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Happy Stationery Week! I am back with another post sharing some beautiful stationery from another amazing brand. I reached out to BossBird to potentially collaborate and here I am sharing some of their awesome products.

Michelle is a mum of 3, a wife, a boss to a team of staff. She is also a model, a writer, an entrepreneur and photographer. She also has a cat called Archie! Michelle is a hair loss sufferer having had Alopecia for the last few years, having Endometriosis and since the age of 16 has had a number of auto immune deficiencies causing her pain daily. So that Michelle could achieve all of the roles she needed a planner that would help her stay on track and be successful everyday.

She gathers her inspiration from books, she loves a business book. After being called bird by her friends for years and already being a boss in a financial business, the name for the brand was born. You can find BossBird on Instagram and Facebook. The logo for the brand is so sweet and I love the lettering.

I was kindly gifted the A4 Get Sh*t Done Pad. I love making lists. They help me stay organised and motivated. I find I work best when I have all my tasks for the day in a list and I have the satisfaction of being able to tick off a task I have completed (A little geeky I know haha!).

I usually use a plain pad to write them down, or writing down on a piece of paper each day. This pad means I have a go to for writing down all my daily tasks. I love the layout, you have the option to delegate, carry over, prioritise as well as done column.

I love the images over the pages, they are so cute, I love notebook pictures. The colours compliment each other so well. This pad has so many pages, so it is definitely going to keep me organised for a while. As this to-do list pad is a flip over pad, it means I can flip to and from different pages when carrying over tasks. You can choose your A4 pad in a variety of colours.





I was also kindly gifted the A3 Desk Planner. This desk planner has EVERYTHING you will need to track and organise your personal goals and business tasks. This planner doesn’t just have the standard weekly planner, but you can reflect on your feelings for the week, tasks and what you are looking forward too. As well as being able to track water intake, breakfast, holidays taken and holidays booked. It also has a note section. This planner is ideal for students too with an exam section.

I mean look how amazing this planner is! How can you not be organised with this planner?

This planner is matching colours with the A4 pad I was gifted, I love it with the same pictures. Having this planner you can view your week as a whole and it will help me plan the best use of my time. It comes with 52 pages and you can choose from various colours as well. The paper in both the A4 pad and A3 desk planner are high quality and thick, this means that ink will not leak through to the following page.








Another product of theirs that I love is an A4 Get Sh*t Done Pad that comes with categories as well as A5 sizes and even an option to have the pads as a hardback. If you are an enamel pin lover you can even pick from two designs to add to your collection. These products are well made, high quality and affordable for all.

I cannot wait to start using these products, I will definitely write an updated post on how I am finding them in the next few weeks. What do you like to use to stay organised? Have you ever used a BossBird planner? I’d love to hear in the comments.

18 thoughts on “GIFTED |BossBird Review

      1. I’ve never heard of them before but I’ll have to check them out. Very soon! I love the look of that planner; it would be perfect to use at work (or for blogging).

  1. Wow Lauren, you are absolutely rocking National Stationery Week with your posts! They are awesome and you are teaming up with the coolest brands. I’ve never heard of BossBird before, but I’m loving the style! That planner is the planner of dreams, it’s so detailed and those little icons are super handy. I love that it has daily reminders to drink water, relax, reflect, etc, that’s super important when life gets busy. Thanks for sharing, it’s great to learn more about the story behind the brand too, Michelle sounds very inspirational! 🙂 Fab post lovely <3 xxx

    Bexa |

    1. Thank you so much! The brands I worked with are amazing! The planner is really detailed isn’t it? I mean how could you not be organised with everything. Thank you for reading and commenting Bexa ❤️xxxx

  2. I love all the little illustrations and the colour palette is so pretty! The A3 planner is so detailed, I really like the weekly reflections, that’s something I’ve never seen before on a planner!

  3. OMG I am a total planner addict, and these planners are AWESOME! They’re super cute, funny, and detailed as well. I will definitely be checking this brand out for my next planner! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

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