My Top 10 Blogging Pet Peeves

Blogging is an incredible creative outlet for me, but like anything it can have some aspects which can be irritating. This post is by no means a rant, I love blogging. I thought I would share my pet peeves and see if other bloggers can relate.


1. The Follow/Unfollow “Game”

This unfortunately goes on so much and on various social media apps, it is so silly. Most people now have apps to find unfollowers, so to be honest it is a waste of time following just to unfollow. It can be so frustrating when you are trying to build a community.

2. Copying Of Content

This has not happened to me, but I have seen it happen to other bloggers before. It is so disrespectful to have all a blogger’s research, writing and photographs copied. If you like an idea/theme a blogger has written about, acknowledge the blogger and credit them when writing your post.

3. Trying to balance life, work and blogging

Blogging is not easy and takes so much time, the researching, the writing, the photography and editing just to name a few elements. But working as well, it can sometimes be quite overwhelming. I have been planning ahead to ensure I have enough time to have a healthy balance. Using my planner and planning out my content has been so helpful.

4. General Comments

I see it on my some of my posts and on other bloggers’ posts and you get comments like “Nice” or “Great Post”. But you are left wondering, what was great about it? What was nice? Did they even read it? Even if people dislike the post or don’t agree, offering constructive criticism can be so helpful to a blogger. I like to read posts and leave genuine comments as I know how much hard work and effort goes into their posts. Also, if you leave genuine comments, people will want to do the same.

5. Auto Dm Messages

These can be quite irritating ha ha. I just find it so impersonal to receive an auto dm, I would much rather talk to that person and share links and read their content that way. It shouldn’t be forced.

6. Bloggers using the #BloggersWanted or #Bloggersrequired incorrectly

This is such a pain because there are so many hashtags to use to promote your blog or a particular post. These hashtags in particular are specifically to help brands/bloggers find bloggers for collaborating opportunities and it is harder to find these opportunities when others are using those hashtags incorrectly.

7. Writers Block

I have had this happen to me twice in the time I have been blogging and it is so irritating! When it happened I took myself away from my screens for a few hours, was creative with colouring or go outside. I would also search online, do research and scroll Pinterest for inspiration.

8. Brands asking for a collaboration with no payment 

Every blogger knows how hard it is to post consistent content so when brands reach out, but do not offer any payment/or product or only offer a discount code for their products. I mean I personally feel like it is a slap in the face. Just remember the work you put in and your worth. You can say no!

9. Having to register to a company in order to comment 

Like a lot of people I don’t really want to be registering to another company and being spammed ha ha! I think it is definitely a good idea to make it easy to leave comments on your blog.

10. Influencers paying for followers

If you want to pay for followers, that is your own personal choice, I personally wouldn’t as I like genuine connection with real people. The only reason it is a pet peeve of mine is because when brands want to work with influencers with a certain following, it is not a fair playing field for those said opportunities.

Can you relate to any of my pet peeves? What are your biggest blogging pet peeves? I’d love to hear in the comments.


106 thoughts on “My Top 10 Blogging Pet Peeves

  1. I absolutely agree with your list Lauren! The follow-unfollow game is too bad at IG, I have given up with trying to establish a goal for followers. I’m more about engagement but that seems to have gone down too and it’s depressing to see how much I get vs followers but I digress. Having brands reach out to you and ask you to buy their products to review on your blog is so upsetting. I remember when one brand literally tried guilting me into buying their bracelets because part of their proceeds go to a good cause. I mean it’s nice, but I don’t want to buy it. Don’t guilt me into doing it, it makes me hate them more! UGH!

    Thanks for sharing this Lauren! xx

    Geraldine |

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    1. Oh my gosh, I so agree with all of this! The unfollow game, general comments and brands asking for a collaboration with no payment particularly annoy me! I remember on Instagram I posted a picture of a theatre and someone commented saying “love what you’re wearing” when there were no people in sight! Utterly bizarre!

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    2. Oh my god! I had the same, but they never said about me buying it until they sent me a link for 10% off, I was like sorry no. You have to know your own worth and your own time! They would pay so much online advertising a blogger is definitely a more affordable way, so it is so rude to request free work. Yes guilt tripping is not fair at all! I have given up on insta I am just focusing on making my feed as pretty as I can haha xx


  2. All of these are so true. I hate it when people just comment “nice” or when they do self-promotion. Buying followers seems pointless because though the influencer has a big amount of followers it does not mean that they will have high engagements or comments on their posts, and it really looks bad having 5000 followers and only 50 likes and 2 comments.

    Thanks for sharing this
    Loren |


  3. Nice post.

    I’m kidding! I’m guilty of the tagging #bloggers etc incorrectly! I know now, I was honestly just following others, thinking this was the right thing to do. The follow/unfollow is the reason my Instagram isn’t as important as other mediums. I hate it because I love Instagram, but if it’s just going to be a game, why bother playing hard?

