It’s BLOGMAS: Shuffle Music Tag

Hello you beautiful people,

I know it has been a minute, I have had a crazy few days. Christmas parties, in the middle of decorating the house, so there is a lot going on. I have finally been able to sit down and write, which I am loving.

I was tagged by the lovely Aimee to complete the Shuffle Music Tag, make sure you check out her blog and see what songs she has listed. I enjoy doing tags all the time. I am always listening to music so I am excited for this tag.

Rules for this tag:

  • Mention the person who has nominated you and link their blog.
  • Shuffle your entire music library, no matter how old or weird the songs, list the 15 songs.
  • List the song name and the artist.
  • Comment on the song if you have any stories or memories behind it.
  • Tag 7 or more bloggers to complete the tag.

So lets get started:

1. For the first time/ The Script – Not a massive Script fan, however this song was played on a Youtubers’ channel who I watched regularly. It was their favourite and so it grew on me.

2. Shoutout to my ex/ Little Mix

3. Down to Earth/ Justin Bieber – Justin is my guilty pleasure. Seen him live too, he was amazing.

4. Neon lights/ Demi Lovato – I just love Demi.

5. Close/ Nick Jonas – Heard him sing this on carpool karaoke with Demi Lovato and James Corden.

6. OMG/ Usher

7. Too good at goodbyes/ Sam Smith

8. Krippy Kush/ Conor Maynard & Anth – I listened to this several times before I actually started to like it haha!

9. Spice up your life/ Spice Girls – I mean I don’t even need to comment on this – legendary.

10. All for love/ Madison Beer – I watched Conor Maynard collaborate with Madison and I loved her voice, so I thought I would listen to something else by her and loved it.

11. Look what you made me do/ Taylor Swift – I still don’t completely like this song, but you can’t help but sing-a-long.

12. Heartland/ Craig David – My sister introduced me to this song and I then introduced it to my other little sister, such a catchy song.

13. My chick bad/ Ludacris – I first heard this song when the cast of Big Bang Theory did a flash mob dance and it was one of the featured song.

14. Butterfly/ Crazy Town

15. Exs & Ohs/ Elle King – I listened to Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens covered this song and I loved it.

These were my random 15 songs from my music library. I hope the bloggers I tag enjoy writing this post.

I tag:









Tag me in your posts so I can see what songs you have in your music library. I look forward to reading them all.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon for my next blogmas post. Its not long until Christmas, I hope you are all starting to feel festive.

Lauren x x

31 thoughts on “It’s BLOGMAS: Shuffle Music Tag

  1. Number 14 though!!! Epic song 😁😁😁😁😘😘😘
    I fear we are going to have infinitely different tastes in music 😂😂 This is such a cool tag! I look forward to doing it but hopefully I don’t scare you off with the content… it will however only go live in the new Year what with a Christmas break but I PROMISE it’ll come out 😁


    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a good song isn’t it. Yeah that’s what I like about this tag, can see all the different music people listen to. I do have some real old songs from people like billy Joel and David Essex, but they didn’t come up in the 15! Such a variety. I look forward to reading it then hun x

      Liked by 1 person

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