It’s BLOGMAS: Christmas Q&A

Hi lovelies,

It is December, it is now BLOGMAS! I will posting Christmas themed posts throughout December, so if you want to keep up to date make sure you hit that follow button. So lets get into the questions.

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?

You’ve Got Mail, Love Actually, The Holiday, Home Alone films and Jingle All The Way, to name a few.

2. Do you open your Christmas presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day morning?

We usually exchange and open presents Christmas Day.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I have lots of amazing christmas memories over the years, but I love Christmas’s we had when my dear Grandma was still with us. Family dinner, games and so many laughs. She is always so missed.

4. Favourite festive food?

Roast dinner, the Christmas dinner just makes me so happy, everyone around the table together.

5. Favourite Christmas gift?

I remember when I was younger, I asked for a new bike, a pink BMX stunt bike. I got it. I was so in love with it (tomboy me) somewhere we still have pictures of me and one of my siblings, my little brother with a blue one to match mine. Loved that bike.

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

I love the gingerbread scent, in candles and bath bombs. I also love Christmas spice candles, always remind me of Christmas.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

We all spend it together, we usually have some buffet food, we play games with Christmas music and later watch a Christmas movie. Its warm and cosy with the Christmas tree lights, blankets and cosy pjs.

8. What is the best part of Christmas for you?

The best part of Christmas is being with family, having fun and enjoying each others company.

9. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?


10. What is your favourite Christmas songs?

I love Christmas songs. We also have a running Christmas joke, one year we had the music channel on and a song called Reggae Christmas came on, it made us laugh and smile, so we play it at Christmas. You should have a listen. I love all the traditional songs, Wham last christmas I remember this playing when I was young.

11. Do you make New Years resolutions, do you stick to them?

I always make New Years resolutions and I try to stick to them as best I can.

12. Where do you usually spend Christmas?

At home usually.

Thank you for reading my Christmas Tag, I hope you all have wonderful holidays

Lauren x x

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