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Building your blog and getting your brand out there takes time. You see successful bloggers with thousands of followers and none of them got them overnight (unless they have brought their followers, haha!). It takes a while to build a community, so do not be disheartened if you don’t see lots of engagement right away.

I remember when I first started posting on my blog, I didn’t really know many bloggers. It took a couple of months before I saw big changes in the engagement on my blog. It also took those months to work out how best to promote my blog and I am learning more as each day goes by. I have been lucky enough to reach over 4K on twitter and have connected with some very talented bloggers. I have had a few messages asking how did I reach 4K in a short space of time and how I get my brand out there. So I thought I would share my tips and hopefully they will be helpful.

Post a link to your blog in your bio on your twitter and your Instagram

This makes it a lot easier for people to find your blog and read your content. Its also good for brands to be able to look at your blog and contact you for potential sponsored work.

When you post new blog post, be sure to posts those links to Twitter and Instagram

By posting the link to your most recent blog post means that other people who may not follow you, can read your content maybe even choose to follow you as well. Also, by other posting it to twitter, your post can be retweeted and reach more people. By posting it to Instagram means you can add hashtags to your post, which again can be seen by more people and increase traffic to your blog.

Pin your most recent blog post to your Twitter profile

By pinning your most recent post to your profile means new followers will see this first and potentially increase traffic to your blog.

Engage in twitter follow trains and blog trains

On Twitter there are often follow trains which allows you to follow new bloggers and some where you can add your blog links and people can read your content. I find these one of the most effective ways to find new followers and increase the traffic to my blog. I find the best Twitter account for hosting these is BloggersTribe, so I would recommend you following them and tagging them on your post, for a chance to have a retweet.

Follow back all bloggers that follow you and let them know you follow back over on your blog

When I gain a new follower, I like to message them and say hi and let them know I also follow back over on my blog. This means I can engage with them and also gain another follower on my blog. You can’t expect other bloggers to follow you and your blog if you aren’t willing to also show support.

Unfollowers app

Unfortunately there are some bloggers out there who like to play the follow unfollow game. I use the who unfollowed me app, which allows me to see who has unfollowed me and unfollow them. I only like to follow supportive bloggers.

I am not the only one by the looks of it who dislikes the people who play that unfollow game.

Like and comment on other bloggers tweets, blog posts and Instagram pictures

The more engaging you are and supportive, bloggers will often return the support. Bloggers are also more likely to tag you in award posts and Friday follow shoutouts. Engagement is key to building your following and making blogger friends.

A few days after posting your blog post, retweet the link to your post

If like me, you have lots of people positing you news feed can be so busy and sometimes tweets can be missed therefore, by posting the link a few days later means it could reach people that missed your first posting.

Add tags to your blog post and the link you post to Twitter

By adding tags relevant to your post, means the post is easier to find when people search for that topic which can boost the traffic to your blog. It would also let people know what your blog and blog post is about which can draw in new followers.

A tweet a day that engages your followers

Each day I will tweet, either a question or a positive message. I do this, so I engage with other people and other bloggers and build new friendships. When I write positive messages, they will sometimes be retweeted and sometimes that means I will gain new followers. Its all about building positive friendships and a supportive community.

I like to tweet positive messages and chat with other bloggers about their day.

I hope these tips are helpful and you may have some other ideas that may help you build and promote your blog. Remember not compare your journey to others (something I sometimes still struggle with), every writer brings something new and different to the table. It is NOT all about the number of followers, likes or retweets, but its always nice to engage with new people and read new blogs.

Let myself and other bloggers know in the comments if you have any other useful tips or helpful blog posts around this topic. Lets all support one another.


189 thoughts on “Top tips for marketing your blog |

  1. Thanks for these great tips Lauren! As a new blogger it was so so helpful to read all of this, especially the very first bit you wrote about not getting disheartened. I guess persistence really is key!! Well done for achieiving everyone you have done so far xxx

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  2. Great post! Engaging on social media is such a key component to marketing. I loved your tip on tweeting daily. Consistency is such an important element when marketing anything. I also enjoyed your tip on interacting with other blogs and twitter accounts to build an online community. Thanks for the tips!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you for this!! I have a very small and new soap business and trying to attract viewers is very hard!! Everyone please feel free to look at my site and give any feedback, I’d really appreciate it!

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  4. Very useful tips! I’m in my third month of blogging and always wondering how I can grow my blog so this is very useful xx

    Soffy //

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  5. Some great tips in here, thanks very much for posting.
    Interacting and supporting others efforts was something I definitely used to neglect, while I sat back and expected others to interact with my content.

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  6. Wait…

    You can buy followers?

    here i am trying to make friends and network like a chump.

    not that it’s done me any good.

    i have one follower who isn’t connected to me in some way in the real world.

    she’s great, she likes my posts and comments on them.


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  7. The follow to unfollow game is so rude. I always mute the accounts that have done that to me so that I don’t get tricked into following them again. The next time they follow, I see the account is muted and whisper, “not this time” as I ignore their follow.

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  8. Another fantastic post, Lauren, thank you! I took notes on my phone and can’t wait to put it to good use. I appreciate it and I’m sure others do, too!

    Here’s a quick question for you if you have the time to answer, and it may be silly, do you have any tags that you would recommend on Twitter and Instagram? I know that you mentioned BloggersTribe, but are there other RT accounts you recommend? What about your go-to tags? Should I do my niche tag, tag a couple RT accounts, and some that pertain to my post? Do hashtags work when you put it in the comments like they do on Instagram?

    I’m sorry for the loaded question! I REALLY want to get better at this blogging thing!

    The good news is that I already happily do a lot of the things on this list. So, that’s good!

    Have a fantastic day!

    Chrissy Marie | My Jumbled Journal

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