My 5 Bullet Journal Essentials

I have recently fallen back in love with my bullet journal! For several months I lost interest in it – I didn’t know how I wanted to display content and so I lost all confidence. However, I have been reading lots of bloggers’ bullet journal posts, scrolling through Pinterest and watching Youtube videos and made me miss journalling.

I have some bullet journal essentials that I am always reaching for. If you are looking to start bullet journalling you can read some items I use and how I use them in my journal. I have listed 5 of my essentials that I use the most.

Washi tape

Washi tape is so fun to use. You can get so many different colours and designs, so you can design your bullet journal how you want too. I like to use wash tape around the edges of my pages and sometimes to break pages up, so it isn’t too overwhelming with lots of writing. My bullet journal is the perfect place to display my ever growing range of washi tapes. I love cutting and sticking, haha!



I have been loving stickers lately, especially the plush stickers. By adding stickers to my pages, they are immediately more colourful and animated. I enjoy using stickers to decorate the front of my bullet journal too. You can get so many different things in sticker form, so there is something for everyone.


Colourful pens

I am a sucker for buying colourful pens, I have far too many, but I just can’t help myself haha! I like to use different colours for titles and subtitles. Using the different colours not only makes my pages more colourful and pretty, but allows me to use them to categorise lists. By using various colours for different tasks makes it easy to find content.


Highlighters are a great way to tick tasks off my to-do list once I have completed them. I sometimes use highlighters to decorate titles or subtitles. Also to highlight specific tasks or lines to bring it to my attention when I reflect on my bullet journal. Makes my pages bright and colourful.

These are one of my favourite sets, the flamingo design

A ruler

I use a ruler to draw tables for my habit trackers as well as to design my weekly or monthly layouts. As I cannot draw a straight line freehand even if there are dots to follow, haha!

I like to use week planners and write things in, the morning of. I write tasks I need to do and tick them off when completed

These are 5 of my essentials for my bullet journal. If you journal, what are your essentials for you? Be sure to link any of your bullet journal posts below, so everyone can read your content.


42 thoughts on “My 5 Bullet Journal Essentials

  1. I’ve never had a bullet journal before, but these all sound great. I really want to use washi tape in general because there are so many cute designs out there. Thanks for sharing.


  2. These pictures are goals!! Such a pretty post to look at! I too lost interest with my Bullet Journal but have sooo much respect for those who create these beautiful journals! Please keep sharing yours so I can swoon over it ❤ x


  3. How do you use your bullet journal? Do you fill it up in the morning/night time or as the day goes by? I recently bought a new bullet journal as I tried to keep one in the past (and failed) and I don’t know if I should carry it with me or not haha. There are not to many posts out there on how people are actually using theirs

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    1. I am in the next 2 weeks will be posting about my bullet journal and how I use it. So make sure you are following my twitter to make sure you don’t miss it. I have a bullet journal post also if you scroll back which has some info x

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  4. Yayyy! Everything in this post makes me so happy! I’m loving the flamingo highlighters, they are really cute! I’ve never seen them in that design before. Definitely agree, washi tape and stickers are always brilliant for decorating books and journals. Thank you for sharing lovely, really enjoyed reading this! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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    1. I am not good at drawing or designing at all. But you practice and it does get better. They don’t have to be arty at all. I went through a stage of it being very office like. You use it to how it will work for you! Plus stickers and washi tape and it makes it look like you have done lots! Aww thank you babe xxx

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  5. I love using different colour pens and highlighters, but I think I missed the mark with the washi tape and stickers because it’s never something I ever got into when I was first setting up my bullet journal!! I definitely agree though, people who add those two into their journals have some of the prettiest bullet journals I’ve ever seen! x

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  6. Your bullet journal is so cute! I love bullet journaling, it makes life so much easier, especially with balancing bloggers, working and social life haha I haven’t used washi tape yet I honestly don’t know what i’d use it for but I get so jealous when I see peoplel use it and it turns out so cute! I feel like i’m missing out on a secret power

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  7. I too fell out of love with my bullet journal and I keep saying I am going to go back to it – I really need to. I think I have been scared as I have seen so many beautiful spreads and mine are more functional. I wouldn’t be without my washi tape and mild liners! You have really inspired me to start it up again xx

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  8. Bullet Journals are awesome! I had started one but I ended up scrapping it. I prefer a smaller planner, I’m not that artsy ( and don’t always write very neat) lol. I really do find them fascinating, I’m always pinning about it on Pinterest

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