    – Nyxie

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    1. Yeah it was no way a dig, I didn’t know that but if you see my posts on twitter I have tagged the retweet accounts, that will share your content for you 😊. Yeah it’s so frustrating isn’t it! Thank you for reading and commenting xx


  4. The follow unfollow still makes me feel like my work is being wasted! I find twitter the best for genuine interaction and I’m sure we all hate Instagram!! But then some days I go on and link with some great people in my niche, but I still secretly hate it! I think I would agree with these all! But the work life balance really resonates with me as I cover craft, gardening and homecoming. So all articles take place around work and creating! I sometimes get to the end of a project and realise I don’t have step by step photos and want to scream!! But it is all a lot of fun around all of the hard work! Very glad to be doing my little bit. Thanks for the honest article !!


    1. Oh gosh forgetting the photos is so frustrating isn’t it!! Instagram is the hardest, I am just focusing on making my feed look pretty and what if I find people that support me then great. Thank you for reading and commenting on my post xx


  5. I feel the same about each and every item on your list so much that I can’t decide which one irritates me most. I’ve had my content stolen and I cannot stand the follow/unfollow. But, I love being able to have genuine connections with other bloggers and having a creative outlet, which makes it worth it.

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  6. Hi Lauren
    Your comments about blogging are very valid.
    You are doing a great job on your blog post to inform others and there seems to be a lot who agree.
    As a life coach i say “Your rules your choice your way”
    enjoy the journey.

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  7. 100% agree with all your points! The follow/no follow game is so strong on Twitter and Instagram so I ignore the followers section completely lol

    At least there’s still effort on commenting ‘nice post’ comment because I had people just slapping their blog link and I was like ??????

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  8. Writers block is no joke! I have had this happen to me quite a few times. It is a pain, but I have come out the other side with it. The following and unfollowing is such a blow. I am blogging and on social media to make connections and talk about books not collection numbers of people who don’t care about what I talk about etc. In some situations I can total understand nice post, while it isn’t specific it does make my feel good about my posts because someone enjoyed it.


  9. Urgh, AutoDMs! Why, just why?

    We book bloggers have a lot of shared peeves with general bloggers, but we also have Authors Behaving Badly and some other… issues. Lol! ❤

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  10. I AM WITH YOU FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE!!!! Using the hashtags wrong is my biggest peeve, but the auto-DM thing is very frustrating. I haven’t seen many of these recently so hopefully they’re on the way out.

    Naomi xo

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  11. Oh yes…I can definitely relate to every single one of your pet peeves! Apart from copying content without crediting the person who wrote it as I’ve not experienced it nor seen it happen. I think the biggest pet peeve for me would be the hashtags – I see so many people use them incorrectly and I’m just sat here like 🤦🏻‍♀️


  12. Hahaha I HATE making it difficult to comment!! Why isn’t everyone ok wordpress (joking!) There has been many times I’ve wanted to leave comments, type it out and end up not leaving one because I tried 3 x and now I’m frustrated, which is too bad because we can all use a little blog love! Thanks for sharing!

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  13. Hello! I can seriously relate to this post of yours, and permit me to share my thoughts on three points in particular:

    1: This is undoubtedly prevalent on Instagram, especially with the “influencers.” Some friends of mine have basically resorted to calling these types out; I recently had a case in which UK thots were the perpetrators of this deplorable practice.

    4 and 5: Also prevalent on Instagram, and there’s one blogger here who does that practice. However, the Instagram general comments issue (caused by bots) doesn’t happen if your post doesn’t have hashtags. Just report ’em botter accounts!

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  14. Everything on this list was so spot on! Almost hilarious how spot on it was! Except for the brands thing- in all my years I’ve blogging I’ve always been too little for brands to want to contact me, haha. But I’ve gotten writers block SO. MANY. TIMES! Hence the years of blogging, lol. I’m so with you on the “nice post!” comments. Um, did you even read it? And don’t get me started on spam. UGH.

    xoxo Emily

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  15. This is such a good idea for a blog and almost a good starting point for new bloggers, I completely agree about the follow/ unfollow game, it’s actually quite stressful when you see that your followers has gone down and you think do they not like my stuff am I doing something wrong?
    Besides anything this is a great post 🙂

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  16. Blogging and balancing work/family/life is the most annoying part for me! I’m a teacher, so I plan to put in a lot of blog time over the summer. I’ve had a few weird auto DM’s on insta too.


  17. Yes girl!! I totally agree with this list! Blogging does come with it’s fair share of annoyances! The unfollow game on Insta is crazy and I don’t understand why people do it. Like you say, unfollower apps are a good way to see who does this so in the end it is just a big waste of time. I haven’t looked at the Twitter blogging hashtags in a while but I remember they were often misused. Yep and writers block is so frustrating but agree that doing something different and creative often sparks new inspiration 🙂 Fab post and very relatable, thanks for sharing Lauren! ❤ xxxx

    Bexa |

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  18. Oh I can definitely relate!! I’m always really dubious about saying I’ll return all comments – while I will try my hardest, if someone has left me just a “great post” comment and their blog is about something that I don’t have any interest in, I feel like it’s just a comments game rather than anyone really interacting. I agree completely about the work/blog/life balance – it’s so hard to maintain! Really enjoyed reading this!

