10 Things I love about Autumn |Blogtober

Happy Blogtober!

I hope you are enjoying reading all the amazing Blogtober content that everyone is sharing. I thought I would share with you 10 things that I love about Autumn, I mean you can’t have too much Autumnal content right?

  1. I love the colder weather
  2. I love the changing colours in nature
  3. I love that I can wear cosy jumpers
  4. I love that it is cold enough for me to wear my black leather jacket
  5. I love that new seasons of some of my favourite shows return to tv
  6. I love there is a school holiday and I can spend quality time with my littlest sister
  7. I love that I have more of an excuse to drink hot chocolates
  8. I love cosy nights in
  9. I love the homely cooked foods like stews and soups
  10. I love that it means we are closer to Christmas haha

What do you love about Autumn? I’d love to hear in the comments


61 thoughts on “10 Things I love about Autumn |Blogtober

  1. Aww I love this post Lauren! Autumn is such a cosy time of year. I’ve started wearing my winter coat again, it was sooo cold today. It’s lovely that you can spend some quality time with your littlest sister, have you got anything nice planned together in the school holiday? Yay for hot chocolates, I pretty much have one every day now ha ha. It’s exciting to think that Christmas is exactly 2 months away now! Lovely post, thank you for sharing ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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    1. We’ve been shopping, to the cinema, to the gym together. I think we might be going swimming tomorrow. I love it being all cosy. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, it is mad! 💗💗


  2. This was a great post Lauren. I’ve been having so many hot chocolates lately and secretly enjoy that the weather is getting colder. 🙂 My leather jacket has been getting a lot of use at the moment.

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  3. Love how you’re feeling super festive – especially with rocking it during Blogtober. I agree with these things you love about autumn. YES on being able to wear a leather jacket! Hehe, we’re finally in the -ber months, countdown to Christmas?!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  4. Love all the beautiful colours & being all cosy inside whilst it’s freezing outside. And also love that it means it’s almost Christmas 😂

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  5. These are the reasons I love autumn too. I love getting my rusty coloured clothes out and my trust black leather jacket. I love going for walks and seeing all the gorgeous changing colours. Sunsets are pretty amazing at the mooment too!

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  6. I absolutely love the scents and textures of fall – so much richness, warmth, family, and gratitude! It makes my soul joyful and content. ❤

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  7. I love Autumn too. I love roasting marshmallows around a bon fire. I can’t wait for the leaves to show their beautiful changing colors.

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  8. I love the way everything feels so cosy and comforting. Maybe its because I’m a November baby but Autumn is my favourite season. I’d much rather be a bit cold than too hot x

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  9. I love this! Yes to hot chocolates, cosy jumpers, and not forgetting that shows come back. The wait between May and October is hard, haha! All three make a great cosy night in, too. Autumn is definitely one of my favourite seasons, probably second to winter because Christmas 😂 Great post!

    Kelly | http://paperbackadventures.com


  10. I was reading down throughout the list and I’m like yessss me too girl in my head lol. I just love autumn. The coziness in bed, excuse to drink hot chocolate and the colors outside are soooo beautiful! Great post and thanks for sharing❤️❤️❤️

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