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Happy Stationery Week to you all. I am so excited to share all my stationery filled posts with you this week. I contacted several stationery brands to collaborate with them. I contacted BusyB after finding them on Twitter and loved the products they had to offer. I was incredibly fortunate enough for them to agree to collaborate with me and they sent me some beautiful products to review. They have also kindly gifted me some products to host a giveaway so one of you lucky readers have a chance to win.

If you are a stationery lover you are going to adore these products!

This is a weekly planner pad is so helpful. Each sheet has the week broken down into days of the week with a handy to-do list section. It also comes with two magnets, so you can pin each weekly planner to the fridge or a board. Each page can be easily teared so you can pin it to the fridge or board. It also has two glued edges so that you can even use it as a mouse mat. I like using diaries/planners like these as you can see your week in full. It will be easier booking appointments and meetings when you have your week in full and on show. I have been following slimming world and so I am going to use this planner as a meal planner. I love the patterned border, it is so pretty and will hopefully help me stay organised with my meals!



This is the Busy Life red notebook it is part of their popular red collection. This A6 notebook is a bright gorgeous shade of red. It has “its all rosy” statement in rose gold lettering as well as the BusyB logo on the back and side of the notebook. The edges of the pages are also a beautiful rose gold colour, it compliments the red covers so well. Inside the notebook the page says “Lets Get Started” in beautiful brush lettering!




At the back of the notebook there is a pocket which has tabs for you to organise your notebook as well as other stickers. It comes with a secure strap and bookmark. I am going to use this notebook to store all my PR contacts in as well as any business cards, to keep them all together. At the moment I currently jot them down in different notebooks. I love the feel of the paper, it feels high quality and it is the perfect size for the purpose I want to use it for and will fit in my bag with ease.


This is the Busy Life Grey Faux notebook it is one of their new products and it so beautiful. I have been loving grey at the moment so I chose this notebook. The notebook has 12 undated monthly planner pages, this means I can use this to track my blog posting throughout each month. I always write drafts of my blog posts in a notebook before hand, as I have known others to have lost content due to a technical fault. The notebook has tear out pages, I have never had a notebook that has that option to tear out some of the pages in my collection which will be perfect for meetings. Like in the red notebook, this notebook also has a pocket to keep notes in as well as cute and useful stickers to use throughout the notebook. The paper is such great quality and it means ink will not leak through to the next page. I can’t wait to start using this notebook.




Look how pretty this Stylus pen is! I love the design and the colour of the this pen and I love the rose gold! It is a classic black ballpoint pen. I prefer to write in black than blue so I am glad I received this pen. It also has the replaceable ink, how good is that? You can always have this pen in your collection. With this pen it has a soft rubber tip works with touch screens, how clever is that? I haven’t ever had a pen like this before. This will be so useful in meetings! I usually use fine-liners, but this pen is so beautiful. I like that the pen has some weight behind it, makes it comfortable and easy to use. I LOVE this pen.




This is the Busy Life Navy Faux notebook and is another new product. It has beautiful rose gold dots and rings, it compliments the navy so well. I mean everyone needs a bit of a sparkle with their stationery, right? On the back of the faux notebooks they have the logo stamped into the cover, such a lovely way to have the brand name on the products. One of my pet peeves is when you buy a notebook and when you open it the pages do not open fully and it is difficult to write in them, however all the notebooks I was gifted open fully flat and the pages are not too stiff so I can write on them with ease.






I was very fortunate to be sent these lovely products. You have the chance to win a Busy Life Red Faux notebook, a Paper Leopard notebook and a 2 pack of black rollerball pens. I have linked these products in case you can’t wait to try and win them and want to treat yourself.


If you want to enter this giveaway, head over to my twitter and follow the instructions on my pinned tweet!

What is your favourite product I was gifted? Are you going to enter my giveaway? I’d love to hear in the comments.

29 thoughts on “GIFTED | BusyB review & GIVEAWAY

  1. Wow! I love BusyB, they do the most gorgeous stationery! You got so many beautiful items, Lauren! I’m loving the weekly planner pad, that is such a great idea to use it as a meal planner! I love the notebooks too, my favourite is the leopard print one, super cute! I love your idea of having a notebook for PR contacts, I think I have a just found the perfect excuse to buy a new notebook, he he 😉 Thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway, I’ve just entered on Twitter, exciting! Happy Stationery Week lovely, looking forward to see your upcoming posts! <3 xxxx

    Bexa |

    1. BusyB honestly have the most beautiful well made stationery! Yes this is in the hope I stick to it, plan and prep is the way forward. Yes, see you need a new notebook, well if you win the giveaway the leopard print is the ideal one for that. Thank you for entering and commenting! Good luck in the giveaway, thank you lovely ❤️xxx

      1. I love BusyB products and have a few of their notebooks and a couple of magnetic shopping lists. You got some lovely stationery items from them. 😊

  2. Oooh, I love that red notebook! I really like the fact it comes with tabs to divide it up, too. The stylus pen was my other favourite on this list. 🙂 I’ve seen a few things from this company before and they’re always very pretty (but I actually don’t think I own anything of theirs). I can’t wait to see the rest of your stationery related posts this week! I’m so excited! 😀

  3. This stationary is gorgeous and so practical – I know what you mean about some notebooks not laying flat! I like that the pen is refillable so it can be used again and again! I’ve entered the giveaway 🙂

  4. Ooh I really like the navy one with the rose gold pages, that’s so unique. I like the border of the planner, it’s simple yet effective. Your writing is so neat too! I will be entering the giveaway! ☺️

  5. That pen sounds awesome! I love a bit of weight behind a pen because it just feels so much easier to control as I’m writing! Great reviews and I love that the notebooks open out flat! That is one of my pet peeves too.

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