Secret confessions of a stationery lover

I recently posted about struggles of a stationery addict and so I thought I would share with you a few confessions when it comes to stationery. If you are a stationery lover maybe you can relate to some of these, so I am not the only one haha!

  1. If I am starting a new project, I have to buy a new notebook even if I have lots already.
  2. I am constantly buying notebooks or other stationery items even if I don’t actually need them.
  3. I am usually scared to write on the first page in a new notebook in case I make a mistake.
  4. I will refuse to buy a new notebook if I don’t like the width of the lines or the feel of the pages.
  5. I have brought specific pens for the specific purpose of decorating a notebook or bullet journal.
  6. Feeling a sense of achievement when I fill in a notebook completely.
  7. Not using a piece of stationery because it is my favourite or it is too pretty to use.
  8. I have considered investing in personalised stationery.


Can you relate to any of these confessions? I’d love to hear in the comments.


44 thoughts on “Secret confessions of a stationery lover

  1. I can relate to everyone accept the last two.

    Hopefully the scary feeling of writing on that first page of a new book gets better for you. It did for me.

    Although I can’t resist a new notebook, because I don’t have much money, thankfully I can resist buying. But it doesn’t stop me looking and admiring.

  2. I’ve bought specific pens for specific tasks then haven’t used them because the ink colour is too pretty or a shade I’ve not seen before!

  3. I love beautiful notepaper and stationery and always want to buy some, but I am dedicated to using what I have and only buying recycled paper from now on, believe me there are beautiful products using recycled paper. I am using old notebooks that were not completely used up from when my kids were in school. I am still using paper that my mother purchased and never used. She couldn’t go by an office supply/stationery store without making a purchase. I do buy a new planner and journal every year, well the planner every year, journal when it is filled. If you really want these things try to look for environmentally friendly paper.

  4. I love to buy a new notebook. I have lots of different colored highlighters to use for my notebook but I always stick to 2 colors. I wish the notebook pages came marked with page numbers so I can write down a specific page I might want to refer to at a later date.

  5. Oh my gosh, yes! Or when a notebook is just far too pretty to use so you just leave it sitting there for an age because you can’t possibly use it. And you always need more even when you have a drawer full of them… Great post!

  6. Hahaha, we are pretty much the same person, Lauren! Everything here is so relatable! I’m glad I’m not the only one who needs to buy a new notebook for a new project. The project always seems waaayyy more exciting with a brand new notebook, don’t ya think? He he! Ahhh, I’ve also refused a pretty notebook if the lines were too small/big, it’s gotta be perfect =) I remember when I was studying, I had to buy an identical notebook when I filled one up, otherwise it didn’t feel right! Thanks for sharing lovely, always love your posts! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  7. I am the same way. I really thought I was alone.. I have always been jealous of those people who have always had one notebook/journal and keep writing in it for years. I have never been able to write in half a notebook without wanting a new one.

  8. omg, I definitely felt a lot of these, but especially 6 & 7! I have so many notebooks after notebooks, and firstly sometimes don’t want to start (like you said, so I don’t make a mistake), but at the same time, I don’t want to waste it! What if I find a better use for that notebook down the line!? Whenever I finish a notebook, I get sooo proud of myself. It sometimes takes me so long to finish a notebook! Because of my blogging and bullet journaling, I’ve been able to finish notebooks quicker! Great post, super relatable xxx

    Melina |

  9. Haha, I can relate to so many of these but especially Not using a piece of stationery because it is my favourite or it is too pretty to use.” – that’s definitely me.

  10. Ooh, I think I am fellow stationary hoarder! I have a box of sweet papers I tell myself I am saving for the perfect letter but that perfect letter never comes around and I hate to use them for ‘normal’ correspondence.

    Also, I am guilty of writing in a new notebook and tearing out the first page if I make a mistake so I can try again on the next sheet. Ever done that?

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