Favourite bloggers this July

Instead of writing a monthly favourites posts about products, I decided last month to share the bloggers I had been loving. It was really well received so I thought I would share with you the bloggers I have been loving this month.You should definitely take a look at these talented writers as they all offer different content and each have a unique style of writing and photography.

Jessica Revill

Jessica also lives in Bournemouth and she takes the most beautiful photographs, especially of the beach. If you check out her social media you will see that she lives right near the beach, how awesome is that? Her blog is well written and her content includes mental health, which can help so many people and is so relatable. If her blog wasn’t enough, she makes homemade crystal necklaces and sells some gorgeous earrings. She is such a kind person and so supportive with messages and her positive engagement online. Make sure you check out all her social media and give her a follow.

Jessica’s: Blog / Instagram / Twitter / Jessica’s shop / Shop Instagram

Whitney and Megan

Whitney and Megan are a married couple who live in Windsor. I have been watching their youtube videos for so many years now and attended two events and met them. They are the most down-to-earth, genuinely kind people and have such a cute fur family. They have in some circumstances unknowingly changed so many peoples’ lives with their confidence and positivity in the LGBTQ+ community. They recently quit their full time jobs to put all their time and passion into the other projects. They run a lesbian dating website in the UK and in Hawaii, a social media agency, where they help to build your business as well as other projects and of course their youtube channel and blog. Their blog is absolutely stunning and I enjoy reading their blog posts about their travels and home decor posts. They recently uploaded a blog post with a tour of their home Wegan Manor. Their house is beautiful, if you don’t believe me, check out the photographs here. I have linked their social medias below.

Whitney and Megan’s: Blog/ Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook

Happy Healthy Tash

I have been following Tash on social media for a while now and I enjoy reading her blog. She posts a range of different recipes as well as day trips/reviews. Her foodie posts are easy to follow and well written. The photographs of the food are so pretty and colourful. Her food always looks so delicious and always makes me so hungry haha. I have said to her before I would love for her to be my personal chef. If you like foodie posts, you should definitely check out her Instagram and you can see how amazing her food looks. Tash is so supportive and engaging on twitter. She leaves thoughtful comments on my blog and I appreciate her support so much.

Tash’s: Blog/ Instagram/ Twitter

Alys Journals

Alys has such an honest and refreshing blog. Alys discusses travelling and addressing mental health struggles. I think it is so important to make others aware of mental struggles and the forms it can take. I can relate to Alys’s posts and so reassuring I am not the only one. She has such a unique way of writing, that makes it so easy to read her posts. I enjoyed her post about her bullet journal. I like bullet journalling and I always find it interesting to see others designs. Alys posts thoughtful comments on my blog post and supports other bloggers in the community. You should check out her social medias below.

Alys’s: Blog/ Twitter/ Instagram


Jess and I have collaborated before and it was such a pleasure to work with her. Her blog is beautiful she takes lovely pictures. I like how she takes her flatlay images, with the disney background. It compliments the products and keeps with her disney theme. I find her blog posts so entertaining to read. She gives honest and thorough reviews of products. I find it a good way to learn about new beauty products. Her Instagram has a great grid with lovely photographs. Jess leaves kind comments and will read and support other blogs. She is such a positive person in the blogging community. Make sure you check out her blog and other social medias.

Jess’s: Blog/ Twitter/ Instagram 

If you are looking to have more positive and supportive bloggers in your community. I recommend that you follow these amazing bloggers. I hope you have all had a great July and have an even better August.

What bloggers have you been loving this month?


19 thoughts on “Favourite bloggers this July

  1. I love your monthly favourites posts Lauren, they are so supportive and I love discovering new bloggers. I regularly read Alys & Jess blogs and always enjoy their posts. . I’m definitely going to check out the others you have mentioned too, everyone sounds fantastic! Thank you for sharing lovely! 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for including me in this, I feel so lucky to be in the same list as some wonderful sounding bloggers! Love the positivity you’re spreading with this ❤ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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