43 thoughts on “My Pin Collection So Far

  1. I used to collect badges and pins when I was in primary school and I had them all pinned on my school bag and then they all got stolen 🙁 These are beautiful though! The only ones I have today are a couple from Disneyland Paris! x

  2. these are so cute! i don’t collect pins but i think they are such a cool thing to collect. i really love the good vibes pin! super adorable! xxx

    mich / simplymich.com

  3. I love pins & patches! I used to collect them when I was younger and recently got back into them. You can’t go wrong with a few tossed on a jean jacket!

  4. I love that you’re into collecting enamel pins! They’re so cute!! I am so in love with the cat paw one. The polaris ursa major is CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing your collection! Looking forward to seeing it grow :)!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  5. I love seeing other people’s pin collections! My favourite here is the Polaris Ursa Major pin which ill have to add to my own collection.

  6. Yay for pins! I have Ellis’ Voodoo doll and the Good Vibes jar pin and love them both! The cat paw is super cute and the North Star pin is really unique and interesting. I never knew Wish did pins, I have just been browsing and wow, so many awesome ones for just £1!! I have a feeling my pin collection is going to get bigger very soon, he he! Thanks for sharing Lauren, love seeing your pin collection grow! <3 xxx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  7. I love collecting pin badges or just badges in general, the Ursa Major one is probably my favourite here. x

  8. These are so cute and fun! My daughter collects pins; maybe I put this on our Christmas shopping list. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I’ve a few pins, but these are awesome! I’ve a feeling some of the stores you mentioned are going to get a visit very soon. 😉

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