7 ways to de-stress

Feeling stressed is very natural and everyone sometime in their lives will suffer with stressful situations or periods in their life. Although you may not be able to directly change the situation, however there are ways you can de-stress so it doesn’t become too overwhelming. I have recently had so much going on in my personal and work life. So I have felt the need to take time out to relax and thought I would share some ways I like to de-stress with you.



Taking time out to spend time with family whether thats watching a movie together, having dinner or playing a game, allows me to relax. It takes my mind off what I am stressed about to have fun and laugh. My family and I are really close so if any of us have a problem or stressing about a situation we can talk it out. 



It doesn’t matter how stressed or anxious I am, if I am catching up on tv shows I love, I can alway get fully engrossed in the shows storyline and I then relax and I can forget what I am feeling stressed about. 



I write in my journal everyday, but I find it even more useful when I am stressed. I feel that putting pen to paper and writing down exactly what I am thinking allows me to look at what I am feeling stressed about and look at it objectively and ways I can complete the task or change the situation.



I love to colour and be creative anytime of day. However, when I am feeling stressed, I like to take the time out to colour. It is so relaxing and I like to see the end result of the picture. I could colour for hours and on occasions I have, oops!



Sometimes stress can be caused because you are tired and feeling stressed can be so exhausting. So taking a nap, allows you to relax, rest and hopefully wake up feeling better. Even if you do wake up and have no clue what time or day it is, haha!



Blasting out music (currently I am always listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack), singing-a-long, dancing around its fun and helps me to relax.



I love to have a bath, with a bath bomb, bubbles with some music playing or a long shower, I feel instantly relaxed. Also, a bonus is if I have them in the evening rather than the morning I tend to sleep better. 

These are some of the ways I like to de-stress, how do you like to relax if you are feeling stressed?


69 thoughts on “7 ways to de-stress

  1. These are great suggestions Lauren! 💖 I’m a big fan of napping and yay for The Greatest Showman soundtrack. That always puts me in a good mood! 😄 I think baths are such a nice way to relax and unwind and colouring books are sooo calming. Fab post, thanks for sharing! 😘 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  2. Love the thing you do to de-stress! I totally agree with writing in a journal! It’s a greay way to express your thoughts on paper and there’s something about writing that feels great! Baths are great – especially when you treat yourself to some nice bath bubbles!


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  3. I can’t help but eat or sleep when I’m stressed. I wish I could managwy stress better, I just can’t stop worrying all the time! My favourite things to do are drink 😂 and have a hot bath and watch something funny! Xx

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  4. I do pretty much the same type of thing, i really love colouring and listening to music at the same time! I always find myself going for a nap halfway through doing coursework and then going back to it recharged after! Great tips x

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  5. I am all for the nap, coloring, tv, and music, but the bath and family nope. The family stresses me and even while I’m in the bath! I know!!! I will go to someone else’s house to take a long bath and I won’t tell my family!!! Genius!!! Thanks!!!!

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  6. This is a great list! Lately I’ve been listening to music and watching a lot of Netflix to de-stress, but colouring is a great alternative, so maybe I’ll dig them out this week! ☺️

    Ceelavie xo

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  7. I loved this post!!! I’m currently going through a lot right now and when I feel overwhelmed I either listen to music, watch Netflix or just go on my phone play games or read. I’m a mother of 3 so there’s really not much I can do since I’m always in the house with the kids. But reading this post gave me another idea which is coloring! I love coloring but I didn’t think about it as an option to clear my mind. I’ll definitely grab some coloring books 😊

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