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A notebook with a peach and blue pattern with fairy lights, with faux plants and stickers

AD. These products were gifted but all views are my own.

Happy National Stationery week to you all! If you follow my blog or any of my social media, you will know that I am obsessed with all things stationery. So imagine how happy I was to meet Andy from the brand Say Nice Things. We got to talk about all things stationery and blogging. I also got to see some of the stationery the brand offers and about how and why products were designed the way they are.

Jill is the owner of Say Nice Things and made a business out of her passion. I mean that is the dream for a lot of stationery lovers, isn’t it? Like myself, Jill’s passion for stationery began when she was young. New school books and new notebooks. I used to love starting a new year in school, as it meant a new pencil case and other stationery.

“A journal is the best self-help book you can read” – Jill

After suffering with her health Jill took to writing down her thoughts, feelings and plans for the future. She was then able to re-read her journal years later and saw how she had made so many positive changes. This is why I always keep hold of all my journals, as you can look back and reflect.

Say Nice Things stationery is all designed and manufactured in the UK. They decided this as they wanted to have a close relationship with everyone who helps make their products a reality. By having all their products made in the UK, they are able to be heavily involved in the creating process. They also have an office based in Bournemouth, so it was great to meet Andy face-to-face and be able to have a in-depth conversation about the brand.

I love brands that are smaller, as it feels more personal. You get to have a sense of the people and the passion behind the products. If you check out their website here, you can read more about the company and Jill’s story.

I was kindly gifted a variety of products and I am going to share them with you.

The Journal

The journal comes, as you can see above in this cute box, wrapped in tissue paper, 2 logo stickers (I mean how cute is there logo though) and a card with a lovely message and tells you who packed your order.

The journal comes in several different designs so there is one that it is suitable for everyone. In the inside page you have a space to write your name and your contact information. You have an index which has six sections where you can write key topics so you are able to find your writing easier. The sections are divided into six colours and can be found as a tab on the far left of each page.

Sections 1-4 are lined pages. Section 5 is one of my favourite key features in this journal. They have a plain page on the left hand side, on the right it is a pattern where you can either colour the design in or doodle. I don’t know about you, but I love colouring it is so relaxing. I also like too doodle and brainstorm ideas. So I am excited to use this section.

Section 6 has a planner, but it is different and does not have fixed days or dates. Therefore you can tailor it to you. So if you have one busy week you could use it but if next week isn’t, you save space and what works best for you. It will also not matter what time of the year you purchase it and still get full use out of the planner. After the planner there is notes pages, which I am planning to use for blogging contact information. At the back they have a pocket where you can store notes.

The Notebook

You can choose a notebook to match your journal if you want too – I love being able to have a matching pair haha! I chose this design on my notebook and journal because I love the colours and so different to any other notebook I own. As you can see it came in tissue paper secured with their logo sticker. I love the colours inside the notebook. It has a soft touch lamination finish, so its smooth and durable but still flexible. You can never have too many notebooks, right?

A peach and blue patterned journal with faux roses and fairy lights

The Essentials Collection

The notebooks in this collection are varying sizes. I chose an A5 size as all my notebooks are that size. Also I have the “Notespod” which you can use in conjunction with the notebook. There is all different shapes and tab sticky notes and in the notebook there are spaces to place them in if you wish to do so. I am really looking forward to using this, as I am always writing on the sticky notes and putting them on my MacBook, or my notebooks. So now I will have the perfect place.

A pink notebook and sticky note tabs for studying around fairy lights

Pocket Notebooks

You get a set of 3 and these notebooks are so clever with the packaging and the layout of the notebook. On one side you have lined paper and if you flip the notebook over you have dotted lines throughout the book! I love these! Plus they are so handy when I am travelling and I am only taking a small bag with me!

A flip notebook with fairy lights, faux roses and little wooden hearts

I love that the packaging is nearly all recyclable and I love environmentally friendly brands! I am very excited to start using them all. I will be doing an update blog post in the near future about how I have used all the products.

Look out on my twitter which you can find here, as to celebrate National Stationery week, the lovely people over at Say Nice Things have offered the chance for one lucky person to win a journal in the design of your choice, The giveaway will be happening over on my Twitter, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

What is your favourite product from this post? I’d love to hear in the comments.


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    1. Aww thank you, well as it’s national stationery week all my posts are going to be stationery themed and I have 2 stationery giveaways over on my Twitter this week so look out for them too

    1. Thank you so much! Be sure to check out my twitter Wednesday as I am hosting a giveaway for a chance to win one of their journals! Also another stationery giveaway that I want to do as well x

  1. I really like the journal and how it has the different sections so it’s pretty much everything in one so I wouldn’t have to use multiple notebooks. I’ll definitely have to check out the brand, it’s so cute!

    1. Definitely do, it’s so affordable! I am also hosting a giveaway on Wednesday where you have the chance to win one of the journals of your choice! So definitely look out for that on my Twitter x

  2. This is such cute stationery Lauren! 💖 I love how you got a matching journal and notebook, what a gorgeous design! Your photography is fantastic too, the little hearts and flowers are so pretty! 😍 I’ll definitely check out the giveaway too! Fab post lovely 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  3. It’s so nice and such a good quality brand. I am hosting a giveaway Wednesday for a chance to win one of their journals on my Twitter so look out for that x

  4. Stationery are the best! I really like the idea of “say nice things”! It’s promoting positivity and it’s pretty cool how there are a lot of features in that little notebook! Haha, I love the happy faces! I haven’t seen The Essentials Collection before but love the colors!

  5. Love the cute and pretty stationaries that you have featured. I enjoy and get lost in a stationary store my kids have to pull me out as they get bored when they are done haha! I loved the name of the stationary ‘say nice things’, how cute is that. The essentials collection is pretty and fun loved the colorful stickers. 🙂

    Via |

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