It’s Blogmas: Would you rather Christmas Tag

Hey you lovely people,

It is indeed another blogmas post! I was tagged by the lovely Lauren to complete the “Would you rather” tag Christmas edition. You should go and check out her blog, it is beautiful. If you ever want a new header, her designs are amazing you should reach out.

So lets get started….

1. Giving presents or receiving presents? I love buying and giving presents to people all year around not just Christmas. Makes people happy and smile.

2. Christmas pudding or trifle? I do not like Christmas pudding and I only like chocolate trifle. So I choose a chocolate trifle.

3. “Home Alone” or “Christmas Carol”? I love the home alone films, I haven’t actually seen the Christmas Carol. I actually just brought this last week the Home Alone boxset from HMV for £4.99. A bargain!

4. Spend Christmas abroad or stay at home? Definitely stay at home. Decorating the house and the tree, at home around all my home comforts.

5. 1 expensive present or several not so expensive presents? Definitely several not so expensive presents, I do not want anyone to spend huge amounts on me. Buy me a little bit of stationery and I am so happy.

I absolutely love writing these tags its a chance to get to know more about the person behind the blog.

I tag:

Amy Jane




Your 5 questions are:

1. Quality Street or Roses?

2. Real tree or artificial tree?

3. Love Actually or The Holiday?

4. Snow at Christmas or no snow at Christmas?

5. Dress up on Christmas day or stay in your pjs?

I hope you have enjoyed reading another blogmas post, tag me in your posts so I can see your answers. Enjoy writing.

See you soon

Lauren x x

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