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Happy Stationery Week to you all. When I tweeted about stationery week, Jacqueline messaged me about working together and when I saw her work, I knew I wanted to share it with you. She kindly gifted me a beautiful set of notebooks.

Jacqueline moved to Cornwall 20 years ago into an old miner’s cottage on the edge of St Just with her husband where they both fell in love with surfing. The ocean and the landscape inspire her a lot. Jacqueline always thought she would be a writer as she has always been creative, however after the birth of her daughter Tabitha she got an iPad and learned how to draw digitally. She used it as an outlet whilst she was raising her daughter Tabitha.

Jacqueline took part in the 100 day project, when it was a new challenge and she created 100 fairies, whilst Tabitha slept each night. That then lead to the book called “Glitter and Earth: Tales of Magic and Wonder”, how incredible is that? Jacqueline loves all things magical and whimsical and she hopes that her work makes people smile and inspire them.

All these beautiful notebooks are designed and illustrated by Jacqueline. She very kindly gifted me 3 of her designs of my choice.


This notebook has actually already been claimed by my little sister as she loves unicorns and loves drawing, so she is very happy! I love the colours on this notebook, it has such a magic feel to it. The unicorns are well drawn and detailed. This notebook is so pretty. Each notebook has a soft touch and is flexible which I love, as sometimes it can be difficult to write and draw in a hard cover notebooks. Look how beautiful the design is in the triangles as well.




I love this owl design it is so colourful and really reminds me of Spring, perfect timing! The time and detail shows in this design. I love the shades of pink, such a colourful print. The owl just looks so cute! I love the designs with animals on, so I am happy to have this in my collection, as I don’t actually have a notebook with any animal designs. The paper inside each notebook is plain, so it is not only perfect for journalling but also to draw and doodle. The notebook has high quality sketch paper, it means I can write and draw and the ink will not leak through.



The design of this notebook makes me picture an enchanted forest, so pretty! The writing in the moon is so pretty with the leaves intwined. I love the colours and then the bright red flowers. The details on the animals makes the design look so elegant. The stars make it feel so magical. Each notebook on the back has Glitter and Earth logo with Jacqueline’s website and it is bright white, so the logo really stands out.


I was so impressed with these beautiful notebooks that Jacqueline designed, she is incredibly talented. Jacqueline has an Etsy store with lots of beautiful products and a website, I definitely recommend you take a look. Jacqueline also has Twitter so make her feel welcome into the blogging community.

Which of these designs that I received is your favourite? I’d love to hear in the comments.



20 thoughts on “GIFTED | Glitter and Earth review

  1. I love all of these designs, so it’s very hard to pick, but after staring at each of these for a while, imagining holding them in my hands, I could only narrow it down to the owl and the one that says moon on it. I couldn’t narrow it down any further. They’re just beautiful and very good designs.

  2. Her designs are so pretty! The enchanted forest one is definitely my favourite, though. Will need to keep Jacqueline in mind for next time I fancy a new notebook (which, knowing me, won’t be long…)

  3. Wow, these notebooks are so gorgeous! I’m loving the magical theme on each one, they really are beautiful. I think my favourite is the owl design, I love the colourful, floral, Spring vibe, and I agree, the owl looks really cute! These are such lovely notebooks to add to your collection, and it’s sweet that your sister got to enjoy your goodies too – the unicorns are so pretty! Thank you for sharing and introducing me to a new and awesome stationery brand – Jacqueline is very talented! Fab post lovely <3 xxx

    Bexa |

    1. She is incredibly talented isn’t she! They are so pretty and my little sister was very happy with her unicorn design. Thank you for reading and commenting ❤️xxx

  4. These are such beautiful designs. 😍 My favourite is the unicorn one, those colours are simply stunning.

  5. These notebooks are absolutely gorgeous too 😍 there’s something really whimsical about these notebooks and I love the detailing.

    How many siblings do you have? I’m an only child so it’s just me, my husband, toddler and cat. 🐈

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