9 Things You Can Do On A Rainy Day

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Are you looking for activities to do on a rainy day? We all know that British weather can bring plenty of rain especially during the Winter months. Just because it is raining, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!

There are plenty of fun or mindful activities that you can do outside or at home to fill your days when the weather is not great. Everyday is a gift and you want to be able to enjoy everyday!

Here are 9 things you can do on a rainy day:

1. Declutter And Organise Your Space

Using your time to declutter or organise can be a really productive way to spend a rainy day. It can be so therapeutic to clear and clean a space. Having an organised space can promote a mindful living space and actually improve your mental health.

If you are overwhelmed by the space you need to declutter, you can try the Maire Kondo technique to make positive steps to revamp your space.

Untidy and cluttered environments can often increase stress for most people. Organising the excess things you have and donating what you don’t need or want any more is extremely cathartic. By doing this, it can benefit your mental health by making you feel happier, more in control and calmer. A clear space means a clear mind.

2. Sign Up For Virtual Classes

Learning doesn’t have to stop when you leave school, college or university. There are so many online platforms where you can access a variety of courses like SkillShare.

You could learn a new skill for fun, or learn a skill that is beneficial for improving your knowledge and growing your CV. Learning new things can help your personal growth, build confidence and boost your motivation.

I want to learn more about SEO, marketing and business to help me develop my blog and brand.

3. Have A Spa Day

This could mean splurging out on a day at a spa, or even just a DIY spa day from the comfort of your own home. Showing yourself a bit of pampering is a great form of self-care, giving your body the care it needs as well as making you feel good.

You could run yourself a bath, or have a long shower, use a face mask and a luxury skincare routine using your skincare products. Giving yourself a facial and maybe even painting your nails will all ensure that you feel good about yourself. When the weather outside is horrible, treating yourself to some self-care can make the day far more positive.

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4. Bake Something Delicious

Baking is a fun activity that you can do individually, or even with your children. Not only is baking fun, but you can learn new recipes and skills.

Comfort foods are the best types of foods on a rainy day. You can find so many simple to follow recipes online. There is something so appealing about freshly baked chocolate cookies!

5. Relaxation

I don’t mean a lie down! I mean real body relaxation that allows your body to fully rest and to feel a deeper connection with your body. You can meditate. Meditation can bring you a sense of calm, balance and peace which promoted positive emotional wellbeing and your general health. Practising this regularly can help to control anxiety and reduce stress.

You can try a technique called ‘Body Scan’. A body scan is one of the most effective ways to begin a mindfulness meditation practise. The purpose of practising a body scan is to tune into your body, so that you can reconnect to your physical self and identify any sensations you may feel without any fear of judgement.

You can practise breathing exercises. Breathing exercises will help improve your blood pressure and even help to strengthen the cardiovascular muscles. Deep breathing stimulates the Vagus nerve which reduce the ‘fight or flight’ response. Regular breathing exercises can aid in your focus and concentration.

Practising some of these relaxation techniques on a rainy day can help you use the day to take time for yourself. It will help you to wake up the following day feeling refreshed.

6. Visit A Garden Centre

There is increasing scientific evidence to prove that plants, gardening and being outdoors in nature actually benefits your physical and mental wellbeing.

Surrounding yourself with plants indoors can trigger the same chemical response in your brain on a smaller scale, releasing serotonin that will then lift your mood in a completely natural way. So, instead of staying inside, why not head to a local garden centre, where you can simply browse or treat yourself to a plant… or 5! Also, by visiting a local garden centre, you are supporting your local community, which will also give you that ‘feel good factor’!

Yellow wellies, a mug with a hot drink, a scarf and a jumper

7. Journaling Or Writing

Journaling is a powerful form of mindfulness and self-care. When it is dark and horrible outside, it is easy not to feel happy or even motivated. Opening up your journal and writing about your day, your thoughts and feelings, or even using journal prompts for self-discovery can be really beneficial for your mental health.

Writing could be beginning a story, a blog article, or even some poetry or a song. Any form of journaling can help to reduce stress, clarifies your emotions, clears your mind and prepares for decision making and can improve your writing style. This can be a positive way to spend some time on a rainy day.

8. Start A Blog

Even if you think that you have no intention of sharing the link with anyone else, you could be like Carrie Bradshaw and share your thoughts on various topics you believe in, or even how you are feeling. You can use sites like WordPress or Squarespace to host your blog. The sites are really easy to navigate around in order to design your blog. You never know… it may even become your new, favourite habit!

9. Have A Movie Day

When it is dark and wet outside, it feels so cosy to be cuddled up under a blanket, watching your favourite movies, TV programmes, or documentaries on Netflix. It can be really pleasurable to just switch off and delve into a story line.

