[GIFTED] Brush Lettering Ft. Keikaimono

I love brush lettering it is so beautiful and there is so much inspiration on Pinterest. It makes me want to practise more and buy all the different coloured brush pens that I can, yes that is the slight stationery addict within me saying this haha! I was contacted by the lovely sisters at Keikaimono about collaborating with them on their brush pens and I was so excited. Stationery is a big passion of mine and I could try new coloured brush pens yayy!

Keikaimono is a sister owned stationery business that provides cute stationery. The name comes from sisters Krissia (Key) and Kayla (Kai) and mono means things in Japanese. They are based in Seattle WA.

Cute stationeries allowed them to explore their creativity deeper and use that inspiration for business ideas. Their hope is to lift artists’ spirits and create a variety of stationery and help you find your inner passion.

I was kindly gifted the colorful brush pen set and these are going to be perfect to help me improve my brush lettering. I have been practising my brush lettering and writing some great quotes you can see here. So these pens are going to be the perfect addition to my pen collection.


The set comes with 10 different colours: Black / Red / Pink / Light Blue / Blue / Golden Red / Green / Blue Black / Orange and Violet. It has such a fantastic range of colours to brighten any page I am designing on.


The colours are vibrant and beautiful The pens are light and easy to use which is so important when writing calligraphy and brush lettering, you need to be able to move the pen fluidly. I couldn’t wait to try them, so I started designing straight away! I used one of my Rachael Hope’s notebooks if you would like to see this notebook and the others, you can see my post here.


I tested all the colours with different lettering styles. The ink holds very well.



They were so much fun to use and have brightened up the inside of my notebook. I am looking forward to using them more, especially in my scrapbook.


You can find Keikaimono on Twitter and on Instagram. You should check out their cute range of stationery and they are a great addition to any stationery lovers social media feeds! Their Instagram is full of bullet journal inspiration too.


Have you ever used brush pens or tried calligraphy before? Have you brought any Keikaimono products before? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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  1. It’s the tips, as you see in these they are long and go to a point where else felt tips, have normal chunky or fine line tips. These pens are easy to control because they are so light weight x

  2. Great recommendation, Lauren! Love brush pen. I just used it to color my French door drawing on my latest post. I also use brush pen for calligraphy too, very handy, but I use mostly natural/skin tone colors.

  3. I had a calligraphy class and we used ink pens. I wasn’t aware of brush pens. I love how the lettering looks with the brush pens. I wasn’t aware of Keikaimono but I am now.

  4. These are amazing! I love the art of hand-writing! It sounds silly but I’m always looking for an excuse to put pen to paper rather than type! You have created some wonderful designs! xxx

  5. These pens look great for bullet journals! I’m not that great at lettering in general so pens like these would be great to practice with! x


  6. I love a good handwriting and to achieve that I have practiced a lot. I have even tried calligraphy and love. Only thing is now a days I get less time to write something. 😀 Your post motivated me start again. These pen look lovely. I did not know about brush lettering. It will be interesting to try these. 😀

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com

  7. These look like fantastic brush lettering pens, Lauren! The colours are gorgeous and they look like such great quality! They are so vibrant and pretty, perfect for your calligraphy. It seems like such a fun hobby and I imagine it’s so relaxing and rewarding too when you see all your beautiful creations. I’ve never heard of Keikaimono, so thank you for introducing me to a cute new stationery brand, yay! I’m following them on social media now and just checked out their shop – they do the most awesomest colourful things! Fab post lovely, and enjoy your new pens! <3

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Thank you Bexa! I still have a lot of practise ahead of me, so hopefully it will pay off. They have so many colourful items don’t they! Thank you for reading and commenting ❤️xxx

  8. These pens look great. Love the colors. I have never used brush pens before, but I would love to. I did try calligraphy when I was younger, however, I never really stuck with it though I wish I had. Maybe I will grab a set of brush pens soon and give it another try. Will be fun to try, plus give me something to do with all of the notebooks that I have.

  9. I also love all young’s stationary and hand lettering styles!
    Those pens look great!

  10. These look great, especially the colors. I’ve used Tombow markers and the traditional nib and ink. But in honesty I realized it takes so much practice. Could I ask you a favor? I’ve been loading my watercolor illustrations in my fairly new Etsy shop and I was wondering if they were the type of clipart that scrapbookers would use? https://www.etsy.com/shop/eileenmckennaart I would appreciate your input so much!

    1. Yeah I think you have some great ideas in your store that would work well for scrapbooked. I have just ordered tombow pens! Can’t wait to start using the soft tip brush pens x

  11. I have never tried brush pens but I want to so bad!! Although I can never write neat enough so it would probably look awful. But these pens look so nice and they’re beautiful colours ☺️

  12. I love the pastel shades of these! I’m all about fancy lettering in my journal but I’ve no proper training so wing it, literally, I’d love to learn it properly.

  13. It is really heard and I have so much practise to do, but I find it fun and love the end result (usually!) 😂 they are great pens so light too, so Flora would be able to use them easily. Xxx

  14. Brush lettering is so pretty, I’ve seen so many pictures of it on Pinterest and it makes me want to try it. Beau lettering looks so pretty on things like cards and invitations. The set you got looks great, love all the colours! X

  15. I know what you mean about wanting to buy all the different brush pens – I think I’ve bought 5 or 6 sets since I started. Us stationery addicts will take any excuse, right? 😉 Anyway, these colours look gorgeous and I’m glad you enjoyed using them!

  16. Great post! I run a blog about trying all sorts of new hobbies and activities. My most recent post is about my attempt at brush lettering! Check it out!

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