Christmas self-care box swap with Lisa’s Notebook

I am really excited to be writing this post. I really enjoy collaborations with other bloggers. You can see the box swap that I did with Hello Bexa here. This collab is with the wonderful Lisa from Lisa’s Notebook. We decided on a Christmas self-care box which I was so excited to go shopping for to fill the box with treats.

If you don’t already follow Lisa (Why not? You are missing out!) she has a beautiful blog where she writes about her adventures, reviews and tags. Lisa is one of my favourite lifestyle bloggers to read, she has a great style of writing. She is also really supportive of other bloggers on social media. You should definitely check out her Instagram feed, as her photography is beautiful!

Lisa sent me a gorgeous box of goodies!

Yankee candles and candle holder

I love candles and they are a great way to make an environment so relaxing and calm. I enjoy having them lit when I am in the bath. The candle holder is so cute and the design is so Christmassy. The two candles are Cranberry Twist and Cranberry Pear. They smell so delicious. They are both such festive scents and I am looking forward to lighting them in the lead up to and over Christmas.


Pink Scarf

Now the weather is getting colder, it is the time of the year where we get to break out the cosy jumpers and the scarfs. So I was super happy when I opened that present. It is a beautiful colour and it is really soft, I am looking forward to wearing it.


Goal Digger notebook & Santoro Notebook & Pens

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love stationery, so notebooks are always a great gift for me. I love the gold foil polka dots, they are so cute. The little notebook is so cute, it also has a pocket inside to store papers. This notebook is going to be so handy for work, as I always have random bits of paper in my pockets, so this is the perfect size! I like using gel pens, they make my notebooks so colourful and another pen that I now use at work.

“Fly away with me” print

This print is so cute and will definitely feature in my blog posts and then be on my wall with all my other prints. It is so cute and colourful.


Raspberry & Champagne chocolates

I have never tried chocolates with these flavours before, they look so beautiful. So I am looking forward to tasting them!

Scrub Love Coconut & Mango body scrub

Self-care to me is all about pampering myself and looking after myself. I love a body scrub it makes my skin feel so soft. Especially during the winter months my skin always needs some extra attention. This body scrub will be included in my next pamper evening!

Christmas tree decorations

Look how cute these look! I love the tree decorations and decorating the tree is so much fun. So these will definitely be going on my tree when we put it up. I mean I think its a little bit early for it yet, right?!


The Scottish Fine Soaps Company Hand & Nail Cream

During these winter months my hands get so dry, especially when I am at work so this was a great fit for me! I go through so much hand cream, so this one is going into my handbag. It smells lovely and it is so hydrating.


English Tea Shop Spiced Red Fruits

I love a good cup of tea, I have never tried spiced teas before and I am looking forward to trying them. Spiced red fruits is such a festive flavour.


This was such a fun collaboration to do with Lisa and it got me in the festive spirit and I had so much fun shopping for the goodies. Thank you so much Lisa for my lovely gifts, they are so festive and are so me! Thank you for collaborating with me, I would love to do it again soon. You should head over to Lisa’s blog and see what goodies I put in Lisa’s Christmas self-care swap box.

What is your favourite item from my box I received? I’d love to hear in the comments.


33 thoughts on “Christmas self-care box swap with Lisa’s Notebook

  1. Firstly, a massive thank you, Lauren, for collaborating with me, I LOVED everything you got me! I’m so glad you like your bits and pieces too. I know you like stationery so I tried to find something that you might not already have, haha. And I’ll be interested to see what you think of those truffles and teas, I nearly kept them for myself 🙂 I was going to decorate the little wooden tree ornament but then I thought you might like to do that yourself? Flora used glitter and pens on ours and they look very cute. This was such a fun collab and I would love to do another with you next year too – and it’s definitely not too early to put the tree up, Merry Christmas! xx

    Lisa |

    1. Yeah I am going to decorate it with my littlest sister. I will let you know what I think of them! I loved collaborating with you! Thank you so much for my gifts! Definitely should do it again next year! Xxx

  2. I’ve just come from Lisa’s blog and wow, I loved the goodies you picked, you found so many gorgeous treats Lauren! Lisa has done an equally fantastic job too, this is such a lovely collaboration with two of my favourite bloggers. The pink scarf is so beautiful and yay for stationery! The polka dot Goal Digger notebook is so awesome and colourful gel pens always make everything so much fun. Wow, Raspberry & Champagne chocolates sound delicious, perfect for a cosy pamper evening with all the other lovely goodies! He he, and it is never too early to put the Christmas tree up! Thank you for sharing, really enjoyed reading your posts! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  3. This is such a lovely box- I always love reading these posts when people do them as it’s so fun to see what people pick out. I think my favourite item would be either the scarf, because it’s such a pretty shade of pink, or the tree decoration because I really like wooden decorations.
    Amy x

  4. Those are all such wonderful nurturing gifts. Can’t decide if the scarf or the hand cream is my favorite of what you got, but it’s all so so wonderful!

  5. I can’t decide which I like better. My favorites are English Tea Shop Spiced Red Fruit and Scrub Love Coconut and Mango scrub. I love to relax with a good cup of tea. A great coconut and mango scrub is so relaxing too.

  6. I love seeing box swaps between bloggers! I love the goodies that Lisa procured for you. The scarf is really cute. The stationeries are perfect! I know I’d be a sucker for the goals book, hehe. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  7. I’ve just come here from Lisa’s blog and loved the items you got her. She picked some lovely items for you too – I love berry tea so I’ll have to pick up that spiced berry one to try. The scarf is a gorgeous colour. You’ve reminded I need to buy some more hand cream! My hands get so dry this time of year as well.

  8. I love reading blogger collaborations, seeing bloggers support one another is so good to see! That scarf is gorgeous and those chocolates look to die for, I’ve never tasted those flavours either but they sound so nice. Great post 😊 X

  9. Awww, wow, what a wonderful box of treats! I love Santoro’s things, but I haven’t seen that notebook before – I love it. The scarf is a lovely shade of pink! You both did such a fantastic job with this collaboration – well done, ladies.

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