August Goals

This year seems to be running away, as it is time for a new monthly goals post. I enjoy writing these goal blog posts because I like to set goals and challenges. Setting goals motivates me and inspires me to work harder and develop in all areas of life and not just my blog.

This month I have decided to make small specific goals this month. As sometimes I am guilty of setting so many goals, putting too much pressure on myself and I loose myself a bit. So this month I am setting 3 social media targets.

Goals for August-

Reach 7,450 followers on Twitter

Reach 1,120 followers on my Blog

Reach 650 followers on Instagram 

I want to this month focus on building my social media. I want to meet new bloggers and read more content from new bloggers.

What are your goals for this month?





  1. Miss Blogs-A-Bit · August 5

    I’m the same as you, I want to focus on my blog, Instagram and Twitter. I set my blog up a year ago and can’t lie, I pretty much neglected it as I felt a bit lost with it all. I’ve really knuckled down in the last 5 days with everything and the improvement I’ve seen is so encouraging! I hope you manage to reach your goals xx


    • bournemouthgirl · August 6

      That’s great! Sometimes you do loose yourself with blogging. It can be so overwhelming. Keep at it, there are so many supportive people in the community to keep you going xx

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    • bournemouthgirl · August 6

      It won’t let me click on your blog 😦 xx


  2. Bexa · August 6

    I can’t believe how quickly this year is going, it’s crazy that it’s August already! 🙈 Good luck with your goals this month Lauren! I hope you achieve everything you want to and more! Have an awesome month lovely 💖 xx

    PS I’m loving the pretty notebook on your photo 😍

    Bexa |

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    • bournemouthgirl · August 6

      Thank you so much! I hope so too. I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. Definitely needs to slow down.. the summer is going too fast 😂🙈 aww thank you. Say nice things stationery is beautiful xxx

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  3. Nati Creates · August 6

    Thank you for sharing your August goals – so brilliant that you’re so determined and I’m looking forward to seeing you achieve them!

    Nati x | | @naticreates

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  4. kelseywritess · August 6

    Wishing you luck on your goals! 💖

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  5. steffs_journey · August 7

    Good luck with your goals babe! I’m sure you’ll smash them 💪🏼
    I was guilty of setting too many goals for a month, then kicked myself for being so optimistic lol! Slowly slowly wins the race 🐢❤️ Xx

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  6. Kathleen · August 7

    Wishing you well on hitting your goals, you are well on your way

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  7. andshedidblog · August 7

    Those are great goals! I want to grow my blog too—I’ve only been blogging for a little over a month. Best of luck this month!!

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  8. tamarhaeri · August 8

    Wish you all the best!!! I hope you will achieve it! 💓💓💓 btw I want to increase my social media as well but for this time it’s so freaking poor lol

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  9. mkvadnais · August 8

    I have only recently started setting blogging goals (to include making a vision board) and it has been so helpful! Glad to see your success!

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  10. Creative Nails · August 9

    Good luck with your goals! I really want to try doing this soon – I can see it really helps with the motivation. I’d love to try and grow my blog more, with my time off at the moment I want to try plan nail looks ready so I’m sorted for a while but need the motivation and inspiration for nail looks!


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  11. Lisa's Notebook · August 9

    I love that your goals are so focused this month – I’m sure that will make them completely achievable. I stopped setting goals for myself at the end of last year because I so rarely managed to meet them but perhaps setting smaller goals is the way forward. Food for thought, thank you for sharing! xx

    Lisa |

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    • bournemouthgirl · August 9

      Yeah I was guilty of setting too many and stretching myself too thin. So keeping them small and focused this month. Thank you for reading xx


  12. falidude · August 9

    Some great goals here and hope you achieve them all!

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  13. glowsteady · August 9

    Simple social media goals are always a great motivator! This month I’m hoping for 4000 on Twitter and 800 on Instagram (not sure if I’ll make that one) x


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  14. Michelle · August 11

    Great post and good luck!x

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  15. burseygirl84 · August 21

    I’m trying to get more followers as well. I just hate when people follow, then unfollow. So annoying

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    • bournemouthgirl · August 21

      It’s frustrating isn’t it! I use an unfollow app, to get those people out! Xx


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