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Happy Stationery Week! I hope you are all enjoying my stationery filled posts this week. I am definitely a self-confessed stationery addict haha and I have such a large collection of stationery,  notebooks in particular. I thought I would share my recent notebook purchases in the past few weeks. If you are a notebook lover like me then you relate to buying a notebook purely because it is pretty, not because of an actual need! Oooops!




I first saw this notebook in one of HelloOctober’s vlogs, however unfortunately she did not link where she purchased it from. I searched online and then came across the notebook in Paperchase. Paperchase came to the rescue. Not only did I find it, but it was in the sale and was reduced from £10 to £2.50. At that price, I may have accidentally on purpose bought two, I mean who can say no at that price!

It has beautiful glitter, so pigmented and the shimmer so pretty! The notebook is 8x10cm, has black inside covers with white lined pages. The edges of the notebook are also black, it makes the overall look very chic. The paper is great quality and I cannot wait to start using them, BUT on the other hand they are so pretty how can I actually use them? See my struggle haha!




I have so much love for the brand Ted Baker, their stationery and notebooks are no exception. I have a large collection of Ted Baker’s notebooks and stationery, they are so beautiful and so elegant. This Ted Baker notebook is blue and is faux textured leather. The notebook design shape is a B for Baker, such a clever way to include the brand, it such a pretty pattern. The lining of the pages are rose gold, the colour is so pretty and compliments the blue.


Inside the notebook is a bird design, it is so colourful. The lined pages are an off white colour and I know the paper is high quality and ink does not seep through to the next page because I have filled these notebooks before.




I love bullet journals, the Leuchtturm bullet journals were the only ones I used before receiving one in the Bujo Box. I haven’t even opened this one yet, I will keep it sealed until I use it for a project. If a notebook I purchased is sealed I like to keep it that way to ensure it does not get damaged. This bullet journal is navy, I brought this because I am loving this colour and like all bullet journals it has dotted pages as well as contents page. Dotted pages makes it easy to plan weekly and monthly spreads. If you would like to learn more about bullet journalling, Leuchtturm’s website has all the information you need, you can also find other videos on youtube.




Look how pretty this marble print is on this notebook! I love marble and pink so its the perfect combination. I love the rose gold page edges and lettering, it looks so pretty against the pink cover. This is another Ted Baker notebook, I have far too many, I just can’t help but buy them oops! I still have this notebook sealed also until I want to use it. I have one of these notebook designs already, so I know that the paper quality doesn’t allow my ink to seep through to the other pages. The pages also open flat, even though its new so it makes writing easier, I hate it when pages in a new notebook do not lie flat when you are writing! It comes with a pencil with the holder which is so handy. It is so pretty, sometimes I think I will not be able to use it haha!

These are a few of my notebooks that I have recently purchased. Do you have a favourite notebook or brand? How many notebooks do you have? I’d love to hear in the comments.


31 thoughts on “Notebook Haul

  1. ooh… i loved the first one with black pages. 😊 I have about 10 notebooks, some are used for to-do lists and some for brain dump…as I am more into art journaling my absolute favourite brand is Stillman and birn.. I have found after quite a research and they are the best 😊

    – Rinki

      1. Ah, these are all so lovely, Lauren. My favourites are the first two, I mean who could say no to black glitter?! I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to use them because they are too gorgeous, haha. But that’s a good reason to buy another one, right? 😉 Lisa X

  2. The marble notebooks look nice. I was looking at them in WH Smith.
    I went in The Works recently and allowed myself a new notebook.

  3. I absolutely love journals and notebooks but I do my very best to write in them. I get my journals from Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and etc. They don’t always have journals but when they do, you will always find that one that you love. I love my journals with Bible verses or a beautiful quote in the front.

  4. These are so cute – I love notebooks! I’ve managed to somehow use up all my notebooks so I think I need a haul!! I also love the Leuchttrum bullet journals – I cannot live with out mine!
    Liz x

  5. I love reading all your posts on stationery because same. All the piling notebooks on my shelves that I bought because it looks pretty need their companion with mean more notebooks.

  6. These are lovely, but I particularly like the Ted Baker ones, especially the blue! I love the birds inside. I wanted to do a similar post to this for National Stationery Week but I didn’t get myself organised in time, but I really enjoyed yours! 😀

  7. I’m definitely one of those people that buys notebooks just because they look pretty too. 😅 You got some beautiful designs here but my favourite has to be the blue faux leather one from Ted Baker. 😍

  8. Or maybe you meant this post! Haha I’m commenting on all three. 😂 For the black pages, I used to have a black notebook. It was a basic one I had as a kid but I used gel pens to write on the black pages. I highly recommend pastel-colored gel pens for these pages because the ink will show up really well. When you write in notebooks, do you use cursive writing?

    1. I have Pastel fineliners from staedtler and they are so pretty. I sometimes to do. I have so many different styles of writing, it depends what pen and how I am feeling haha x

  9. I am officially jealous over the colors, sizes, and covers of these notebooks! Love the blue one, the one with the birds, the pink one . . . I have got to find some of these for me. 🥰

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