Tips and advice for new bloggers

It wasn’t that long ago that I was brand new to the blogging community. I did not really know what to do, even now there is so much I don’t know and I am learning all the time. I recently had several bloggers new to the community asking for tips, so I thought I would write a blog post about the tips I wish I knew when I first started. I also reached out to other bloggers on Twitter and asked for any tips or advice they would give to new bloggers also.

Just start

I want to say for about a year I yo-yoed back and forth with starting up my blog. I worried about whether anyone would read what I had to say, or I might not know what to write. I also thought I needed the perfect theme, logo etc before I got started. But I wasted time when I could have been writing. If you are in this predicament, my advice would be to just start. You can always change the theme and logo etc. Just get your content out there!

Join Twitter

Although this isn’t a must, I would recommend if you don’t already have a twitter account, to set one up. It is a great tool to be able to share your writing and reaching more people. You will meet so many bloggers who can support you and your writing. Twitter is where most of my blog traffic comes from.

Cameras and photographs

You do not need a fancy expensive camera for photographs! This is such a common misconception! I thought when I started I needed an amazing camera, so I was worried my photographs wouldn’t be good enough. But your style with photographs will change and develop. They will continue to develop and you will learn more. As you can see below, I have developed so far and I am sure I will continue to do so.


Meet new bloggers

On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even through your blog, meeting other bloggers is great to build a supportive community. Learn from and inspire one another. Through blogging I have met some incredibly talented people who support my blog and are who are there if I need help or advice.

Do not focus on statistics

I was very guilty of this until the end of last year, I would be so concerned with my blog views and social media followers. However, towards the end of last year I have learned not to constantly check them. I blog because I love writing and engaging with others, so if others like reading it then its a bonus! It takes time to build a following, it will not happen overnight.


The blogging community is such a welcoming supportive group of people. If there is an aspect you are struggling with, there is always someone wanting to give advice. I have had several bloggers explain things I struggled to understand, no judgements just help. If I can help in any way my DM’s are always open.

Post what you want to – be true to yourself!

Make sure you write what you want too and not what you think other people would like you to write. Stay true to yourself and honest. I would also recommend only share what you feel comfortable sharing.


I am still trying to work on this. I would definitely recommend that if you work full-time or in education to plan ahead and schedule posts, it makes such a difference! I definitely feel less pressure when I am organised.

I asked other bloggers on Twitter what advice would they give to new bloggers. Had some great tips as well as some blog posts about blogging tips that you might find useful.

Trailsoftales – “For blog post promotion on Pinterest take more than one image for the same post and upload with different headlines”

Realgirlswobble – “Use your own initiative too, don’t be swept along with what everyone else is doing. Be you as thats how you get followers on your side”

Earthtoconnie – “Do not stress about having a niche. you can write about whatever you like if you would like to narrow down your niche later on then thats great. Also your writing will improve so much, so don’t worry if you’re struggling with grammar/structure to begin with”

Myclosetreboot – “Consistency consistency consistency”

Twoweeksleave – “Just write. Don’t try to make it perfect You only get better with practice, so keep writing”

Secretsship – “Don’t feel like you have to know it all right away, its OK to start slow”

Charlottecblogs – “Don’t worry about the statistics or follower count – I worried way too much in the beginning, but ironically the less you care and just love what you do, the more people that will read your posts”

Hannah_dadd – “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! It should be fun so don’t stress if you don’t post anything for a week or whatever”

Racheykd – “One of the most rewarding lessons I’ve learnt is to engage. I try to read more posts than I publish. If I read somebody’s post I’ll always leave a lengthy comment. Not just “cool post”. That’ll probably just get marked as spam! Leave a genuine comment. It helps with engagement”

Preudoh – “Let your posts be interactive and love what you do”

Ellegoesglobal – “Take care of yourself, try not to put too much pressure on yourself to write or post. If you are feeling overwhelmed its okay to take a few days or even weeks out to re centre yourself. Don’t feel like you have to post on certain days, post whenever you can find the time then you won’t feel so disappointed or pressured to keep deadlines. Blog for fun and to share your passion that’s ultimately the most important thing to consider. 

