STEPS Concert & Weymouth Beach

Hearing STEPS music always takes me back to my childhood, wearing devil horns, glow sticks and getting dressed up. As children my siblings and I were extremely lucky to get tickets to so many concerts. So whenever STEPS announce a tour, I always have to go! My friend and I booked the tickets for this event, straight after  we had been to their tour in November last year. You can read about my experience here.

The Summer of Love Steps tour included the boy band Blue as well as the lovely Saara Aalto from the X Factor. Having seen Blue on tour before it made this tour even more attractive to me! My childhood music rolled into one! The concert that we went to was at Yeovil Huish Park, which meant we had to travel a little bit which gave us the perfect opportunity to sing out loud *badly* to STEPS and Blue songs, haha! When we got to Yeovil, we checked into our hotel, got some lunch and then got ready for the show.

When we got to the venue we had to pick up our tickets at the box office, as the first set of tickets got lost in the post, oooops! They had a sign up at the box office to say people can upgrade their tickets to the golden circle for £15 per person. The lovely gentleman in the ticket office stated because the stage had been moved our seats were no longer the best. So he generously gave us golden circle tickets for free. We were so lucky and he was the nicest man!

The venue was well organised and was plenty of security, who were friendly and super helpful. The atmosphere was so buzzing and happy. Each section of the crowd was gated off and security were on each gate to help everyone. In the golden circle we had plenty of space and were even able to sit and put our face glitter on. We made some friends who were sat/stood with us and some of the friends were a family with two young children who were at their first ever concert. So we did the glitter for the kids, their parents and their neighbour.

You could at the end of the concert see where we had been! Glitter party, haha!



STEPS, Blue and Saara Aalto were amazing and put on such a great show. As we were so close to the stage Claire and H waved to us. Which made our night even better. Their outfits were amazing – mind you, they always were! It was great to let loose and dance to all the songs it was such a throwback, dancing with our new friends and it was so much fun. The weather was beautiful and we were so lucky because the concert was open air.





Every concert of STEPS that I have been to the atmosphere is so positive and inclusive there isn’t judgements, there isn’t negativity just so much happiness and love. There is something about a concert, that allows you to be yourself, live in the moment and make memories. They make me really happy!

We finished our night by getting chips and ice cream, which was so yummy! The next day we went for breakfast at Frankie and Bennys, it was delicious. We then went for a drive to Weymouth and had a walk a long the beach. It was beautiful weather and so I bought a Mr Whippy ice cream, which I LOVE! My friend Rosie lives in my birth town of Newton Abbot in Devon, so it was lovely to spend quality time with her as we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like too.


What is the best concert you have been too?


29 thoughts on “STEPS Concert & Weymouth Beach

  1. Aw wow Lauren! 💖🎉Steps and Blue were some of my favourite bands growing up. They are so upbeat and catchy! It must have been awesome to see them live 😍. It sounds like such a fun trip and your ice cream in Weymouth looks delicious! Glad you had a wonderful time and thanks for sharing 😘 xx

    Bexa |

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  2. I was obsessed with Steps back in my teenage years. My best friend and I went to every single tour (and multiple concerts within each tour), book/album signings…any opportunity to see them live or meet them, I was there! Yes, I sported the devil horns and glowsticks too, haha. Good times 🙂


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      1. Yes, a few times. They did album and book signings in London which I went to. I used to buy disposable cameras (this was the 90s, lol) and use up a whole film at a concert or signing. I really was obsessed, lol. I only recently cleared out and gave away all of my Steps merchandise. I look back on that time fondly but I feel I’m a bit old for all that now, haha.

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  3. I love STEPS and have done since I was tiny! I went to my first STEPS concert in Birmingham in December and I honestly think I’d put it up there as the best night of my life. The vibe was just like that of the STEPS tape I watched all the time growing up (a real party atmosphere!). It was such a special night!

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  4. I am literally singing 5,6,7,8 in my head now and doing the dance on the inside 😂 That’s so cool that you got to go, I used to love Steps and Blue were like the ULTIMATE boy band for me, edgy and hot 😂 So glad you had an amazing time and love the glitter!


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  5. This sounds like a blast! I love your pictures and the glitter face decorating! There’s nothing better than a great concert. You get to live to the fullest and just have fun! Probably the best concert I’ve ever been was out door festivals. SO MUCH ENERGY! great post!

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  6. Sounds like you had a wicked time! Never been into blue music but my auntie is😂 best concert I went to was with my mum to take that in the year 2011 (i think) they had some huge robor to dance with them! It was awesome! X


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