Bournemouth Pride 2018

Last year due to my knee injury after my accident at work I couldn’t attend pride, so this year I was beyond excited for it this year. This year I invited my little sister and family friends came down to stay. It made the weekend even more enjoyable.

We were all so excited when the guest list was announced a while ago. A complete 90s throwback, S Club 7, Michelle Heaton, Artful Dodger, Dane Bowers, DJ Big Ben,  Courtney Act & Sam Callahan. My inner child was screaming with joy!

The atmosphere was so happy, the weather was beautiful and there was so much glitter! We brought glitter to go on our faces and I also brought rainbow face paint. The theme was all things Hawaiian, the decorations were amazing, including huge balloons and floats.


Loved having the rainbow paint and the glitter – however the glitter was annoying to get off haha!


Me and my oldest friend Rosie

The show that each of the acts put on was incredible. We were front row , so we had a great view, even if we were stood next to the speakers and could barely hear afterwards haha!


Sam Callahan


Artful Dodger


Artful Dodger


Courtney Act


Jo from S Club 7


Bradley even posed for my picture


Tina and Bradley

It was amazing to spend time with one of my little sisters and some great friends. It was such an inclusive and happy environment. Everyone smiling, dancing and laughing. I love how happy that environment made me feel. All people from all areas and all walks of life and sexuality just coming together and celebrating life and one another. I always leave pride feeling very inspired and humbled to have met and seen so many amazing people.



I have only ever been to Bournemouth Pride and only ever had such a good time. In the future I want to attend other pride festivals and experience them in different areas.

Have you ever been to a pride festival? What did you think?




  1. Happy Healthy Tash · July 18

    I’d love to go to a pride festival! Especially this one now 😍 sounds like you had the best time and what a line up!! Took me back to the good old days 😂🤣 xxx

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  2. Bexa · July 19

    This looks like so much fun Lauren! 90s music and glitter sounds amazing! I never knew there was a Pride festival in Bournemouth 😍. It’s so cool you got to the front row and that Bradley posed for you! Glad you had a brilliant time with your sister and friends! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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    • bournemouthgirl · July 20

      Yeah we’ve had a Pride here for so many years and it is amazing! This year was incredible. Such a great 90s throwback. Thank you for reading and commenting babe xxx

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  3. rachaelstray · July 19

    Looks like you had a fab time. It’s Newcastle Pride this week with the big event tomorrow. I’m supporting my hubby who is doing the 5k on Friday.

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  4. Sounds like such an amazing event! I’d have loved to have gone, especially as Courtney Act performed, I love her so much haha

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  5. Kymmie Reads · July 21

    OMG, the 90’s! Brings so much childhood mem’ries.

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  6. seabreezecorner · July 22

    I would’ve loved to have gone to this – sounds like it was 90’s HEAVEN!

    Livvy x

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  7. I’ve never been to pride before but might go to the one by me next year as they always look fab! So glad you had a good time! The acts they had on sound great too I’d love to have seen Sam Callahan!

    Jess //

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  8. Robert · October 11

    Pride festivals rock!

    Keep looking for new posts!

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