Scrapbooking memories & 12 creative ways you can use your scrapbook

I love collecting mementos, I have always kept hold of special birthday cards, tickets and receipts for special days ever since I was young. I love being able to look back at memories and remembering the feelings of happiness and joy.

To keep all the beautiful mementos I decided I would start scrapbooking these to keep them safe and I have a place to store them all. I enjoy scrapbooking as I find it such a relaxing activity, it also allows me to be creative. It also means I can dig out my pritt stick and any excuse to use washi tape haha!




I have been so fortunate to attend concerts and festivals. I decided on Bank Holiday Monday after work that I wanted to sit and start scrapbooking some of my tickets and other mementos. I hadn’t scrapbooked in the longest time so I thought it would be fun. I am going to find the rest of my tickets etc and work on some more pages on some Sunday afternoons.





Scrapbooking is such a versatile activity and you can use scrapbooks so many other ways, so I thought I would share some other content you can put into your scrapbook.

1. Holiday photos

2. Family photos

3. Your drawings

4. Your paintings

5. Fill with memories as a gift for a loved one

6. Travel memories

7. Journalling

8. Email/Text print out memories

9. Fashion inspiration

10. Inspirational quotes

11.Magazine cut outs

12. Mood/Vision boards



Do you like to scrapbook, or have you ever scrapbooked? I’d love to hear in the comments.



49 thoughts on “Scrapbooking memories & 12 creative ways you can use your scrapbook

  1. I absolutely love scrapbooking! It is such a fab way to store special memories in such a creative way 🙂 I have a holiday scrapbook with postcards, plane tickets, photos and mementos as well as a concert ticket book with gig tickets and flyers. I love the idea of scrapbooking cinema tickets too. I really enjoy magazine scrapbooking to see what is inspiring me at the time… I feel like doing a some Spring/Summer pages soon. Thank you for sharing your ideas lovely, your pages are so pretty, I love the colourful washi and stickers, it is so bright and eye catching! Fab post Lauren! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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    1. I used to love to do this and I’m not even sure why or when I stopped! Thanks for sharing, o feel the need to start again, it might not even soon though, but I’ll try and make this an option 😊

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    2. I am sure I will learn to be more creative etc. I have so many more things that I want to scrapbook so I will continue to do it in my spare time. Your scrapbooks look amazing! Thank you for reading and your kind words Bexa ❤️xxx


  2. I’ve never made a scrapbook, but I do like to save things like ticket stubs, and I love watching how others decorate their books. I think it requires a neatness factor that I just don’t have, but yours is looking good!

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  3. This is so cute! Such a great alternative for a photo album! I definitely wanna start scrapbooking in the near future! X

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  4. I have always been creative but not tried scrapbooking yet. I have done other paper crafts like card making and recently purchased a cricut machine 🙂

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  5. I’ve got a holiday scrapbook just waiting to be made! Got all the photos and the book but just haven’t sat down to do it yet 😦 I normally just end up putting them into a normal photo album but really want to do a bit more scrapbooking! Love the idea of putting receipts and bits in

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  6. I keep so many little trinkets from places I’ve visited, though I never thought of putting them in a scrap book. It looks like so much fun! That’s something I definitely need to get into doing!

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  7. I still have one scrapbook that I made when I was a teenager. Is still look through it sometimes and it brings up so many great memories. I have a box of mementos now that could possibly be more fun to keep in a scrapbook.


  8. I have always admired the scrapbooks I have seen people create! It seems like such a good way to save mementos and remember memories! These are some really great tips and ideas!


  9. This is such a lovely post Lauren. Scrap booking is such a wonderful way to keep all mementos safe in one place. I never thought about it. Even I have some lovely cards, pictures and some tickets to places we have visited but all randomly lying somewhere. I need to get things together 😀

    Via |

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  10. I am making one currently. I love to make scrapbook and collecting moments. The lyrics, tickets,dates, photographs, poetry and all of the stuff. I want to make more and more but my parents get angry whenever I do it it too much. 😂 But I do it anyways. Loved reading your posts and finding someone who share your love is so relaxing and peaceful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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