Top 6 Apps/Websites You Should Be Using

When I first started my blog, I knew the WordPress platform as thats the where I host my blog, but I didn’t even have the app for a while. As I developed my blog and learned more I found more apps and websites that help me edit photographs or even help with scheduling and posting. There are so many different apps and websites to help you boost your efficiency and I am sharing my top 6 that I think you should be using.

1. Social Media Apps

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are all the social media apps that I use to share my blog, network with other bloggers and gather feedback on my posts. I have made so many friends on Twitter, the community is so supportive and positive.

2. Canva

This app allows you to edit pictures, it has so many different templates, fonts, filters. You can create a range of different posts for all the social media platforms also. I like to use this app to edit my feature image for my blog posts. It also allows me to experiment with my images.

3. Hootsuite

I only started using this app recently but is so helpful. Being able to schedule posts and tweets ahead of time so when life and work is busy, I am still consistent on my blog and on my social media platforms. It is really easy to use and can you can set up several different social medias on your one account. If you struggle to stay consistent on social media this is the app for you!

4. Moz

This website is so useful to help you stay informed on your DA score and other different statistics. regarding DA scores and SEO. It explains all the the terms. I currently use the free version and can help you if you are starting to learn more about the analytics behind your blog.

5. WordPress App

I run my blog on WordPress and so having the WordPress app on my phone allows me to respond to comments, read other blogs and stay connected whilst I am away from my Macbook. The app is easy to use and if you want to you can write and post on your blog all from your phone. However, I prefer to use my Macbook to write posts.

6. Layout

I like to use this app for featured images on my blog and Instagram posts when I want to include more than one image. I usually use 4 image option for some blog posts. This app has plenty of options to display your photos.


What apps and websites do you use to help you with your blog? Do you use the same apps and websites as me? I’d love to hear in the comments.




51 thoughts on “Top 6 Apps/Websites You Should Be Using

  1. this is such a helpful post! i need to get better at scheduling my social media posts because i always forget about my blog twitter lol! i’ve also never heard of that Layout app but, it sounds really cool so i’ll have to download it and play around. i just found a app called milkshake that basically allows you to make a website for your instagram. i was able to make a page that included all my links and then you just pop it in your instagram bio. it’s still in the very early stages so i’m not sure if it’s available worldwide yet but definitely check it out! xx

    mich /


  2. Good choices! Canva is my absolute life, I love it so much! I use Buffer instead of Hootsuite but I think I’ll be moving over to Tailwind once I start paying for scheduling as I’ve heard it’s really good for Pinterest.


  3. Personally, I choose not to use social media outside of WordPress. FB is not a great environment for my well-being and mental health. I have Instagram but I haven’t updated in several months. I feel like I’m constantly comparing myself to other people on social media which doesn’t make me feel good. The WordPress app doesn’t seem to affect me in a negative way.

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  4. I’m going to have to invest some time in hootsuit! I’ve been looking for somethings just like it for ages now. I heard of canva now a few times in different contexts. Maybe its about time I invested some time lol

    Awesome post. Short. Sweet. Very informational. My favorite combo!

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  5. I’ve recently discovered Canva and it’s been a godsend as I spent so much time wondering where bloggers found their lovely graphics from! I work full time so any free time I have I try and spend writing content, but having the WordPress app on my phone is great because it means I can catch up on posts, leave some comments and do a bit of social media stuff on my lunch break or on the journey to work. I’m just getting used to Moz as well but I think it’s such a great tool to use. Thanks to sharing!

    Amy |


  6. Man, it is HIGH time I got the WordPress app- it’d be great to leave/respond to comments etc. on my phone easily. Also, I might look into Moz, since SEO is still quite new to me. Thanks for the tips!

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  7. I am going to checkout that Moz app thanks. I have hesitated to download WordPress ap on my phone because I get distracted enough by my phone as it is! I love technology but it can definitely be a huge distraction


    1. That’s a good reason not to have it on your phone. Replying to comments and reading others blog posts I do from my phone as I find it easier to do so. It can be! I try to reduce my screen time but it can be hard x


  8. These apps are great to use! I love using Tweetdeck for scheduling tweets. Canva is such a nice tool without having to dig for images because stock images are there for you! I should look into Moz. Thanks for sharing these apps!

    Nancy ♥


    1. Oooo I haven’t heard of tweetdeck before I might have to check it out. I use my own photos and just add font, but it’s definitely a good idea for stock photos. Thank you for reading Nancy xx


  9. This is such a helpful post Lauren, thank you for sharing! I think Canva is such a great app, it’s so quick and easy and the graphics always look really nice. I’ve never looked into any scheduling apps, but I think I should, I’m so inconsistent on social media ha ha. Hootsuite sounds like a brilliant app to use, I’ll defo have to look into it, thanks for the recommendation. I also haven’t looked at Moz in a while, I’m going to head over there now, it’s always interesting to see different blog stats and info 🙂 Fab post and excellent list of apps! ❤ xxx

    Bexa |


    1. Yeah my DA has gone up one point yay! Haha, so that’s good news! 😊. Yeah it is so good to schedule things as makes you seem more active than you are haha! Thank you for reading and commenting! Xxxx


  10. I swear by both the WordPress and Canvas apps. Honesty I don’t know where I’d be without either of them now. The WordPress app is great for writing, scheduling and reading other blogs. I’ve heard of Hootsuite but favour Buffer for my scheduling. I need to check out the Moz app though!


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