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Engraving Art with Royal & Langnickel


I have always loved being creative, for me it is such a great way to relax. I was scrolling online and found different engraving arts and thought this would be the perfect activity to try. I was looking for something that would be a fun break from studying and this was perfect.

I ordered this particular one from Amazon, but I have seen them on the Range’s website also. This brand is Royal & Langnickel but there are other brands as well. Royal and Langnickel have a great range of subjects on Amazon. I chose the Tiger and cubs as I thought it would make a cute picture, they are such beautiful animals. Within the pack you are given your print, the scraping tool and a small test piece. The test piece allows you to practice different strokes. Using the side of the tool gives larger strokes and the tip gives finer lines for detail.

I found this so therapeutic, focusing on all the detail. Looking how beautiful the Tiger looks!

I love when it starts to form, the beauty of an activity like this is you can do it all at the same time, or complete it in stages. I finished this in 3 evenings, as I used it as a fun break from studying.

I enjoyed completing this engraving art, I am definitely going to buy some more. Have you ever tried engraving art before? I’d love to hear in the comments.








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