Its BLOGMAS: 5 things that made me happy this week

Hi you lovely people,

Although, this isn’t directly linked to Christmas, it is the season to be jolly. So I thought this idea I use, would be good to share with you all. It is good for me to highlight my week and look back on what has made me smile.

You cannot be positive all day, everyday! I like to write down the positives of the day/week. This way, even if I feel like I have had a bad day/week there is always a positives to look back on.

The 5 things that have made me happy this week

  1. I went to the steps concert and it was such an amazing night. I danced, sang and laughed so much. Definitely a night to remember.


2. I met my friend at Costa, had a lovely hot chocolate and had a good catch up about everything. Aren’t Costa Christmas takeaway cups so cute?


3. I wrote about my experience at the steps concert on my blog and Ian Watkins (H) from Steps read it and commented on twitter, that gave me such a massive boost about my blog writing.



4. Me and my little sister wrote our Christmas cards out, which was lovely and there was glitter everywhere! Its okay, glitter makes everything look more Christmassy, right?

5. Had my first physio appointment back at the hospital after my MRI and had my first electric muscle therapy treatment. This may seem a weird thing that made me happy, but it is the beginning of my proper recovery and also the hospital staff were so lovely to me.


Thank you for reading, be sure to leave a comment telling me what 5 things that made you happy this week.

I hope you are enjoying blogmas posts from me and other bloggers, see you in my next post.


Lauren x x



24 thoughts on “Its BLOGMAS: 5 things that made me happy this week

  1. Wow Lauren! I have just found your blog and I LOVE IT! your so down-to-earth and fun! I’ll defo be clicking away on your blog (liking *hehehe*) Raffi xox

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  2. Sounds like you had an epic week! Hmmm… 5 things that made me happy in the last week would be taking my daughters to get books at the book fair today, receiving new Jeffree Star lipsticks (also today), my daughter winning a book award, a record number of views on my blog last week and also having some Costa coffee (gingerbread latte). Xx


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