New year, new goals

Hello, sorry for me being so MIA on my blog for the past week or so, I haven’t been very well and currently still feeling poorly.  But I am writing this from the comfort of my bed, on painkillers, a lot of lucozade and my comfy dressing gown. Basically just a hot mess. Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a lovely time celebrating Christmas and new year.

So I put a poll on twitter to see which post you would like to see first, my goals I have set for 2018 or My Bullet Journal journey. As you can tell by the title, you chose goals of 2018 first.

My poll over on twitter. If you haven’t already, follow me on Twitter @blogwithlauren

A new year, fresh start, clean slate, there is something so satisfying about a new year. I am excited for a new year and thought I would share some of the goals I have set myself this year as well as what I would like to do. I think setting targets or goals is important, it gives you focus and something to work towards

My first goal is to reach 500 followers over on my blog. I currently have 295 followers. I am hoping that 500 followers is an achievable amount.

My next goal is to go self-hosted on my blog. I want to have more freedom in regards to how my blog is designed and fonts etc. It would also mean I can change my blog name to the one I want. I need to research what to do, best tips, I am pretty clueless on how to go about it. (If any bloggers have time to shed some light on the area, it would be much appreciated).

I currently have just over 3K followers over on twitter, so I am hoping to reach 4K on twitter by the end of 2018. I have loved getting to know new bloggers and reading new content.

Other things I would like to achieve/or do this year:

1. Go on holiday

2. Join back at slimming world – get healthy and more active

3. I want to go to a spa and have a treatment

4. I want to read more this year

5. I want to make this year the year I make sure I show myself self-love and make sure that I am physically and mentally healthy

I am interested in knowing what goals you have set yourself for this year. So leave a comment below or a link to your goals of 2018 posts so I can have a read. I look forward to hearing and reading them.

Make this year, your best year yet.

Lauren x x

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125 thoughts on “New year, new goals

    1. I am feeling much better; apart from my knee injury now. Which makes that more bearable. Are you not self hosted already? So did you pay for a domain name? I thought about going higher up on WordPress first before self hosted. What sponsored reviews? As in working with brands? Sorry been up since 4:45am not really with it. Xx

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      1. I hope the knee feels better lovely!
        I’m not self hosted, I’ve only paid for my domain via WordPress 😘
        I won’t go all the way in WordPress because it’s pretty expensive for the premium packages etc.
        Yeah 😁 Once I’ve worked with some more brands, gotten paid a bit more on the sponsored post front and the cost of self hosted is covered by what my blog is actually bringing in money wise then I’ll do it 😁

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  1. Hope you are well now. All the best for your goals. I use bluehost for self-hosting, wordpress free plan for content still. and based on my research a year ago bluehost was cheapest and had great promotion that time. So far it has been great going self hosting. Freedom with themes and colors and the look of the blog, tracking views, etc. Although it was a lot of work at that time, setting up the theme, moving the posts and followers, etc.

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  2. Good Luck on your goals this year! People always focus on their physical health while neglecting their mental health. I love that you are thinking about both. Self-care is important. We are working on a few goals. The biggest one is working toward paying off our debts.

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