Stationery Swap with BelieveInBumble

I was so excited to be sharing another stationery post, even more excited that it is a swap with the lovely Emma from BelieveInBumble. We have had this collaboration in the works for a couple of months. If you like posts like these you can see the stationery swap I did with HelloBexa which you can see here. I love to buy stationery and so this was so much fun, but definitely cost more as I brought things for myself as well ha ha!

Emma runs a lifestyle blog and writes about her days out, book reviews, beauty and more. She posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Emma is supportive of other bloggers and always leaves such lovely and thoughtful comments. We both decided as we love stationery that a stationery swap would be so much fun. We set a ยฃ20 limit and I enjoyed shopping for Emma.

When I received Emma’s package I was so poorly and it really made me smile. Emma wrapped each item so beautifully in tissue paper, but being poorly I started opening them before the obligatory photos, ooooops! But thank you Emma for wrapping them so nicely!



I love these! I like using planner stickers to decorate and help plan my weeks in my Happy Planner, if you want to see how I use my planner you can read that here and my planner essentials here. I have already started using these stickers and I am sure you will see them pop up in pictures on my Instagram.ย  Usually when I buy planner stickers, there are usually some that are not relevant for me, but these stickers are all I would use! I find using stickers in my planner, makes it fun and colourful to fill in my planner.


I enjoy putting pen to paper and writing, there is something so therapeutic about it. You can never have too many pens, these pens are so colourful. I love that there are so many bright colours in this pack. Of course I had to try them straight away.ย They are so lovely to write with, they are light weight and the ink doesn’t leak. I enjoy using coloured pens in my notebooks and my planner, it makes them colourful and I want to try colour coding to be more organised.




I love washi tapes, allows me to decorate and get creative. These colours I haven’t got in my collection and I am looking forward to using them. ย Using the tapes in my planner fills the blank spaces. I will be soon writing and sharing with you my washi tape collection, so watch this space! These paper clips are so cute and are definitely going to make projects more fun! I love colourful and quirky stationery, these I am sure will be making an appearance on my Instagram. The crocodile clips are going to be so useful for projects, keeping all my paperwork together and bills.


This pencil case is so pretty. I love the colour and the design, it has such a summer vibe. It is soft material and is so flexible, which makes it easy to fit in bags. This is such a handy gift as I actually only have one pencil case, I mean what is that about? I need more ha ha!



This notebook is an A4 lined notebook which has a lovely nature theme with lots of colour. This will fit well into my collection. It will be helpful for projects, letter writing and I am sure my little sister will want to use it too for her homework and her writing.

Thank you so much Emma for sending me these lovely stationery items. I hope you like the items I picked out for you also. You can head over to Emma’s blog to see what I brought Emma. Make sure you give Emma a follow on her Twitter and Instagram.

What is your favourite gift I was sent by Emma? I’d love to hear in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Stationery Swap with BelieveInBumble

  1. Aww Lauren, this is such an awesome bundle of stationery goodies, it is so fun, bright, colourful and perfect for you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Emma picked so many lovely things! The paperclips are adorable, I love them! The stickers will look amazing in your planner too! Plus you can never have too many washi tapes, right?! I love those colours and I can’t wait to see your collection, what a cool idea! I love everything here, it is so hard to pick a favourite item, but maybe the pencil case as it is both pretty and inspirational. This is such a sweet collaboration and I’m glad the packaged cheered you up too – thanks for sharing your wonderful treats! <3 xxxx

    Bexa |

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! The paper clips are so cute!! ๐Ÿ˜Š. The pencil case is so summery! I read your stationery collab too you have lots of lovely goodies in there โค๏ธxxxx

  2. Such a beautiful set of stationery! I love this segment of your blog! I think it’s a great way for you to get stationary that you like, and maybe something you never would have picked out for yourself.

  3. This was such a great collab. I love the items she picked out for you but my favourites have to be the paperclips!

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