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GIFTED| Say Nice Things Stationery Review


Happy Stationery Week! I can’t believe it is near the end, it has been so much fun being extra creative and sharing everything stationery! I have loved working with such amazing brands and Say Nice Things Stationery holds a special place in my heart. When I first started blogging they were the first stationery brand that I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with, if you want to read my first post you can read it here.

Jill is the owner of Say Nice Things and she made a business out of her passion. I mean that is the dream for any stationery lover I think, having your own stationery brand! Jill’s passion for stationery started when she was young, like mine. I would love a brand new school exercise book, or starting a new school year which would mean stationery shopping.

After Jill suffered with her health she took to writing down her thoughts, feelings and her plans for the future. She kept her journals and was able to reflect on all the positive changes she had made. I also keep my journals as I like to look back on memories and to see how far I have come.

Say Nice Things is all designed and manufactured in the UK. By having all their products made in the UK Jill and her team can be heavily involved in the creative process. They have an office based in Bournemouth, which was how I was able to meet the lovely Andy the last time we collaborated.

I was kindly gifted the Curtis A5 journal. It is a hard cover but soft touch texture, with a subtle dot design with an elasticated strap. I like a hardback journal as I know it will hold its shape in my bag. I actually don’t have a black journal in my collection so I am excited to have this design.

This journal has 192 pages, made with 90gsm paper, it is stitch bound and it is a lay-flat design, I know from previous posts that a lot of peoples’ pet peeve is a notebook or journal not laying flat, so these journals are perfect!

In the inside page you have a space to write your name and your contact information. You have an index which has six sections where you can write key topics so you are able to find your writing easier. The sections are divided into six colours and can be found as a tab on the far right of the journal.

Sections 1-4 are lined pages. Section 5 is one of my favourite key features in their journals. They have a plain page on the left hand side, on the right it is a pattern where you can either colour the design in or doodle. I don’t know about you, but I love colouring it is so relaxing. I also like too doodle and brainstorm ideas. I am excited to use this section.

Section 6 has a planner, but it is different and does not have fixed dates. Therefore you can tailor it to you. So if you have one busy week you could use it but if next week isn’t, you save space. Its about using it in a way that is best for you. It will also not matter what time of the year you purchase it and you can still get full use out of the planner. After the planner there is notes pages, which I am planning to use for blogging contact information. At the back they have a pocket where you can store notes.

These are some of the best journals I have used for blogging, it keeps all my content organised and I can plan months ahead with ease. I would highly recommend them!

These journals come in a range of designs to suit everyone, so if you would like to see other designs, click here.

I was also very kindly gifted two sets of greetings cards. They are so beautiful and so unique. I was gifted the Good Luck set and the Thank You set.

The Good Luck set are a beautiful set of designs. They are A6 cards that have been printed full colour with additional foil backing to each of the cards. These are printed onto uncoated 400gsm vision superior matt paper. Each of the cards come with lovely messages inside. So they can be sent for all different situations. My favourite from this collection is the wand with the stars, its so cute!

The Thank You set is so colourful! These cards are also A6 and have been printed in colour on too uncoated 400 gsm vision superior matt paper with the foil backing as well. I love to send thank you cards out as much as I can. I send them to bloggers when I am collaborating as well as family and friends. I think its always so nice to receive cards in the post instead of the boring bills and junk mail. My favourite from this collection is the Thank You in rainbow colours card, its so colourful and pretty.

I want to say a huge thank you to Say Nice Things for collaborating with me for Stationery Week, I always love your products.

What is your favourite card design I was gifted? Do you like to send greetings cards? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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