[GIFTED] CharrWillson Stationery Review

I found CharrWillson Stationery on Instagram and her feed was stationery goals, so I knew I had to share my thoughts. I sent a private message and Charlotte and I got to chatting. Charlotte expressed an interest in working with others who share the same passion and I think she understood that I was stationery obsessed haha! You only have to look at my blog or my Instagram to know this.

CharrWillson Stationery was founded in 2018. CharrWillson is a stationery and accessory brand that is based in Surrey, England. The aim of her business is to bring about a refined way of thinking about stationery products.

Charlotte sent over a pack of goodies, yayy new stationery! Stationery mail is so exciting! I was sent an A5 notebook that has a black croc leather effect PU plastic cover, a Productive AF Daily Planner and a “Probably Stolen” slogan pen.

The A5 notebook with black croc leather has a PU plastic cover. It has 80 sheets (160 pages) that are ivory cream. The paper is 80 gsm and is acid free. It also comes with a white ribbon to help you keep your place within the notebook.



The cover is so gorgeous and looks so chic. I love the texture. The ivory pages against the black go so well together. I am so happy to have this is my notebook collection. It has that new notebook smell, don’t you just love that smell? …Okay so I might be slightly strange haha! I am not sure what project I am going to use it for yet, but now I have the perfect notebook when it arises.


The Productive AF A5 daily planner is perfect for getting organised and to ensure you are productive each day. I love the black and white marble its so beautiful. I love the title of this planner too! Each page is blank so you can use it everyday or just on your busiest days/weeks.


I have a space to be able to write down what I want to achieve in that day. I love lists and the sense of achievement and productivity I feel when I tick off each task. I find using to-do lists I prioritise tasks and I am the most productive.

I am terrible when it comes to planning meals or meal preparation, but I am trying to improve and to eat much more healthier. Having this space in this planner will allow me to prep my meals for the day and I am much more willing to stick to, it if it is written down. I will have a record of my meals also, so I can switch it up and not cook the same meals each week.


I sometimes have important things to do or remember that day, so the notes/doodle section for these memos. Doodling is fun, I also like to doodle when I feel anxious as well it helps me to focus my negative energy.

Being able to record how active I have been is going to be so good. I am going to use the space to record my step count and to write how I am feeling each day. This is such a great feature of this planner.

I like to try and save as best as I can, however sometimes I spend far too much money. So with a note of my daily expenditure, I can try and limit my spending. The new word section is such a great idea too, means you learn something new everyday.


I think it is great to have one main goal for the day and to ensure all the small tasks on my to-do list will help me achieve my goal. This planner is going to be so useful, I will share an update on Instagram.

I was also kindly gifted the Probably Stolen ballpoint pen. I mean you can never have too many pens? I love the slogan. It has blue ink and the pen is not too heavy, so it is easy to write with.



I want to say a big thank you to Charlotte for sending me these gorgeous stationery items. Do you use a daily planner? Do you use to-do lists? I’d love to hear in the comments.

27 thoughts on “[GIFTED] CharrWillson Stationery Review

  1. That planner is so cool and useful! That black croc print is so lovely too, it’s sure to stand out from other notebooks 🙂 Thanks for sharing Lauren!

  2. I’m absolutely loving all these stationery posts, Lauren! I am being introduced to so many awesome new brands 🙂 The daily planner is my favourite! It’s such a great way to keep track of all the important things – having to record exercise and well-being would definitely motivate me to make sure I am being active each day. I love the ‘new word’ section too, I’ve never seen that before in a planner, it’s such a encouraging way to keep learning everyday. Ha ha, the ‘Probably Stolen’ pen is brilliant too, such a fun stationery brand, definitely going to follow over on Insta! Thanks for sharing your goodies, fab post as always! <3 xxx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. I know, the way it’s worked out this month it’s been a lot of ads, I hope no one is annoyed by that. It is such a lovely brand, so quirky! Thank you for reading and commenting! ❤️xxx

  3. The black diary is lovely I loved the cover as it looks so elegant and expensive. The planner is brilliant. everything is perfectly laid out and we just have to enter the details. Of course you cannot have too many pens but this one is fantastic hahaha. You are not at all strange to like the scent of a new book. I always keep smelling a new book hehehe. 🙂

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com

  4. These look beautiful – I especially the love the planner! I love stationery so much but, alas, I have no room. That and I buy books and never use them in case I ruin them!

  5. You’re right. These notebooks are gorgeous. I’m guessing this is the blog post you wanted me to read? If not, please direct me to the right post 😅 The productive AF notebook reminds me so much of Sarah Scribbles: Get it’s Together! Planner which I gave to a friend for her birthday. I like the black notebook a lot too, the one that reminds me of scales. The texture is really cool! 😍

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