Struggles of a stationery addict

Being a stationery fan can make you experience different emotions. Happiness and excitement for a new notebook but it can cause frustration and sadness especially if a pen leaks all over your pencil case or you loose your favourite pen. I have put a list together of situations that are bound to irritate every stationery addict.

1. Spend ages writing or designing something and then it smudges.

2. Seeing someone’s notebook and then trying to find it to purchase and you can’t.

3. You find a pretty notebook in a shop, but then it has horrible quality paper inside.

4. When you are buying stationery gifts for others that you like and so you have to buy double (I did this when shopping for my collab with Hello Bexa’s where we did a stationery swap box).

5. When ink that seeps through to the next page of your notebook.

6. Can’t help but buy lovely notebooks even though you have loads of brand new notebooks already.

7. You have so many notebooks and you unsure which to use for the next project.

8. Buying a new notebook that is so pretty you do not want to write in it.

9. Getting pen smudges on your highlighter.

10. You struggle to find space for all the stationery you keep buying.

Are you a stationery lover? Can you relate to any of these struggles? I’d love to hear in the comments.


76 thoughts on “Struggles of a stationery addict

      1. I can so relate to all of this! Having a bullet journal/study gram means I’m always seeing new stationery which I’m desperate for. Just recently, I’ve had to purchase more storage bc I’ve run out of room due to stationery!

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      2. Yes! I have had to have a big sort out also and move around to be able to store more, I have just brought a desk too. So I have more places to store more stationery haha! Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. I’m obsessed with buying pretty notebooks! I love the point where you mentioned the pretty outside but bad paper quality… so dang true, it’s the worst!
    Love this post, thanks! Xo


  2. All of these are so true it’s unreal! I think my most hated one is getting ink on a highlighter 😩 I 100% have way too many notebooks/pens but I still buy more.. I just can’t help it 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Liz x

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  3. Pretty covers on journals which sometimes may be pretty inside. But pretty covers enough. But thankfully, I can hold myself back. But it doesn’t mean the urge is still not there sometimes. 🙂

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  4. This post made me giggle so much, Lauren! I can totally identify with 1, 4, 5 and 8. Especially number 8, I have wayyyyyyyyyyy too many notebooks that I just cannot bring myself to start using because they are too pretty to mess up! Great list 🙂 Lisa x


  5. I have never related so much to a post! It also made me laugh 😊 One I would add is when you buy cute post-it notes but they don’t stick well at all 🙁

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    1. Aww thank you lovely, that’s so sweet of you to say! Oh no, I don’t think that has happened to me before, hopefully it doesn’t start 🤞🏻 but that would be really frustrating xx


  6. Oh yes Lauren. I can definitely relate to all of these. I have a few cute note books that I don’t want to write and struggle what to write. I also hate it when the ink seeps to the other page, it ruins all the effort of keeping the book neat. hehehe. 🙂

    Via |


  7. My biggest struggle is seeing someone use a notebook so creatively. I love getting new notebooks with the hope of creating something amazing but my artistic ability is limited.

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  8. I relate to this post so much!! It also made me have the urge to go out and buy yet more stationery! My struggle is that I always have this slight fear of messing up when I write on the first page of a notebook! Loved this post ❤

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  9. I can relate to all is these. Especially buying more notebooks when I already have brand new ones at home 😅 and getting pen on my highlighters!


  10. I love this post so much, it made me smile – everything is so relatable and so true!! I have so many new notebooks but there is always space for more, right? Ha ha! I also had to treat myself when we did our box swap, I can never say no to cute stationery, especially when it comes to washi and postcards 😀 Oh my, ink smudging is the worst, I always feel nervous when I write on the first page of a brand new notebook, I always want it to be perfect! Thanks for sharing lovely, this post really brightened my afternoon, and I also want to go out and buy more pretty notebooks now, ha ha ❤ xxxx

    Bexa |

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    1. Aww glad you could relate and the post made you smile. I am so glad it’s not just me 😂. I am glad it brightened your afternoon and you definitely should but more pretty notebooks ❤️xxxx


  11. Great post!

    I can totally relate to this, LoL. I have so many notebooks. If I see a notebook somewhere that I really like I’ll end up getting it, even though I definitely have enough notebooks at this point for a lifetime, LoL. Especially if I see anything Lisa Frank anywhere I’ll end up getting it because Lisa Frank will always be cool to me.

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  12. I can totally relate, for Christmas this past year I got a couple outfits but then the rest was all notebooks and stationery products. Where I’m from we have coles and indigo, not sure if they ship outside of Canada but their website is so good just for window shopping. They have the prettiest things 😍

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  13. I can relate to all of these! I HATE it when I see a lovely notebook and the paper feels horrible. Kind of ruins my day, to be honest :’) I’m so terrible for buying new notebooks when I already have plenty and I’m really running out of space for them now. I have a couple of drawers and a couple of boxes full – soon, they’re just going to be piled on my floor 😉

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  14. I LOVE stationary and like to stock up on it when it’s on sale. I don’t use notebooks much so I try to limit how many I own lol

    Just bought some stickers today! Stickers are my weakness for sure, but I also like to stock up on cards too. I also stock up on pretty paper. Anything with glitter and cuteness. 😊🌺


      1. I’ll definitely check out your post! Those notebooks sound fancy 😌 Stickers are also great for decorating cards and envelopes – it really brings them to life!

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