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Hello you lovely people, I hope you are having a good week so far. I thought as I have had some more followers on my blog (thank you for following and welcome), it would be good to do a Q&A post. This post is in collaboration with Jess so make sure you check out her blog post and her answers to the questions. I took to twitter to ask for questions and had some great questions sent. So let’s get started.


One of my favourite Disney films is Tangled. One of my favourite Disney characters is from Tangled, Rapunzel. I love that film because it makes me laugh and I love the character because she is so positive and likes to see the best in people.


I was inspired to start blogging when I stumbled across Lily Pebbles on YouTube over 2 years ago and I then followed her blog. I already loved writing, but she was my inspiration to start my blog. Although, it did take me over a year to build up the confidence to set up my blog and start posting.


I am passionate about writing and my blog. I would like to make a difference with my writing especially when it comes to mental health. I started my blog to share my writing and the chance to help people. It is also really good to connect with other bloggers. My favourite things to blog about are creativeness, mental health, personal development, beauty and skincare.

In 1 year, I hope to have my blog self hosted. I also hope to be a new job and have made deposits into my savings account. I hope probably like a lot of bloggers that within those time frames to become a full time blogger. In 10 years time, I hope to own my own property and have settled down. My favourite things to blog about are creativeness, mental health, personal development, beauty and skincare.

The most proudest moment I think so far was when H from STEPS shared my link about my STEPS concert post and even commented about my blog. I was so shocked and so happy. I am also proud of having my first sponsored post.

I get inspiration from reading magazines, blogosphere is a great magazine and I read a lot of other bloggers posts, it helps to inspire me. Also Twitter and Pinterest are great for inspiration, if I am suffering with writers block. My favourite social media to use personally is Facebook, as that’s where my family and friends mostly post. But for blog related things I love Twitter, I find I am on Twitter more than any other app, its great for connecting with other bloggers.


My favourite thing about living in Bournemouth is the beach. I have so many childhood memories of going to the beach in the summer. Its great in the summer and we also have the air festival, which is always so good.

A goal for my blog this year I want to have reached a 1000 followers and work with other brands, especially stationery brands. Apart from blogging, I currently work in retail.


I would describe myself as; loving, kind, weird, emotional and funny. The best purchase I have made is my iPhone, my worst purchase was some hair extensions by a hair dresser.  They looked awful, they were done incorrectly and I was £220 lighter! The one item I would take is a knife, to help with cutting food and wood. The food item would be chocolate and the one person is so hard to choose. I would want all my family with me.


Sometimes I question whether I should continue to blog. Do people like my blog? Is this post good enough? I don’t think that photograph looks good etc. But, I like to read all the positive comments I have had on my posts, or DM’s I have received saying that post helps them. At the end of the day, I blog because I want to, I love writing. I write to do lists, to help me keep on track to complete my goals, which helps to keep me motivated. Taking some time away from what you are trying to achieve, take some self-care time and returning with a clear mind, is also so helpful.


One positive change I would like to make with my blog is how mental health is talked about, educate people and let people know they are not alone and things can get better.


I think I would like to live in Australia, me and my family have spoken about it in the past. Such a better quality of life out there and beautiful weather. 3 things on my bucket list are: to own my own property, to go on holiday to Florida and another is to write a book. My biggest fear is loosing the ones I love.


My dream holiday would be New York, me and my family would love to go there.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my answers to the questions, they were great questions. Make sure you check out Jess Q&A and if you aren’t already, give her blog a follow too. Her photographs are beautiful and she has great content. Also I have included the Twitter handles of the bloggers who asked the questions, so make sure you check them out on Twitter also.

44 thoughts on “Q&A with Bournemouth Girl

  1. Loved reading this Lauren! 💖 Thank you for answering my question! I remember when H from Steps shared your blog post, that was so awesome! 😍 Working with cool stationery brands is the dream! And yay for sunny beach days! Fab post and great answers 😘 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  2. Wow, you had a great response to your Q&A with some really fab questions. The desert island one was a toughie, I have no idea what I’d do, haha! And you are rightly proud that H from Steps shared your blog post and commented, that’s amazing! I hope you keep blogging, lovely, I love reading your posts and tweets xx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

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  3. Love your answers to this Q&A!! Australia seems amazing, I’ve also wanted to check out New Zealand which I’ve heard is a lot like Australia, but without the dangerous animals! Haha

    Xx Ash // themessylife.com

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I couldn’t read part 2 without coming and reading part 1! Another great range of questions and I really love how H from Steps interacted with you. 😀 That’s great.

    Liked by 1 person

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