Cover My Bits & Giveaway

I am a sucker when it comes to a new phone and of course a brand new phone case. Which is why I was so happy to work with Beth over at Cover My Bits. I was kindly gifted a new phone case of my choice from their new ranges. I recently purchased the iPhone 8 and have been looking for a new case. They did not disappoint.

Cover My Bits have a wide range of designs and different types of cases to not only protect your phone but to enhance your phones appearance. I mean who doesn’t love a cute phone case, right?

They have recently launched 3 collections for their Spring and Summer range. The Inspirational Edit, cases that show motivational and other quotes. Perfect Pastels, cases that have designs in pretty pastel shades perfect for Spring and Summer. Floral Fruits, cases that has fruit themed designs perfect for Summer and those holiday vibes.

They provide the cases in different types and you can choose which type you would like your design to be on. Its all down to personal preference. There are Hard cases which are the regular clip on plastic cases. Rubber cases which offer you an element of protection for your phone with the rubber bumper. Protective cases are their top level of protection that they offer that has shock absorption. Wallet style that is a flip case with a connecting magnetic strip and also has slots inside to store your credit cards.


I knew right away before I even looked at the designs that I wanted, well needed to have a protective style case. I can be so clumsy and I am constantly dropping my phone, haha! So I needed a case that was going to protect my phone and save my bank account from having to pay out for repairs!

I loved the Inspirational Edit range and could have chosen so many different designs. I went for the Make It Happen case, in black. I have been loving gold and rose gold everything, so this was definitely the case for me. I loved the writing was in gold and thought it went well with the monochrome colours. I ordered the case and it arrived within 4 days, even with it being Easter bank holiday. I hate ordering something and then having a long wait for my purchase. So I was so happy it came so fast!


The case was easy to attach to my phone and I am so happy with how it looks. I love how the quote has it written in paint strokes style font, just for me its so aesthetically pleasing. The case feels sturdy and high quality. It has the added support of the shock absorbers on the edges and corners of the case, so I have no doubt that if and when I drop my phone it will protect it.

The lovely Beth over at Cover My Bits has very kindly given me a discount code for you all, which will get you a huge 40% off of your purchase. By quoting the code LAUREN40 (You must spend a minimum of £10.95 which is their cheapest phone case).



On top of the amazing discount, I am also able to host a giveaway where one lucky reader gets to win a free phone case of their choice from Cover My Bits new collections.

To enter this giveaway all you have to do is:

  1. Follow me on Twitter bournemouthgirl
  2. Follow Cover My Bits on Twitter
  3. Follow Cover My Bits on Instagram

For an extra entry, head over to Cover My Bits Instagram and comment on their most recent post and tag your best friend who you are always on the phone too. GOOD LUCK!


29 thoughts on “Cover My Bits & Giveaway

  1. I love the case you’ve chosen, it’s so sleek and the perfect motivational quote too, it looks lovely and sturdy yet so elegant. I’m due an upgrade in the summer and will be needing a phone case as I smashed my current one within months of having it and really don’t want to smash my next one so will be keeping Cover My Bit’s in mind for when I get my new phone. Thank you for a brilliant giveaway too

    Emma x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lovely! I love it! It is so good, it protects your phone so well! Definitely, do check them out, if you follow their Instagram they sometimes have discounts as well. So keep a look out. What phone you going to go for? Good luck in the giveaway and thank you for reading and entering! Xx


  2. Gah! I need a new phone so bad and of course that will have to come with a new case! Shall be adding these guys to my favorites so I can check them out when I pick out my new phone !


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