Afternoon Tea & My Trip To HobbyCraft

On Saturday I went with one of my oldest and dearest friends to Haskins for an Afternoon Tea experience. This was my first Afternoon Tea and I definitely was not disappointed.

For this Afternoon Tea we were given a selection of yummy foods and unlimited tea and coffee.


We were given 2 ham sandwiches and 2 egg mayo and cress sandwiches. These were deep filled with lovely fluffy soft bread.


A HUGE scone each with sultanas (I don’t usually like them, but actually I really enjoyed it with them) it came with a pot of clotted cream and a little jar of fruity strawberry jam each.



I need to work on my application of the cream and jam haha!


A HUGE Victoria sponge cake with fresh cream and jam, it was so yummy and you can taste that it was homemade and fresh.


We then had a chocolate choux bun (I had to take this and half of my scone home with me, as I was so full haha!)


Then had a meringue with fresh cream and a raspberry on top. It was delicious!


Me and my friend ended up staying for 2 hours, enjoying the food and talking about life. All this came to £9.99 each, which I think is amazing value!


Next to Haskins we have a huge HobbyCraft, somewhere I have never been before either. So much stationery and crafting. So of course I had to buy a few treats for myself, it would be rude not too.


I brought a display folder, I am going to use this for my storing my notes for studying. I brought two sheets of the retro camera paper to use for backgrounds in blog photographs. I also brought such a cute washi tape set. Even have a retro camera washi tape included. I am looking forward to using these in my planner and notebooks.

This was such a lovely way to start off my birthday celebrations. Have you ever had Afternoon Tea before? I’d love to hear in the comments.



71 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea & My Trip To HobbyCraft

  1. Oh yes, your afternoon tea is good as I experienced. I have not had one for a long time.
    I found I was taking cake home as well, cos I couldn’t eat it all.
    Glad to see you enjoyed the experience and I think Hobbycraft was a perfect place to go afterwards.

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  2. Your afternoon tea looks amazing! 😍 I have been before and I loved it- you just get so much food and normally it’s pretty decent prices 😊 xx

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  3. That’s taking one thing right off your list that you want to do this year!! I’ve never had it before but I actually heard there’s an English tea and breakfast place nearby so I’ll have to go to mine here. The little sandwiches look so tasty you actually got me in the mood for some egg and mayo sandwiches right now. The scones also look good and the meringue looks really delicious, what a deal that was! Thank you for sharing! ❤

    Geraldine |

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    1. Oh my goodness if they do an English afternoon tea, definitely go and check it out! You will not be disappointed. It’s delicious and so much fun with family or friends. Thank you for reading and commenting! ❤️


  4. He he, I shouldn’t have read this post before dinner, looking at your afternoon tea is making me SO hungry! 🙂 It all looks so delicious, Victoria sponge cake is my favourite and I’m loving the look of the chocolate choux buns, yum! And the scones with cream and strawberry jam… actually what am I saying, I could eat everything there, ha ha! Yay for Hobbycraft too! You can’t go to Haskins without visiting Hobbycraft! Did you go to the Southampton one, I was there at the weekend 🙂 I’m loving the bright and colourful camera paper, that would look amazing in blog backgrounds and you can never have too much washi, right? 😀 Fab post lovely, really enjoyed reading this and oops I’ve left you a mini essay… he he he ❤ xxx

    Bexa |

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    1. We went to the one near our houses in Bournemouth. It’s literally a 5/6 minute drive there. It was all so delicious and I was so full I even had to take some home with me 🙈 my mum and littlest sister were happy with some extras haha! It was such great value! I didn’t realise there was one in Southampton 😊. I just can’t help it, washi tape is the best 😍. Aww, I love long comments 💁🏻‍♀️❤️xxx


  5. That’s such good value! Plus very yummy looking.

    As for hobby craft, I could get lost for days in there! I love it. It has all the bits and bobs you could only dream of owning!

    Looks like you had a great time, thanks for sharing 😊💜

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  6. Mmmmm! I haven’t been to afternoon tea before but have seen so many cool different offerings at afternoon teas. I really like the presentation of the dishes. Oooh, I am a huge sucker for any jam in a little bottle.
    I am a huge sucker for organizers. The washi tape is cute!! Hope you’ll enjoy your birthday celebration!!

    Nancy ♥

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  7. I hate that I’m not much of a tea drinker because this looks like such fun and really cute! I want to start getting into teas because there are so many great cultures out there that partake in versions of tea ceremonies. All of this looks fantastic!

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  8. The afternoon tea looked lovely! And definitely good value for money!!!! And Hobbycraft?! I love Hobbycraft and an get lost in my local one for days! (And lets not mention the website….lol!) Happy Birthday celebrations!!! xxx

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  9. The afternoon tea looked so lovely! I went to an afternoon tea once before, I actually miss it! Hobbycraft + the afternoon tea is literally match made in heaven. Literally, I don’t know if I am getting too old or what, but for me this is the PERFECT way to spend time with friends x
    Laura /

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  10. That afternoon tea looks lush! Making me hungry lol! And I can’t actually believe you’ve never been to Hobbycraft until now! Bet you were in your element lol! Lovely post Lauren xx

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  11. That afternoon tea looks gorgeous and at £9.99 each it was such a bargain! I’m really fussy and prefer scones with no currants in and wouldn’t have eaten the egg sandwiches but even then I’d have still thought it good value for money. I have such a sweet tooth so the cakes would have been my favourite!

    Jess //

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    1. See I didn’t think I liked them, but they actually were really nice. They come with salmon usually. But I don’t like salmon, so they changed it for us. Very accommodating! Thank you for reading and commenting xx


  12. I’ve never been for afternoon tea, but this looks lovely and sounds like a great price for everything you got! I love Hobbycraft and I think I actually have the same retro camera paper somewhere, haha! Sounds like a wonderful day out 😀

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  13. You’re afternoon tea looks lovely and I’m glad you had a good day out with your friend. 🙂 We have two decent sized Hobby Craft stores about a 30 minute drive away, but I haven’t been to them in ages! Since Halloween in fact. I’ve had afternoon tea at my cousins wedding, it was delicious.

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