Favourite bloggers in October |Blogtober

October for me has flown by! One month closer to Christmas which I find so exciting! So it is time for another favourite bloggers post and I have some great bloggers to share with you this month. As always I have linked all their socials’ so make sure you check them out and show your support.


I have been following Laura for a while now and she is such a lovely person and so supportive of other people. On her blog, Laura covers a range of topics and I like that Laura talks so openly about mental health, which is so important. She writes with such emotion and passion. She is very engaging on Twitter and sends such kind and genuine messages. She has been so kind to me as for the past few weeks I have been struggling with my anxiety and I am so appreciative and grateful for her comments. Laura is definitely a blogger you should have on your feed.


Hannah’s blog is so pretty and she takes such beautiful elegant photographs for her blog. She blogged all about her pregnancy which was so lovely to read. She’s leaves thoughtful and genuine comments on bloggers posts and is so supportive. I really enjoyed reading her post called a little book of self-care for new mums, it was such a lovely post. Hannah’s photographs and blog should be on your feed, or you are missing out!


Bailey is very supportive of other bloggers and will often engage with bloggers on Twitter. Her blog is so pretty and she writes so well that her blog is so interesting to read. I enjoyed her autumnal recipe of homemade spice apple crumble which looked so lovely. She is another blogger that you definitely should follow to brighten up your feed.


I have been following Maud I think for most of my blogging journey so far and she is so kind. Maud is so engaging and is always talking to other bloggers. She leaves thoughtful comments on bloggers’ posts. She is an incredibly talented writer and her blog is so well written. Her blog is so pretty, her logo is so pretty also. I enjoyed her Autumn essentials post, it gave me all the autumnal vibes. So head over and have a read of her blog.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these lovely bloggers. Let me know if you follow any of these bloggers.

What bloggers have you been reading this Blogtober? I’d love to hear in the comments.

36 thoughts on “Favourite bloggers in October |Blogtober

  1. Aww such a lovely post, Lauren! I’ve just gone through the list to check that I am following everyone! It sounds like another great selection of fabulous bloggers. It’s so kind of you do this each month as it gives others the opportunity to discover new and awesome bloggers. Great post lovely, you are so sweet and supportive โค xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  2. Oh wow this is the first time over ever come across a post like this. I will definitely take inspiration from this as itโ€™s so nice to support others โ˜บ๏ธ I will make sure to check all these bloggers out xx

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