These are 9 activities that you can do to keep you productive and happy even on a rainy day. Take a day to enjoy activities you may not have time for.

What are your favourite things to do on a rainy day? I’d love to hear in the comments.

63 thoughts on “9 Things You Can Do On A Rainy Day

  1. Great post. I usually do all these things. There’s so many things one can do in a day when it rains. I guess you can add; phone some friends/relatives who you haven’t seen in a long time, pick up a hobby such as sewing, crotchet, baking, collecting whatever it is you like. Learning to master some languages or watching movies in a different language, writing down how you would change the world to make it a better place. Babysitting, singing, bird-watching, learning a song, trying on some outfits, playing video games, looking up make up techniques, recipes, trying new decor, if you dare to dream! Look at painting a mural in your room, be inspired.

  2. I don’t colour and I think I would actually really enjoy it! I know what you mean about reading. When I was at uni and then doing my journalism course I couldn’t read for pleasure and found it frustrating so I enjoy having more time now to be able to get into a good book. Good luck with your reading goal!

    1. I have always enjoyed colouring but you should give it a go. It’s good to focus on, I like to do it more so when I am anxious it really helps to focus on the design and the colours! Thank you for reading and commenting

  3. I love this post, Lauren! There are so many fantastic ideas here! The bookmark from your Grandma is super sweet, that is such a special thing to have. I can totally relate to the feeling of just wanting to spend some time colouring, away from phones and other distractions, it really is such a therapeutic thing to do. Yay for scrapbooking! I love your colourful page! I haven’t scrapbooked since New Year but this has inspired me to get cutting and sticking again 🙂 I also need that ‘nap queen’ sticker in my life, it is so me, ha ha! Fab post lovely, also, the colourful background looks awesome and the camera paper is so cool!! <3 xxx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. The nap queen sticker (I reply to this as I woke up from my nap) is from red bubble. Yeah I will treasure that bookmark always! I want to start a scrapbook of my memories also like concert tickets etc! I love your scrapbooks they always look amazing!! ❤️xxxxx

  4. I do a lot of these things too! I think anything creative like colouring or writing really helps focus your mind and I agree it’s so therapeutic. I also love video games so that’s something I do when it’s raining. Listening to music too is great, often while doing these things!

  5. These are such good ideas! First things first, it’s awesome to see another blogger who’s started watching Law & Order SVU! I’m obsessed with that show. I started watching it in early December and I’m already halfway through Season 16, despite there being between 18 & 24 episodes a season. It’s really a wonder I get anything else done, haha! I love the other ideas you suggested, too; I do something between a scrapbook and a journal and I really ought to dedicate more time to it, because at the moment, I only actually fill it in a few times a year… oops! The front page of that scrapbook looks awesome!

  6. These are great suggestions! My favourite thing is to have a cup of tea and do some colouring in while I listen to the rain hitting the window. It makes me feel so calm. Other than that, definitely reading or watching something on Netflix.

  7. I love coloring!! It is so relaxing, but I also do love a good movie that I can just lie down and cuddle under the sheets and watch! These are all great ideas for a rainy day. Thank you for sharing lovely! xx

  8. I like doing the same things as you 🙂 A rainy day is such a good excuse to stay at home and do creative things. Reading and blogging are my favourites. xxx Nice blog post Bournemouth girl

  9. Great post!

    I started getting into reading again finally too a few years ago. It seemed like a lot of tv series these days are book adaptations and being a tv nerd it finally motivated me to read books on a regular basis again. Read a book, watch the adaptation, a win- win. A reading goal for me this year is to try and read some books with no adaptations because I tend to read ones with adaptations first vs. ones without one most of the time.

  10. I love that there are lots of activities to do on a rainy day. YESSS on writing!! Perfect time to catch up on everything and plan some future posts, hehe. Your writing is so neat! Ooh, scrapbooking is a good one too. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  11. These are really great things I enjoy doing when its raining (well all the time) but I seriously want to try scrap-booking! 🙂

  12. These are great ideas! Coloyring, reading and binge watching my favourite movies or TV shows are all things I love to do on a rainy day. I hadn’t thought of scrapbooking though! Where did you get that marble effect one in your photos from?

  13. Colouring is my main thing and I have started to get back to using watercolours as I blogged about after trying them out.
    A little bit of bullet journalling, but not often as I once did and there is nothing but watching DVD’s either on a rainy day.

  14. Such a good post for wintertime! ❄️ A few things I find extra lovely when rainy is to cook up some warm, comforting food like macaroni & cheese or soup. The delicious smells entice me to curl up after eating on the couch for a well-deserved nap!

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