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Anyone who knows me or has read my blog knows I LOVE stationery. Notebooks, planners and pens are some of my favourite things to shop for. I had seen the Happy Planner on social media and then a colleague at work showed me her Happy Planner. It was so pretty and I was completely sold! I knew I wanted needed one! I love the feeling of a fresh new year and the feeling of hope to be organised and prepared. These planners are definitely a way to help me do that. I thought I would share with you the features and benefits of using this planner. If you are looking for a planner I would highly recommend the Happy Planner.


“Currently this month”  

At the start of each month, there is a page that has a birthday section to highlight any birthdays I need to plan for in the month. Then a currently this month section with a list of different areas. There is also a space for notes and any important dates I need to remember. This gives you a chance to track the month ahead. I love having the currently this month, I think it will be interesting to look back at the end of the year and look at what I was interested in and doing in each area each month.


Monthly future log

At the start of the month, after the currently this month section there is a double page spread with the monthly future log. This allows me to write important events, work commitments and appointments in. I then have an overview of my month and gives me a chance to schedule in times for my blog and self-care. Having this log to refer back to means I am organised with planning appointments and I do not double book myself. Each monthly spread has a monthly task section. I have decided this is where I am going to write any tasks/goals specifically blog related. When they are written down there, its my reminder to stay focused and keep me motivated.


Daily spreads

Each month is broken down into days and you have a column of 3 boxes for each of the days. I like to not only fill them with appointments, work commitments and events, but also tasks. I usually break all my tasks down and plan the week, so by the end of the week I have achieved everything I needed too. As I recently joined back at slimming world I also use some of the space to right down meal plans, preparation is everything!



At the start of each month there is a tab with the name of the month on, this makes it so quick for me to find the right page I need. Plus they are such a pretty colour and compliment the planner well. Throughout the planner separating each month is a cute picture or design.


I chose the design “Life is Lovely” with flowers, in the classic size for 18 months. I thought the design was pretty. I think the black and white stripes look bold and compliment the cover well.

Fancy a change or want to add pages?

This planner is definitely the most versatile I have seen on the market so far. The unique way the planner is bound together allows you to remove pages to either fill in, add washi tape and put back or remove them completely. They come in all different designs and colours. Mine were grey with cute heart cut outs. But you can also purchase or make your own additional insert pages. There are for example inserts for monthly budgeting and Christmas gifting. All you need is to purchase the particular hole punch and you are good to go to make your own pages!  You can even change up your front covers and purchase different designs, which I think is such a unique feature.


The Happy Planner have a Youtube channel and an Instagram account. Stephanie who created the company often will go live discussing new products like stickers books, new inserts for your planners and new planners and their designs. The planners come in various sizes, there is also planers with a specific purpose such as the Student Planner, so there really is something for everyone. I have linked their accounts, in case you want to find out more, or you are hunting for inspiration.

I have bullet journalling for 2 years, so I have decided to try this out for a year and see what I think. However, I have been watching so many bullet journal videos on youtube and I secretly want to fill in my brand new bullet journal I have in my draw too. But I know it will not be productive to have 2 forms of planners. Like the bullet journal where I developed my own themes and styles,  I am only starting out this month, so I am excited to develop as the year goes on.

Have you ever seen the Happy Planner before, whats your favourite planner? I’d love to hear in the comments.


54 thoughts on “My Happy Planner

  1. I just saw your planner on Instagram and knew I needed to head over to your blog asap! It is so gorgeous, the flowers and colour theme is super pretty! I especially love the currently this month sections, it’s a great snapshot to see what you are loving each month and would be cool to reflect back on throughout the year. It’s awesome that you can add in additional insert pages as well as change the front cover, I’ve never seen that before – such a unique feature! Thanks for sharing lovely, really enjoyed this post. Your handwriting is so neat! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

    1. I love this planner. I can’t wait to see how my themes and designs develop like with my bullet journal. I am happy with the design I chose. Thank you, says you, your writing is gorgeous 😍xxxx

  2. I’ve not heard of this brand before but the planner looks lovely and what an incredibly useful feature to be able to remove pages and pop them back in again too. I wish more planners were like this. I love all the layout options and list areas. It’s really been so well thought out, ideal for bloggers! Thank you for sharing, and all your lovely photos – also agree that no-one ever “needs” stationery, we all just want it! xx

    Lisa |

  3. Wow, what a lovely planner! It’s so pretty, and I like the additional features, as well as the fact you can add more pages if you need to. I particularly like the currently list at the start of each month, I might incorporate that into my own bullet journal. 🙂

  4. I have not heard of this before, but I love planners, diaries and notebooks so this one is just amazing! I’m definitely going to have a look into buying one because I love the organisation of it. Plus it’s my friends birthday soon and she loves planners as well so could make a good gift! Thanks for sharing xx

  5. I love the Happy Planner. The cover is so elegant looking. I love the Tab feature for the months. The inside pages are beautifully colorful. I really like the idea of removable pages. I’ve never seen removable pages in a planner.

  6. I use this at work and it makes me so happy to stay organized and plan ahead. Love your review – very detailed and inspiring! Keep up the great work!

  7. This was such a great post! I’m into planning myself, so I’m pretty familiar with the Happy Planner. I’m currently using the Kate Spade 2018-2019 planner I’m I really like it.

  8. Great article! I love stationary, so I really liked your thoughts on this planner. I never heard of this planner before but it seems like a great one. I grew up as a major fangirl of Lisa Frank stationary!

  9. I’ve seen Happy Planners pop up a lot recently and have been very tempted by them. I love the idea of “currently this month” which I think would be great to look back on, either each month or at the end of the year.

  10. I recently discovered the Happy Planner and I love it! I also have a Happy Notes journal too. I find it so relaxing to sit down and work on my planner/notebook. I think I got a little sticker happy at one point but hey, I like it!

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