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    1. I write return all comments and even if it takes a couple of hours or a day (because I am trying to balance everything) but I always return them. Those comments are annoying aren’t they! Thank you for sharing your thoughts xx

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  19. So true what you said about comments. I won’t leave a comment if I don’t have something to say in the comment, and when readers leave generic comments on my posts, it’s hard to come up with anything besides a generic response.

    As for brands asking for collaboration with no payment, I haven’t come across this one yet, but now I know to look out for it and to steer clear or negotiate. As a new blogger, I always jump the gun to collaborate with people, especially companies, but this reminds me that you can just say no and hold out for a better offer.


  20. Omg the follow/unfollow thing kills me! It’s so hard to build a community when there are so many of those out there. Which hashtags have you experienced the best support from to promote a new post?


  21. As someone who is pretty new to blogging, some of these I’ve yet to come across, but one thing that really stood out was the follow/unfollow culture. Instagram is the worst place for it and it’s very annoying.

    As for the blog comments that are short, I do see where you’re coming from, but at the same time, I think social media has shown that if someone is going to give you feedback, they’ll give it to you whether you ask for it or not! Therefore, I’ll take short and sweet any day!

    This is a great post that covers a balance of problems caused by others as well as ourselves.

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  22. I love how you listed your pet peeves of blogging. I have found many of these recently as I am just starting my own blog as well. My least favorite is the follow/unfollow crowd. It drives me crazy! When I hit my first 100 followers on instagram, I was so excited and happy! Then checking back a few days later, I dropped 5-10 followers. I was crushed! I thought people were not liking my content. However, I have realized that this is a game people play! I feel as though it is disrespectful for people who are just starting up and trying to gain fans.


    1. Aww, welcome to the community, for the most part it’s amazing but these are a few things that irritate me. Yes instagram is the worst for it 😦 I am just focusing on making me feed look pretty instead haha! Can you send me the link to your blog so I can read 😊xxx


  23. I can relate to you about the follow/unfollow game. Why bother wasting time? We’re here to build a community, not just focus on ourselves. OOOOMMMMMMGGGGG I can relate to you about those comments!!!! I always try to make an effort to read people’s posts and it sucks when people don’t do the same for you. I’m not asking to write a dissertation for a comment but at least something…. more useful than “cool post”. Oh man, I can relate to brands not wanting to pay people for collabs. Time is money! Thanks for sharing these blogging pet peeves!

    Nancy ♥

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  24. These are actually all of my pet peeves too! The follow unfollow has got to be the worst and it’s just so annoying! Also the balancing is pretty hard too. I also hate when someone has clearly not read the post but comment silly things! X


  25. I completely agree with you about the follow culture! I find it so strange as well that there’s an expectation that you will follow back anyone who follows you, regardless of whether you’re interested in their blog content or not – it seems to make for a strangely uncurated experience, where you have a blog list full of blogs that don’t cross your interests. It’s one thing to read the odd post that catches your fancy, but it’s very strange when people get mad that you aren’t subscribing!

    Also the non-committal comments, you’re so very right. How do you even respond to them?? It doesn’t open things up for discussion does it?

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    1. For me personally if someone follows me I usually follow back, unless I can see it’s a bot account or (a man looking for love) which I get a lot haha!! I know it’s a shame as I like to interact and share my thoughts and opinions with others x


      1. I don’t think it’s a shame, I think that’s great! Mostly though I have such limited time to actually read blogs that I can’t keep up with the ones I’m really interested it – having to wade through beauty blogs and fashion blogs and mummy blogs which just don’t really speak to me makes it that much harder haha. That’s why the blog post threads on twitter are so useful, because it means if a post outside my usual interests catches my eye, I can check it out.

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      2. That’s fair enough, I try my best but balancing life, work and blogging can be hard to keep up with everyone but I try my best and will always return comments to people who have taken the time to comment on my posts. That’s a good point yes! Those threads are so helpful x


  26. I agree wholeheartedly with this post Lauren. I too don’t want to pay for followers, or see how many likes I can get. I’m more about the people and really getting to know my followers. Commenting to me should be more than just one word answer, it really makes me happy when people tell me what they like about my blog.
    Enjoying your blog and looking forward to new posts. Kylie 😘😘


  27. Oh, I do not like general comments either! I really appreciate it when the commenter takes time to explore why they enjoyed what I have written and then putting that into words. It does not take long and always leads to a happier blogger opening their comments and getting a smile!

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  28. I completely agree with all of these Lauren. Especially the follow/unfollow game, using hashtags incorrectly and brands wanted to collaborate for free; which has happened to me a lot. Commenting for your own self promotion is wrong, 😦 I like to leave bloggers comments and tell them what I liked / didn’t like, share my opinions etc.


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