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Hello you beautiful people,

This post has been a long time coming, I have had a lot of people message me asking about how to start a bullet journal, how I use my bullet journal, where I got it from etc. So I thought that I would write a post all about it – which makes me very happy, I’m such a stationery nerd.

Before I dive in, just a disclaimer to say this is not a sponsored post, I purchased all the products featured in this post with my own money. I just really love bullet journals.

I first started using a bullet journal in January 2017 and loved it and I was very lucky to be given a new one at Christmas by my Uncle and Auntie. (I also have another brand new one) I just can’t help myself when it comes to buying stationery, haha! At the moment my 2018 bullet journal looks very different compared to my 2017, but that could all change over the upcoming months. The beauty of having a bullet journal is you can design it to look how you want it too.


My 2017 bullet journal
My 2018 bullet journal







The brand of bullet journal I use is Leuchtturm1917, I have brought them from both Amazon and Rymans. They range from £12.99 – £20.99 depending on whether you purchase the first bullet journal or the new version they brought out, which has more useful tips inside as well as a page with the key. They come in a range of colours also. In case you aren’t aware bullet journals (a clue in the name) have dots instead of lines. I found it easy to write on and now it often feels weird writing on lined paper.

This is the key at the front of the newest bullet journal, you have so many spaces also if you want to add your own symbols and their meanings.
At the start and end of the newest bullet journal it has a few pages of useful tips for using a bullet journal.

I thought I would go through each of the pages I have done so far, as its new I haven’t completed much in my new bullet journal , but  I will post an updated bullet journal post in the next few months. Throughout this post I will also show you some of my 2017 bullet journal.

Calendar pages – Last years bullet journal I did a whole year layout, but this time I decided to do each month on a separate page before that months content. These pages are handy for planning ahead.

My January calendar and new years resolutions pages.


New Years resolutions & 18 things before the end of 2018 pages – I always write down my new years resolutions in the hope that they remind me to be following them haha! I did this 17 things before end of 2017, so I decided to do the same this year. So I write down 18 things I want to do or achieve by the end of the year.

So on the left is the list of 18 things I want to do and achieve (I haven’t completed 18 things yet, I will add goals throughout the year. On the right is my birthday and occasions tracker.






Birthday and special occasions tracker –  On this page, I write all my family and friends birthdays and special occasions such as; anniversaries. This helps me stay organised with buying and sending cards and gifts.

Habit tracker – I draw a table and write the good habits I want to do each day within that month. It allows me to track what I have done and when I have done it. As well as regular to do’s for each day. Sometimes I will add or change the habits depending on the month.

One positive a day – Each day last year I wrote one positive thing that happened or positive feeling I had and I have decided to carry that on this year. I love being able to look back and seeing positive highlights. When I am not feeling good, I like to read through them and they make me smile.

On the left is my habit tracker and on the right is my one positive a day in January.








Blog statistics tracker – Each month I will be tracking my blogs statistics, I like to know what posts have done well and what weren’t as popular as well as seeing the better days I have on my blog for engagement.

My blog statistics page







To-do lists – If I have a busy week, I will break a page down into sections and write a to do list for each day, so I can be productive and organised.

Doodle pages – So in my 2017 bullet journal I found these so helpful. Whenever I was feeling anxious and suffering I would sit, doodle and colour in. This helped keep my mind focused and relaxed me. I haven’t done any of these pages in my 2018 bullet journal yet.

One of my doodle pages from my 2017 bullet journal. This helped me when I was suffering badly with my anxiety.








As you can see I haven’t done many pages in my 2018 journal at all. Last year I put all trackers and one positive a day for all months after one another, I wanted to do all January content together and the same for the rest of the months. I am hoping this makes it flow better.

I have listed below other page ideas you can use your bullet journal for:

  • Savings tracker
  • Bucket list
  • Wish list
  • Dream log
  • Meal planning/food diary
  • Expenses
  • Doodle pages/title designs
  • Party planning
  • Birthday and Christmas gift planning
  • List of movies you want to see
  • Places you want to visit
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Water log
  • Exercise log
  • Chore lists
  • Self-care ideas
  • Spending log

These are just a few ideas of what you can use your bullet journal for. If you are wanting more inspiration, I would definitely recommend looking on Pinterest and Instagram. I learned a lot from there. Some of the pictures on Pinterest are so creative and arty, it was quite intimidating at first. But it is your bullet journal and you will develop your own look and layout as you use it more.

If you are a stationery nerd and like to be organised, I would recommend purchasing a bullet journal. If you are a blogger and have posted about your bullet journal feel free to leave links in the comments, so other people can check them out also.

Thanks for reading, see you lovely people soon.

Lauren x x

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