What Blogging Has Taught Me

I found myself this week looking back to the start of my blogging journey and reading through some of my older blog posts. It is so strange to see how far my blog has come in that time and how it has changed. I am looking forward to developing my blog more this year. I recently posted what I love about blogging and  I thought I would share 5 things that blogging has taught me.

How much I can fit into one day

Working 5 days a week, studying, trying to fit in family or friends and then blogging, is very time consuming. I have definitely learned that I can fit in a lot more in my day than I thought. Using every minute I can to plan or write a blog posts, planning my weeks to ensure I have enough time to achieve each task. I have definitely become even more organised with my time. If you want to see how I plan my weeks I have posted all about it in study tips I find useful.

Online friends are real friends

Since I started blogging and joining Twitter, I have met so many lovely bloggers. Some people I have met through blogging are so supportive and are happy to celebrate in my successes. I would definitely class these people as my friends.

Follow your passion

I had wanted to blog for the longest time and now I cannot imagine not having my little corner of the internet. It was proof that you can start work on your passion and you can learn and develop. You don’t need the best camera or the latest laptop/computer. Your passion will shine through your writing.

Networking is key

Communicating with other bloggers or companies is important if you want to build a community and getting your brand noticed. Not only will you connect and make friends, but you will be supporting other bloggers also.


Building and developing my blog up to this point has meant persevering, even when I started and my engagement was not what I hoped for. But over the past year or so I have been pushing myself and my engagement is good. I am still learning and developing.

These are just 5 things that blogging has taught me, but I have a long list. If you blog, what things has blogging taught you? I’d love to hear in the comments.


73 thoughts on “What Blogging Has Taught Me

  1. This is so true! I love the points you brought out. Internet friends are totally real friends, I’m almost ashamed to say I’m closer with some than my other real friends. It’s just so much easier to connect online … and I’m almost always online! It really helps to have a good network of people as well, as you can get to have blogging opps that way! xx

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  2. Blogging has taught me so much. From writing skills, blog/graphic designs and even how to send a professional email when dealing with brands because I see my same-aged friends struggling to write emails when applying for jobs/scholarships and I was like oh! I learned all of this from blogging lol

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  3. Totally agree with you on all point. It’s such a personal growth process when you start blogging. You learn so much as you go along, and the amazing blogging community out there is a fantastic gift and an important resource for sharing knowledge.

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  4. I really enjoyed this post. What great reminders for all of us of the things we’re picking up on this blogging journey. I think the biggest one for me is the fact that blogger friends are real, true friends. It’s incredible but true – that our friends who are on this journey with us are so sincerely encouraging and supportive. And I think many of us have grown to know each other so well through following each other’s writing, too. Thanks for a happy reminder of the benefits of blogging!
    Joan Senio
    My Best Friend Adeline

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  5. It’s so true that the best bloggers truly shine with passion. This is a great post that really encapsulates all the benefits blogging can have for your life!

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  6. The amount of time, effort and passion that goes in to blogging is amazing and the people looking in from the outside of this amazing community don’t always see that at first. There is so many things to be learn and always opportunitys to learn more! Really enjoyed reading your post! thank for sharing! x

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  7. this is such a great list, it’s really helpful to look back and realize all the lessons that something has taught you. like you said, i couldn’t imagine my life without my little corner of the internet. blogging has taught me that we all have the ability to help someone and while we all have something that makes us special, we go through a lot of the same things and can grow together. x

    mich / simplymich.com

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  8. I agree with a lot of these points! I work 6 days a week and I still find the time to blog because I love it! This is a really great list, and I’ve learnt so much from my time blogging and have realised it’s not easy at all! X

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  9. I agree that online friends are real friends. I have met so many wonderful people on Twitter and Facebook. Some of my own friends don’t support what I do. My online friends have been there for me.

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  10. I love this post! 🌺

    Before I started my blog I did so much research that I thought I was more prepared than I was for my college exams. How wrong I was! There’s so many things you only learn whilst doing, which is why it’s so great when bloggers share their tips. ❤️

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      1. Sounds like we had the same start to it lol. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is, that if you want to start a blog you need to throw yourself into it. If you know how to create a post, you can learn the rest as needed ❤️ And you’re very welcome xx

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  11. Blogging has taught me a lot of the same things. ONLINE FRIENDS ARE REAL FRIENDS. I felt that in my soul. Watching ppl from the other side of the world celebrate you is mind-numbing.
    Other than that, I’ve learned that I have a lot of opinions 😂😂😂
    I never run out of things to say. Keep blogging girl!! 🖤

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  12. I can definitely relate to these! It is funny how, when you start blogging, you realise how much time you actually have in a day but also that there’s never enough. Great post 🙂

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  13. Blogging has taught me that I am not a terrible writer after all which helped me gain confidence. I’ve gotten several compliments about my writing style and it feels good to know that I’ve come a long way, considering that my mom wrote all of my essays for me in high school. Jump to today, and I’m writing my own essays for university. I learned how to write thanks to blogging and an English course I had to take as a prerequisite for school a couple years ago. 😊🌺

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