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In the Winter, I always drink far more tea. I love tea! I do not like coffee, sometimes I feel I am one of the only bloggers who dislikes coffee haha. A cup of tea, a snuggly blanket and one of my favourite t.v shows is one of my favourite self-care evenings.

When I saw a tweet about wanting bloggers to try and review organic teas from The Brew Company. I knew I wanted to try these! The Brew Company were kind enough to send their advent calendar and the 7 piece brewing set also, I was so grateful! I was so surprised at the variety of flavours.

The Brewing Company concept was developed in 2002, where Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen ran out of coffee filters and decided to brew coffee in tea filters. It made him re-think how coffee is brewed and soon after the coffeebrewer was born. Then in 2013 the teabrewer was created and then in 2017 the herbbrewer was developed.


The advent calendar has an opening at the bottom and labelled with the dates of December. Definitely a healthier form of advent calendar – I loved it! The 7 piece brewing set, had different flavours also. These sets would definitely make great gifts for tea drinkers.


These pouches are so clever, you can take them anywhere, I have been taking mine into work. You just unseal the top of the pouch, pour boiling water up to the line identified on the pouch seal it back up. Then indicated on each pouch is how long you should brew it for, from mild to strong. You can even brew with the same tea 2 or 3 times.


Fresh organic tea, tastes so yummy! I have a couple of favourites so far. The fresh mint is so delicious, I took it into work and shared it with my colleague who loves mint tea. She loved it also! As I have recently been struggling with the horrible cold that is doing the rounds, so I had the Immuneboost herbal tea – it is greek mountain tea, rose hip peels, elderberries and thyme, it tasted delicious! Each tea I have tried has such a fresh crisp taste and you can smell and taste all the ingredients. I love how different the flavours are, they definitely wouldn’t be flavours I would choose, however I was so surprised at how delicious they are. Not only does The Brew Company offer tea brewing pouches, but also has coffee sets. So if you are more of a coffee lover, there are products for you too.


If you are interested in purchasing your own 7 piece gift box assortment of tea or coffee for yourself or as a present you can find them all here.

Have you ever tried organic or herbal teas before? What is your favourite flavour? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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  1. i actually don’t like coffee either so i always feel outcasted haha! this company seems like they really know what they’re doing with the separate tea pouches and the flavors look so good!!

    1. They are all in the links. Plus I think you can still get the advent calendars if I am not mistaken. Thank you for reading and commenting! Happy new year to you and your family x

  2. The Brew Company advent calendar and 7 piece brewing set is a wonderful gift idea. I love tea and coffee. I would love to try it. Fruity and Figs tea caught my attention.

  3. A tea advent calendar sounds just my kinda thing! It sounds like there are so many delicious flavours to try, I think I could have done with the Immuneboost herbal tea over Christmas too as I had that horrible cold as well. I hope you are feeling better and the tea did the trick! I love that you can take the pouches anywhere, it sounds like such a clever idea. Thanks for sharing your review lovely, will defo have to check these out! Happy New Year and I hope you have a wonderful 2019! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  4. What a great idea those little pouches are! And including the brewing time so you can do it to your own personal taste is fab too! I love tea (and coffee) but I’m boring and only like normal tea, I’ve never liked flavoured or herbal tea really.

  5. Oh gosh the packaging is sooo adorable! I like tea but I honestly wish I liked it more than I do; I’m definitely a coffee addict. However with this pregnancy, this baby HATES coffee. It’s so heartbreaking lol!

  6. Oooh, I always enjoy a nice cup of tea. It is neat that you got to try out different tea from The Brew Company. The advent calendar idea is pretty cool – especially when specific flavors are chosen for a specific day. Glad you enjoyed the experience with them! Thanks for sharing.

    Nancy ♥

  7. I can’t stand coffee either lol, but I do love tea. Especially fruity flavours. These pouches sound great, very practical and perfect for taking to work. I love the idea of a tea advent calendar too!

  8. I have a slight addiction to Nettle Tea (not a bad habit I suppose). These products sound fabulous, I’m really tempted to try them! The packaging looks great too! Thank you for sharing! 🙂


  9. I am a tea fan! I don’t put much sugar in it, well none at all, but just honey and sometimes almond milk for a little sweetness! I like to try different kinds so i like this post

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