Current Stationery Favourites

This year I have vowed to focus on positivity and productivity. I am wanting to be more organised to ensure this happens. So of course, being organised and productive will mean stationery will be involved. Any chance to use stationery to be honest! So I thought I would share with you what stationery I am loving at the moment.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners 

I love writing with these pens, they are lovely colours. They adds lots of colour to my notebook and my Happy Planner. Who doesn’t love colourful notebook pages? The set I brought came with a range of colours, these pens make it easy to practice with different handwriting styles. I use these to colour code my blog planning to stay extra organised.


My Happy Planner

LOVE this planner. I have been really utilising this planner the start of this year. It has the perfect layout for me. If you want to see more about the Happy Planner in detail I wrote a post all about it. This year I have decided to not use a bullet journal and to have all my to-do lists and plans all in one planner. I am excited to have a new way of organising. I love the versatility of this planner and I am excited to become more creative with it.


Stabilo Pastel Highlighters 

Pastel colours are so pretty, so when I saw these online from Ryman’s Stationery I knew I had to buy them. I like using these in my planner and my notebooks. Any chance I get to make a notebook or planner look pretty, I will take. These have been really helpful when I have been studying and for revision.


Fierce and Female Pencil Case

I bagged this bargain after International Women’s Day at Primark. Its the perfect size for me to put in my handbag when I am out studying or writing. I love the slogan! I love the colours also.


Say Nice Things Notebook

Last year when I worked with Say Nice Things I was gifted some gorgeous stationery. I have been obsessed with it ever since. I have already filled up the journal notebook and I am now using this plain notebook. I love the design I picked, however I have now decorated it with all different stickers as well. I use this notebook to plan and write my blog posts, its great to have it all in one place. I like to write blog posts down first before I type them, get all my ideas down on paper. So this is my go to when staying organised for my blog.


These are some staple items that I am loving at the moment and that are helping me stay organised. What is your favourite item of stationery at the moment? I’d love to hear in the comments.

51 thoughts on “Current Stationery Favourites

  1. I love stationery! It drives my partner insane when I come home with more haha. I really like those pastel highlighters though. 🙂 This makes me want to go shopping, but I must restrain myself!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Fran x

    1. Shhhh, just pretend you’ve always had them 😂🙈 they are so pretty! I can’t help buying stationery, it stares at me until I buy it 😂 thank you for reading and commenting x

  2. Great post – these look like some great products! I absolutely love my Stabilo pens, so I bet I would like those highlighters… Will have to try them out sometime! Thanks for sharing
    -Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

  3. Great post! I particularly loved your Happy Planner. I’ve been planning to get a blog planner since like forever, but I’m just lazy to go to the bookstore.
    Sadly, my stationery isn’t as exciting as yours. 😁
    It’s just my pen and notebook.
    But your post has inspired some ideas. I will be visiting the bookstore real soon.

  4. I totally rely on highlighters for my diary. I use them when my page starts to look too busy for me, colouring each in an individual colour. Yellow is the one I reserve to use to highlight the important do not forget stuff.
    The pastel highlighters look nice. I seen those last year and I was so tempted to buy.

  5. The stabilo pastel highlighters are so cute! I love stationeries and I love pastel color but if I buy the highlighter, I’m 100% sure that I wouldn’t use it.

  6. Love this post, I too am obsessed with stationary, the start of a new year is always such a good excuse to buy a whole new set of stationary items! I LOVE those highlighters, they’re actually stunning, plus that planner is actually amazing, I love how organised it looks! xx

  7. I absolutely LOVE stationary haha! Those fineliners just make me soo happy 😂 everytime I walk into a shop I always go to the stationary bit. Plus I love being organised. Great post! 😊 xx

  8. Those pastel highlighters look so nice! I need to invest in some! I always feel that highlighter make me feel so much more organised, and also using different coloured pens!

  9. Yay for stationery! These all seem like fab items! I’ve seen the highlighters a few times while scrolling through Pinterest, and I’m so tempted to get some – I’m glad they have your approval. Also, your handwriting is so nice!!

  10. I love love love this post Lauren! <3 We share the same appreciation for Staedtler pens and Stabilo Pastel highlighters, they are my favourites too and such a great way to make pages fun and colourful! Yay for colour coding too! The layout of your planner is really nice, you get so much space each day and it's cool how you can divide things into sections. I love my planner but sometimes I wish I had more room in it. Your passion for pretty stationery and planning is always a joy to read about. Thanks for sharing lovely, fab post! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

    1. I would highly recommend these planners, they are so good, you can also add pages and inserts too 😊 thank you lovely! I love colour, especially in my notebook or planner. Thank you for reading and leaving such a lovely comment ❤️xxxx

  11. I have a happiness planner that is similar to this! It’s such a great way of taking time out to keep yourself feeling good and letting go of any bad thoughts – as well as documenting great things that have happened to look back upon!

    Lovely post! I love stationery x

  12. I am a huge sucker for stationery! Oooh, I LOVE fine pens. I need to check out Staedtler’s. I love that brand. YASSS on the Happy Planner! I love that it is organized where you can put down things you need to do according to the time of the day. YOUR WRITING IS SO NICE!!! I need to get on your game!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Stationery is something I can always shop for 😂🙈 they have these ones and fineliner felt tips, roller balls in different colours as well! I love my happy planner. Aww really thank you so much ❤️ thank you for reading and commenting xxx

  13. I have the Triplus fineliners and they are everything! Your stationery is so beautiful and your handwriting.. simply goals!! Loved this post and hopefully soon my collection will get good enough to write a post about! <3

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