This Or That Challenge

I was tagged by the lovely Steff to complete the this or that challenge. Make sure you head over to Steff’s blog to see how she answered these questions.

Here we go:

Shower in the morning or the evening

Usually because I have early starts I like to shower in the evenings, so that I get more time in bed in the mornings haha. However if I have a day off I will have one in the morning.

City centre or close to nature

City centre. I love having lots of different activities around and the shopping. However, even though I live in the city, we have the beach in town and beautiful nature reserves and scenery around. This is why I love living here.

Bright colours or neutrals

For the most part it would be neutral colours and I like pops of colours

Spring or Autumn

I like Autumn, cosy jumpers, hot drinks and lovely auburn colours on the trees outside

Mint or cinnamon


Planned or spontaneous 

Planned, as I enjoy planning. However, I was recently very spontaneous and purchased Demi Lovato tickets, a few days before the event. I am glad I did as me and my little sister had such a good time. You can read about the post here.

A movie at home or at the cinema

Movie at home definitely. Can get into comfy clothes, snuggled under a blanket, snacks and chill on the sofa or my bed. You can also pause the movie if you need a toilet break haha!

Espresso or latte

Neither, I don’t like coffee.

Hugs or kisses


Spicy food or mild

Mild food. I am not very good with spicy food.

Leather or lace

Lace, I think that is more comfortable than leather, haha!

Overdressed or underdressed

I think I would prefer to be overdressed than underdressed.

Adventure or comfort

I like comfort with some adventure thrown in, can that count?

T.V series or movies

T.V series

Rock or country music


Red or white wine

I don’t like wine, but could probably stand white wine with lots of lemonade

Working alone or in a team

Working in a team

Swimming or sunbathing

Paddling in the sea after sunbathing haha?

Fast food or sit down restaurant 

Sit down restaurant

Matched or mismatched socks

For the most part they are matched, but if I am in a rush I grab whatever I can

Dancing or singing


Phone or the internet


Which ones would you choose? I found some of these hard to choose and cheated a little haha. I tag






6 thoughts on “This Or That Challenge

  1. Loved reading your answers Lauren! This is such a fun tag! Yay for movies at home with comfy clothes, blankets and snacks! 😍 We are so similar, I don’t drink coffee or wine either. I love shopping too, being so close to the beach must be awesome in this sunny weather. Great post and thank you for the nomination lovely! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh god yes, movie at home I think is so much better. Tea, hot chocolates or fizzy I am down for! It is lovely living by the beach, have so many memories of family trips when we moved here. You are welcome lovely, thank you for reading ❤️xxx


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