try and they help, please let me know. Make sure you look after yourselves.

See you next Sunday

Lauren x x


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