My Planner Essentials

If you have come across my blog before you will know that I love all things stationery, I decided to purchase a happy planner last year. I had seen so many posts about these planners and so many great reviews. I have been loving it!

I love buying planner stationery or any stationery for that matter, it makes me so happy. Although I am always having to find space for all my new purchases, oops! Sunday evenings are when I plan my weekly spreads making my planner pretty and organised. I thought I would share my essentials that I use to plan my weekly spreads.

Washi tape makes my planner look so pretty and adds colour. I use it to break up the 3 different rows in the planner. It is such an inexpensive way to decorate my planner. There are so many different designs, so I like to play around with different themes for each weekly spread. I like to get my washi tapes from Poundland, Paperchase and Wilkos.




I usually use stickers in my notebooks or my planner to brighten up my pages. I recently found planner stickers in WHSmiths, they came with different pictures for different activities. They make my weekly spreads look colourful and organised. I also like to purchase stickers from Paperchase and G&Ts.




I love using fineliners and there are so so many different colours and brands of fineliners. I love using various colours, to brighten up my pages. I also want to try colour coding as I have seen it online and it looks like it will be a creative way to be organised in the planner and track different activities with ease. I purchased the pastel fineliners from WHSmith and the others from Wilkos. The black fineliners were a gift from my Auntie and Uncle, which are great as they have different thicknesses.






What are your planner essentials? Do you like to be colourful and creative or have a more simplistic layout? I’d love to hear in the comments.


36 thoughts on “My Planner Essentials

  1. Great post – these are definitely essentials for a planner! I am a huge fan of colored pens and stickers for my planner 🙂 I never really got into washi tape, but your tape designs are super cute… Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

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  2. as if i don’t own enough planning stationary (or enough planners for that matter, too many cute ones to choose from!!) this post inspired me so much. i love everything about your planner, it’s so organized and cute! great post xx

    mich. xo

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  3. Your planner looks so pretty! Some weeks I spend a lot of time making my planner beautiful with washi and stickers and other weeks its just a scribble of activities but I always appreciate pretty layouts like yours!


  4. Ah, this is gorgeous, Lauren, I love how colourful your planner is! My BuJo started out life with lots of colours but sadly it’s just a schedule of dates and to do’s now – black marker and pencil so I can move things about, haha. This is so inspiring, I must get back into using colours, it’s far more appealing 🙂 Lovely post and pics xx

    Lisa |

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  5. Great post – I’m definitely a fan of decorating my planner with stickers. I’ll also use stamps and highlighter pens too so I can emphasise certain points.


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