Card Swap with LenasNotebook

When I was sent the Stampin’ Up! set at Easter to make cards, I enjoyed making the cards so much. If you would like to see the set I was gifted or the designs I made you can see them here. After making these cards I wanted to participate in a card swap, Lena expressed an interest when I posted on Twitter and we arranged to send each other 3 cards. I was so excited for this to be creative and hopefully make Lena smile.

If you don’t already know Lena she runs a blog where she writes not only book reviews, bullet journal spreads and lifestyle, but she has recently starting sharing her beautiful art. When you see the cards she sent me, you will see how talented she is. You can even buy some of her art pieces over on her blog, how cool is that?! Lena is so lovely to me and is continuously supporting me online and my blog and I am so grateful. You can find her on Twitter and on Instagram, she also has a separate Instagram for her art.

Lena sent me three beautiful cards, I was so impressed with the designs.



I love the nature theme the flowers look so pretty, makes me think of spring and I love the word Hope. The lettering is beautiful calligraphy, its bold and catches your eye. I love how pretty the writing is with the silver and dots. I love how the writing acts as a splash of colour to the cards.


The design in the cards has intricate details which gives each card character. I was so impressed with these. Lena pays great attention to her detail.



This design looks pretty. The dreamcatchers look so pretty, such a great detail on this card, I love that there are lots of different aspects on this card. I love how Lena designed the word dream it is so pretty and compliments the design so well.


I love the trees here, so simple yet make the card look so elegant. I love the writing and the splash of colour from the word wish! It has such an enchanted feel to it.

You can head over to Lena’s blog to see the 3 cards I sent her. (Obviously I am no way near as talented as Lena is) . Thank you to Lena for collaborating with me, I really enjoyed making the cards for you and I love the designs you made for me.

What card is your favourite that Lena sent me? I’d love to hear in the comments.



30 thoughts on “Card Swap with LenasNotebook

    1. Wow, the collaboration idea is amazing! I think the WISH card is great! Going to check Lena out!

  1. They’re beautiful cards! I like the dream one the best! Creating can be so much, I love paper crafts 💜

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! I’ll be heading over there now to follow her and check out her blog.
    What a lovely wee idea!

    – Nyxie

  3. These cards are just the cutest! I love the watercolour on the works and the card with wish on it with the trees is definitely my favourite

  4. Aww, this is such a lovely thing to do, Lauren! Lena is super talented, I love the designs! You are right, the attention to detail is incredible and I absolutely love how well the illustrations work with the lettering. They are perfect! I think the ‘dream’ one is my favourite, but they are all so beautiful. These would look gorgeous framed on a wall, they are such positive and pretty pictures. Thank you for sharing, such a great collab, I’m heading over to Lena’s blog now 🙂 <3 xxxx

    Bexa |

  5. I love that you and Lena had a card swap! The goodies you got looked super cute – big plus that it is handmade. I love the calligraphy and the detail in the nature paint sketch. It is so cool that there are little sparkles in the calligraphy. Glad you loved the cards that Lena sent over to you!

    Nancy ♥

  6. This is a great idea for a collab. I love recieving cards and other snail mail, especially when it’s as cute as these. These are beautiful designs. 😍

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