Beardedigorblog – “Firstly I want to thank Lauren for giving me this amazing chance to appear on her blog. So I am here to give a few tips to people who are on the beginning steps of their blogging journey. The beginning can be filled with equal parts amazement and equal parts nerves. But what I found is that when you start, start for the right reasons. Wether that’s to further a career or, like me, doing it for recovery purposes, it’s always important to keep remembering the reason. Also numbers aren’t that important. They are a great confidence boost, but can lead you astray and forgetting why you started in the first place. That’s the trap I fell into and it nearly cost me. Yes seeing your blog grow is exciting but it’s a bonus. Lastly just enjoy it. Enjoy what you write and what you produce. Don’t let others dictate what you do”

Some bloggers also suggested a couple of blog posts that might also be useful and they are linked below. – Victoria suggested these posts which have lots of useful blogger tips on different aspects of the blogging journey. – Has over 40+ free  guide on how to set up your blog as well as earning money from your blog and everything in between.

I hope that this post is helpful. What tips would you give to bloggers or someone starting to blog? I’d love to hear in the comments.


63 thoughts on “Tips and advice for new bloggers

  1. I love the tips here, Lauren! I remember when I started, I spent two to three days just reading and researching what I need to do to start a blog. I think in a way it really helped me figure out how to start it up because I immediately went self hosted from the start which I think was really beneficial.. but at the same time I feel like I spent so much extra time when I could have started writing! Twitter was such a good idea, I didn’t realize how much more engagement I could get with Twitter! I miss being in the blogging chat groups because I am so busy with work now but it was really helpful in getting to know more people! I will check those links out as well. Thank you for sharing! Xx

    Geraldine |

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  2. I love and agree with all of these tips – I wish I had seen a post like this when I started blogging, it would have been so handy! I love that you included tips from other bloggers in this post, too. Great post!

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  3. Great post, I was the same with blog stats up until last year to! I was obsessed with checking views and stuff and would get so down and sad when I didn’t get a certain number of comments etc…. Until recently I had some kind of epiphany or something haha and I decided that I just love to write and if anyone likes what I write too and wants to comment that’s just a bonus! xx

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  4. I love these tips for new bloggers! I never realized how helpful having a Twitter account is!! There are so many different opportunities to promote your blog. It is so cool to see how many bloggers I’ve connected with thanks to Twitter. YESSS on not needing fancy camera equipment. You can still get high-quality pictures without spending a ton of money these days. I totally agree on statistics. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! I love the different bloggers you’ve included for advice! Thanks for sharing this!!

    Nancy ♥

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  5. Hello Bournemouth Girl! Thank you for this article. It’s so reassuring to know some other bloggers have the same problems to mine! I started blogging 5 months ago. I love it but it’s lots of ups and downs along the journey. xxx kisses

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  6. I wish I had this when I was first starting out. You’ve made some great points here that I’m sure will help other bloggers and, especially, new ones. Even though I’ve been blogging for a while now something I still struggle with is organisation and scheduling.

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  7. I really enjoyed reading this post. Especially the part where you tell us to just start and be true to oneself. I also really liked the guest posts and some of it’s tips like read more than you write and always comment with some length and value.
    Thank you so much for the post and continue the good work.

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  8. Blog is absolutely fine for new bloggers like me. However, I really would have appreciated more if this blog had suggested ways to earn money through blogging without spending a single penny. By spending absolutely nothing I mean to pay nothing for a domain name or something. Looking forward to have some informative advice.


      1. I have a personal twitter where I’ve been retweeting my blog posts, do you think it would be more helpful to set up a twitter account just for my blog?

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      2. No, a personal one is fine lovely. Try and follow some RT accounts as they do comment swaps so you can share your links and comment on each other posts. But if you want to have a separate one you can ☺️

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      3. Thank you for the advice! I will absolutely do that! I’ll also probably just stick with my personal. Theres not much going on with it anyways lol

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