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I stumbled across Pastel Elixir on Twitter when a few bloggers I follow posted pictures about their purchases. Fear of missing out kicked in, so I thought I would have a look and I am so glad that I did.

Pastel Elixir is run by Ellis and her husband James. Ellis designs all the products that you see. I mean how incredibly talented is she? James then gets them in the post to everyone. They are based in Leicestershire in the UK. They are a family of 4, as they have two cute doggies Vespa and Custard. I am a dog person as well as a cat person, so if you are like me you should head over to see pictures of their dogs.

My items arrived so quickly which made me so happy, I hate having to wait for packages, I am so impatient haha! Everything came beautifully wrapped. I love that it was secured with washi tape and a Pastel Elixir sticker, so cute!

The packaging is eco friendly and the tissue paper that the products come wrapped in can be recycled, which I think is so important in the world today. I try my best to recycle as much as possible. I think its great that Ellis and James have also incorporated this into Pastel Elixir.

I love how Ellis even sends a sherbet too, so yummy! I let my little sister have that one!

Funny enough, I came across this hanging teddy bear with a zip at the back that my mum brought me when I was younger after I purchased these badges. It was called a pyjama warmer – I mean how cute? As I was a kid growing up and even after when I went to concerts or events I would pin the badges on this teddy! So I thought the badges I brought and the one gifted to me by HelloBexa I would also pin on the bear.

IMG_8675She even added the top banana sticker, I mean how lovely of her and it has taken pride of place on my blogging journal.

Cat person badge I thought was so cute with the pink polka dots and I am loving pastel shades. I am indeed a cat person, I have two fur babies Cookie and Tabby. I am also a dog person, so I now need a dog person badge as well.

Don’t be afraid to fail badgeI thought this was such a great quote and so true. As if you haven’t failed, you have never pushed yourself outside your comfort zone and challenged yourself. You should never let fear stop you from achieving what you want. I love how pretty the badge is, it has a pink sparkly marble effect.

Let’s Avocuddle badge I brought this because I thought it was funny and Ellis has made the avocados look so cute!


Be a rainbow in the thunder print I love this quote, its such a positive saying! I see it as  being yourself an individual and not being the same as everyone else. Let your positivity shine through. I love the colours in this print, it looks so pretty and I love the font. I can’t wait to use this print in blog photographs. Then when I have organised a writing corner, I will want to frame it and have it on my wall.


Create print I love how colourful and cute this is. I am excited to include this in blog photographs as well. The font in this print is a calligraphy style which is so elegant. Both prints are made from great quality card, this print will also end up on my feature wall.


Ellis wrote a cute note with my purchases. It is so lovely to buy from a smaller business there is more of a personal touch. It’s also great to know you are buying products you like but also making someone else’s dream a reality.

IMG_8672.jpgI am already waiting for my payday for an excuse to buy more products from the lovely Ellis and James! If you like some of the products you have seen in my post, definitely head over to Pastel Elixir and see other awesome products and designs.

What is your favourite product from my purchases? I’d love to know in the comments.


35 thoughts on “Treats from Pastel Elixir

  1. Ellis’ shop is honestly my actual favourite. The first thing i ever got was that cat person badge and a mug with the cruelty free designs on which i still use now and is one of my faves! I also got one of her mystery boxes which were such good value for money and her prints are so so so cute and then more recently i got one of the new unicorn keyrings and then i also got her to do a custom order of badges for my moms party. Love reading hauls where people have bought stuff from her store and are supporting because it makes me SO happy! Everything from the packaging to the personal notes and sweets add a little extra to amazing products already and i cant wait to keep supporting her and watching her business grow!x

  2. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this shop before! You got such cute items and I’ll definitely being paying their shop a visit after pay day. My favourite item you picked up is the ‘avocuddle’ pin. 😍🥑

  3. Yayyy! I’m so happy you got some more badges to go with the one from our stationery swap! That’s awesome and such fab choices too. I love the cat person badge and the avocados are adorable! I also have the rainbow print on my wall, it’s so pretty & motivational. I love all the goodies you picked, the create print is super awesome! Ellis is such a talented illustrator, everything she does is so cute & colourful. Thank you for sharing lovely, gorgeous photos too! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  4. The badges are adorable, it’s so important to support small businesses, I’ll have to do some Christmas shopping with them 🙂

  5. I was shocked when I found out the tissue paper can be recycled. I like eco-friendly products.

    My favorite product is the badge. I like the Cat Person, Top Banana and Don’t Be Afraid To Fail. The collection is so cute.

  6. These all look so cute! I really need the don’t be afraid to fail pin. Plus think the rainbow print would be great in my bedroom.xx

  7. I’ve only ever heard great things about Pastel Elixir and your experience is obviously no different! I need that cat person badge and how cute is the avocuddle?! I totally need to make an order!

    Soph – x

  8. I like the colours too.
    My favourite has to be the avocado one. It’s so sweet and makes you smile 😊

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