Cosy night in essentials & Dexters Sweets

In Autumn you can feel the temperature change, days are colder and nights get darker I use that excuse for a cosy night in. During the colder months, days feel shorter and certainly for myself my schedule gets busier, so I often forget to look after myself as well as I should do. So a cosy night in is one great way to relax and show yourself some self-care and love. To be honest, I will use any excuse for a cosy night haha! I thought I would share with you some of my essentials for the perfect cosy night in.


When it is cold outside, I like to be all cosy indoors and so I always make sure I have a comfy blanket to curl up under. I hate to be cold so when I am on the sofa or in bed I always have to have a blanket or duvet over me.


Fresh comfy pjs are a must, I cannot relax unless I feel comfortable and the clothing I feel most comfortable in is my pjs. I mean if it was acceptable to work in them, I would!

Sweets and snacks

I came across a tweet looking for bloggers to try Dexters Sweets and I jumped at the chance, I mean who doesn’t love sweets right? I was so incredibly fortunate to be gifted a huge box of goodies! Let me tell you, I was very popular in my house when this package arrived! There are a huge range of sweets and so many brought back so many memories from when I was a child! These came at the right time, as we decided to have a movie night and I shared these lovely treats! However, I could have easily eaten them all haha! A few of my favourites are the mini marshmallows, strawberry tiger tongues and the rainbow dyna stixs.


Dexters Sweets: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Favourite movie/ favourite t.v. show

Once in my comfy pjs, I have my favourite blanket and my yummy treats I will either watch my favourite t.v show or movie. One of my go to Autumnal movies is You’ve Got Mail.

What are some of your cosy night essentials? Have you ever tried any of Dexters Sweets before what did you think? I’d love to hear in the comments.



  1. theadventuringemily · November 6

    Love a cosy night in where I can snuggle with my dog. An essential for me would be a candle to burn!

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  2. Ruth · November 6

    This is the perfect recipe for a lovely, cosy night in! I agree with all of your essentials, and I’d add maybe a hot drink? I love a cup of tea or hot chocolate. The selection of sweets look so good, though – I’m jealous!

    Liked by 1 person

    • bournemouthgirl · November 6

      I like fizzy drinks for the most part but hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows or a tea is also good 😊. They are so yummy! Thank you for reading and commenting! Xx


  3. Really love cosy nights in, great blog post babe! 💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x

    | BLOG | TWITTER |

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  4. Chloe Chats · November 6

    Definitely some great essentials for a cosy night in! I always have to be in my comfiest pj’s with a blanket over me! These sweets look amazing, there’s so many I don’t know if I could eat them all haha!

    Chloe xx

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    • bournemouthgirl · November 6

      I have been sharing them, as I would feel so sick if I did eat them all. But they are very yummy!! Thank you for reading and commenting xx


  5. TeaPartyPrincess · November 6

    Oh my gosh yes, this is like a perfect night in. Cosy and sweet!
    Cora |

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  6. Deborah Kos · November 6

    I am not sure if I have tried Dexter’s Sweets. The candy looks so delicious. Candy sounds great for a cosy night in watching movies.

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  7. Carrie Pendle · November 7

    Sounds like the perfect night in! haven’t heard of Dexters sweets but they look so good! I would love those peach rings rn hehe! xx


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  8. rachaelstray · November 7

    I love cosy nights in too and I am a big fan of sweeties too!


  9. ChelseaHodges · November 7

    Great post! My go to for a cozy night in is definitely a comfortable outfit, I usually like to have my dog with me, and some good food of course! My absolute favorite is Chinese food, and definitely candy / sweets!

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  10. Sophia Patel · November 7

    Nothing like a cosy night in (and the sweets look great)!

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  11. Geraldine · November 9

    That sounds like a wonderful way to have a cozy night in! I am wearing my fluffy PJ set now whilst reading your blog! It makes me feel even warmer and more comfortable. The Mini marshmallows or rainbow dyna stix sound delish!!

    Geraldine |

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    • bournemouthgirl · November 9

      Fluffy pjs are always a good idea in the autumn and winter months, so cosy! They were all so yummy!! Thank you for reading and commenting


  12. Chelsea · November 9

    Don’t forget the warm slippers! I’m in Canada and you can’t walk around the house without them.. too cold! I’m jealous of all your yummy treats! 🙂
    Xo Chelsea

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  13. Yes! I love the feeling of freshly washed sheets… Especially after a long business travel, climbing into my bed 🙏❤️ Real happi9! 🙂


  14. Happy Healthy Tash · November 10

    Cosy nights in are the best and those are definitely essentials in my house too! 🙂 xxx


  15. Chelsea · November 11

    I love a good cosy night in. I’m all for a good blanket, snuggly PJs and some treats – add a cup of tea and that’s the perfect night!
    Those sweets sound delicious!
    Lovely post🧡

    Chelsea |

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  16. Off a Small Island · November 11

    Love a cosy night in! I always have to add a yummy scented candle and a moisturising face mask x


  17. Merkitty · November 12

    I’ve never tried or heard of this brand before, but I’m always up for sweets! Cosy nights are a must too. Now the weather has turned colder there’s nothing better than getting all snuggly, watching a film and being warm and cosy with some snacks. ♥

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  18. Bexa · November 13

    Wow! What a huge selection of tasty sweets! You are so lucky! They would be perfect for a cosy night in. I doubt they would last very long in my house though ha ha! I agree, blankets and PJs are an essential, I’m the same as you, I cannot relax unless I’m in my comfy clothes. Being all warm and cosy with a film is the best feeling ever. Thanks for sharing Lauren, lovely post and now I’m really craving some jelly beans, he he ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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    • bournemouthgirl · November 18

      I don’t usually like jelly beans, but these flavours, they are so yummy!! They made the perfect edition to a cosy night ❤️xxx


  19. Kim · November 24

    These are great cosy night in essentials. I’d probably add in a hot drink or a glass of my favourite fizzy drink.

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